Strategy to immigrate to Canada: Activate all plans

Having a clear and defined plan is the best way to achieve migration goals.

But in many cases focusing only on an immigration plan can be a strategy that reduces our chances of getting to Canada.

That's why in this video I show you how to activate several plans with a clear strategy to get there in one way or another and not lose valuable time in the process.

This plan is the one we deliver at our appointments.

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happened with a client that I adore with the

life and the Ed is that it is impossible for me to

get a job in Canada while

you are saving for the educational pathway

we sent some resumes to see me

was applying for the study permit

of it, the application is already fully assembled

ready and suddenly He sends me a

Ed message for everything you won't believe it

I got a job offer we changed

the application we apply a permission of

work and travel to Canada to

work Hello hello Hello Very good morning to

all Welcome to a new video

Welcome to my channel as you

you know my name is Ed Ramirez and to

to help you get to the next level.

Canada for legal life as it has to

today I want us to talk about

something very important, which is to always have

a different plan a plan b a plan c a plan a plan c

plan d because even though one in life

and know that they can be achieved by setting goals and

is going to do whatever it takes to

it is always important to know

that if one's goal does not work or if one's

is not or cannot be achieved for some reason.

reason because I have worked that time

that I invested in that first plan.

other plans as to have one thing

different at the table is like my mom says

we can't have all our eggs in one basket.

same basket and that's what this video is about, isn't it?

let's place the eggs in a single

basket I have noticed that many

customers focus on the fact that they are going to arrive

to Canada through a migratory route and

forget that there are more ways, they forget that

in time as one prepares

for that way one can do other things

in our immigration consultations with

our miland consultants have

developed a strategy for

to be able to give you a plan of action

with a timeline that goes down utar

different plans, I want to tell you about a

a little bit about it if you say


obsessed determined focused on that

you are going to travel to Canada by way of

work knows as well as anyone else that

getting a job in Canada is not like getting a job in

that tomorrow I send a CV and in a week's time

I am hired There are people who

if you did it, I congratulate you.

But there are people who have more

difficult and that spend 6 months 7 months a

year Seeking employment in Canada what I

I don't want you to do is that

invest a year looking for a job in

Canada and that year passes and you do not

and a year later they say "Oh no".

I am going to Canada in a different way and

at that time, activate a plan of

different migration what I want

propose to you today is that by

example, if you have as a goal

travel to Canada by way of employment and

are seeking employment in Canada because of the

next year to send civis pu that

time you are focused

sending civis open a bank account

place your savings there and start to

stop spending money on things

start saving you and your family money.

your partner so that if in 12 months you

has not gotten the job offer yet

you have a savings fund that will

enable you to evaluate a plan of action b

What is going to be that plan b you can travel to

Canada by way of parallel studies

if that year is from Search for employment in

Canada you already have a level of English

advanced but maybe that year you can

finish the master's degree he is pursuing and

to take a French language course for

intermediate French maybe

if in 12 months you do not get the

job offer and failed to save

you prepared for what to apply

by Express entry because Express

entry requests from the level of

advanced English and French

intermediate Then in that year you

dedicated to sending offers eh apply

offers in Canada because in that year you

is also activating two plans

different that are studies and Express

entry other customers tell me Ed listo

I am going to Canada for the educational pathway and

happened to me with a client that I adored with

life I have videos with him half he

is in Nova Scotia working

repairing bicycles and I remember that

in consultation I told him okay Because he

wanted to travel to Canada via the

and I said Well, that's it, let's go

to leave Canada through education but

as you have such an interesting profile on

Canada why not As long as you are

saving for the educational pathway and

sending applications to the college and

getting admission we send some

curriculum to see and Ed's is that it is

impossible for me to get a job in

Canada we tried it and he listened to me and

we tried in fact the story is

very funny because I was applying the

study permit of it is already the

application all set up and ready to go

Suddenly He sends me an Ed message to

you won't believe it I got a

job offer we change the application

apply for a work permit and travel

to Canada to work so here it is

interesting is that what I want you to

you do is that you do not place your

eggs in one basket, but rather

when you apply for the

and to focus on saving money and

to pay for College in Canada Well

you also focus on making a

Nice CV and send it to companies because

perhaps as long as they get the 30,000 from the

College what they want for solvency

economic because in that time they are looking for

silver a Canadian employer

or at the same time they are going to improve the

French to apply for Express

entry make a profile and maybe they will get

permanent residency see immigration

as a Canadian options table

like a hamburger, a pizza and a

pasta dish And you can choose

which one they like the most but why not

While they eat, we eat a little bit of

pizza we tasted the hamburger and while we were

let's make a hamburger and eat a little bit of it

of dough that way you have your

three options on the table and if they qualify

for three or for two Why not?

one and the other.

this video will help you a little bit to

expand your mind to see options

different people who had seen it and

understand what it is that we do in

imiland in consultations or we treat

always to do since a few weeks ago

because this is something quite new for

that you achieve in us a

to provide you with a plan of action for

How to proceed if you wish to evaluate

options view your profile and determine which

is the most attractive way for you to

travel to Canada to study, work or study abroad.

present sponsorship or anyone with

We are pleased to be here to

serve them and below they can get the

link to schedule your consultation

I send a kiss to all of you

be well bye bye bye

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