She opened a dance company in Canada. Peruvian student undertakes

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Always remember to be inspired by stories like this one, to know that it is possible when you put all your love into the process and above all the patience to achieve it.

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today I would like to invite you to watch the

story of an incredible woman a

woman who decided to travel to Canada

alone and that here in Canada it is shining

100% of this person through dance

It has managed to captivate many others.

women and to empower them 100% with a

dance with purpose a person who

dancing leaves everything for you and that

will undoubtedly infect them with a

precious energy I invite you to

know Jessica yey's story

Canada has allowed me to

know some parts of me from me that I

I did not know before to be out of your

Comfort zone to be in for many moments

alone allows you to get to know parts of yourself that

you didn't know me before to get out of my zone

Comfort from family from friends from from

something stable and break up and start from scratch

gives you a strength that you don't know about.

where but you're kind of driven by this

are not only teaching dance classes

we have practically created a community

super cute that when someone is

and goes and brings the friend and

says let's go to the next class together

I think he has been a key player in

grow up Hi guys How are you doing My name is

Jessica I am 29 years old I come from Peru and

I'm going to be here telling you a little bit about it

more about yy

dance I've been here in Montreal for a

year eh it has been a super experience

looca with a lot of ups and downs but nothing

I am happy to be one year old

I came here as a tourist Ah and literally

My idea was to stay only two weeks already

it was my second trip alone through

the world and was very much looking forward to

For to explore to know is to know is a

traveling alone is super nice and it will

Opens many doors to get to know you

I recommend everyone to travel alone

sometime in his life then eh Nada

when I came here I felt a connection

super crazy weird I loved to see the

people in the parks are the super people

the security one feels at the same time as

walking through the streets is a

super crazy thing so simple and so

simple as walking quietly but at the same time

the same time that it has so much

At least for me, I then began to see the

option of how I could stay, i.e.

literally it was like Okay Me

I would like to live here what I could do

so that I could stay then I started to

see work visa options

study visa but not as a tourist

you can go straight through Then I had to

making a pathway a whole process but

I literally came as a tourist and being

here I fell in love with the city and decided

stay as long as I stayed those months

I worked remotely because I still had

Well, I still have some projects in

Peru eh And I was looking for the option of

of the study view I got it

I started to study English and then I

I started to study and I started to build eh

first a venture that was a

gratitude and manifestation diary

months I was watching up to

that I took it out and it was sold in Peru and then

I started to think about the whole issue of the

dance because I or the dance always

has been a passion for me since very early on in my life.

little girl I dance eh And it has always been like

part of my hobbies and also part of

my job but I never thought

to develop it in a country other than my own

and with nothing with this reception that has

had a super nice time was something like that.

I dreamed but I didn't think it was going to

so fast and nothing is being

very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very

linda eh ye ye baila has already four

mesecitos Ya vamos a compré cuatro vitos

it's a baby it's a baby eh was born by me

passion to dance I eh always liked

dancing from a very young age then

I said I started coming to dance classes

here in Montreal then I said Wow

I started to see Okay as giving classes in

dance here eh How are the places how

rent you time as people do

here then I started to kind of like

I did a little research and it started to come to me

that little bug like that Okay but I could

do it too but how would it be what

thematic would be whether they would be choreographies if

would be eh a special rhythm If pruning

dictate festejo that I love that it is a

Afro-Peruvian music then I started to see

as options and first I came to rehearse

with some friends eh more or less How

would be the structure of a class and

nothing I started like that Okay And one always

has kind of the little fear of the first one.

I remember that the first time

I said Okay I'm going to launch this one I'm never going

to forget Thursday, January 19, my first

class and there were only six of us but I

I was super nervous the first time I was

like it wasn't very very very very very very

nervous the first class a friend came

to support me I remember eh And nothing that time

I did it and one feels a relief like

that jump into the void and at the end fly

it's like doing it right and getting it right

all right It's like a very very very relief

and a sense of happiness

super beautiful Then eh Nada luego

week by week we have been growing

little by little, and this week we are already

eh three groups the first students who

came were Latinas and then between

they have been passing on the data know that

the community at least here is open

super beautiful arms eh most of them are

For some of them are from Mexico Venezuela

Colombia Peru eh Bolivia Ecuador

then between them they always bring one

friends some bring mom others

have been passing the word around and have been

we have practically created a community

super nice and we have done activities

together not only at the dance but also outside and

nothing is I think the mouth to Boca that of

when someone likes something and goes and

brings her friend and says let's go together to

the next class I believe was

key to growth is super

nice when I get messages like this

This helped me This helped me This inspired me

feels beautiful and also feels like a

responsibility because one does not want to

share as the vision of the

Perfect of life because nothing is

perfect but if you want if I want

share that even though there are

difficult moments because in life

there are always going to be difficult times for you

attitude and the desire that you put into your work.

that and how to cope with it in the end is going to

determine the result you have

so in spite of these moments of

We all have a lot of downturns, especially a

moment a month we all have those

those moments, but in the end that

moment where you become you again and

where you can feel good again and where

you reconnect with that power

what you have inside is what counts

so it's nice is a

responsibility also because

eh I think we are here to connect

we are here to share the energy when

is shared is multiplied and nothing is a

pleasure to connect and share with

I never tried this in Peru I tried this in Peru I tried this in Peru I tried this in Peru

once did it in a class but it wasn't

something that I gave him constancy nor was it something

that I kind of approached it that way so

I'm not sure if it would work the same

for a variety of reasons

eh But I believe that yes I believe that with

with perseverance and with motivation and with

this one with what I have been learning

these months I think I could also

Here, too, it has been very

nice Because anyway eh se

very much misses the girls who

come here the first thing they tell me is

human warmth and the feeling of

family they have here So that's

a factor also that one is likely to

miss a lot of his country.

that is the distinct factor because

come here and feel like that little warmth

what do they tell me then about that part

could be different Because in

home you have the warmth

I'm always organizing a lot of my

financial issue because in Peru that I do not

I didn't organize myself so well and here

is a little more necessary because

obviously eh If you want to look for the

complete financial independence

emotional everything you have to focus very much on

well and write down all the expenses that you

So you have then Eh Well, yes, it does cover me

covers all my expenses but of

anyway, if you already start saving

investing and all that.

projecting how to grow a little more and

that's what I really like about here that

you don't you don't you don't you don't have like that Barrera

of not being able to grow, but of

helps a lot to help you to grow

more In other words, don't just stay in

three groups a week but Okay launch

a fourth group Okay I can do classes

online as having that that that

initiative and that drive to grow.

I really like the theme of freedom the

theme of you Make your own decisions

I think it's s eh nice inspiring You

also drives you very much to be

creative because when you are an employee

Okay they give you the rules they give you the rules

And so you have to adjust to that and

do what you are asked to do when you are

entrepreneur you set the rules you make the rules you set the rules

the rules then you have to

Okay Eh ingenious to throw yourself into the plan

strategic to launch you on the plan of how to

grow How to improve you have to be

multifaceted you have to see Not only

because this is not just about dictating the

dance classes is also to have the

call for girls to see the theme of

marketing see the How to

boosting see the topic of how eh Also

I put a lot into it too a little bit.

more emotional than just coming to

dance and move the body but also

connect with the soul connect with your

It's like a job more than a job more than a job more

integral that I like it very much for

example, I was able to arm myself in that part.

energetic So it's a job

Much more complete I think eh Como

employee you do not have it and as an employer

as an entrepreneur you try to

de de to look and feel much more

of a complete system in all areas of a

work just yesterday I was watching that one

a little question because I am reading a book

which is called eh acer que te te pasen

good things about marían rojes est p se

I recommend them to make things happen to you

good eh And they talk about the issue of

happiness and how sometimes

we also confuse happiness with those

moments or those sparks of joy and

happiness is much more than that it is a

topic of how that Peace that

peace of mind with yourself and the day of

today I can say that I am at peace in

peace with myself in peace with what I have

my past very happy with my present and

especially very excited about everything that

that is coming in the future Canada has

has allowed me to get to know some parts of myself

of me that I did not know before to be

here anyway to be out of

your comfort zone to be many

moments alone allows you to get to know parts of

you that you didn't know before, and that makes you

opens you up to new possibilities

open you up to questions that many times

we are afraid to ask ourselves why

we are afraid of change but change

it is often necessary

break that change and say Okay what else

I'm fine where I am right now or I want to

something else I'm feeling good about

am I now or what do I want to empower myself?

or what I want to change about me then

get out of my comfort zone of friends

family of something stable and break up and

starting from scratch gives you a strength that

you don't know from where but it's like you're

drives you drives you not only not only not only

Canada but also move to immigrate to

any country I think it breaks that

stability that you want to have and that you

makes new wings form for the time being

this city makes me feel very very

at home when I go out and I see people

so peaceful so calm eh I love it

I like this environment very much

eh Esa Paz esa paz esa tranquilidad que tengo

here I miss my family very much in some

I would love to see them too

could come to visit me and at some point

time for them to take their own

decisions eh but yes Now Montreal is

has returned to me

home I recommend a lot lately the

the theme of introspection the theme of looking

for inside

because sometimes there is sometimes there is no

we always look outside for answers

like Okay another country Okay another

work okay

eh we always change what is outside

but there are times when we do not want to change

the most important thing, which is what we are

what we have inside Then

my first piece of advice is always a

introspection see what's going on here see how

We feel What is affecting us with

what we do not agree what we want

And from there, you can search for new

new alternatives to the issue of

writing, for example, helps me a lot.

the issue of visualization is so important that it is

crazy but I remember when I made

my first Vision

Board unconsciously there is the photo of

Montreal there was super crazy like you

you put images and your mind gradually

absorbing them and opening up new ones

roads So if you look to look

much much much inside I recommend you

look inward a lot AND from

there the answers are going to be here and

then gradually plan ahead

by tuning in to that

version of your choice


Eh Well, I see it as a study as

I see it not only as a

making girls dance here in

Montreal but also by having classes

online and make many girls dance

all over the world

I do see it as a dance not being

simply see how people change

that concept of dancing just for the sake of moving

the body but that people use the dance

to heal the soul to connect the

to let yourself get lost for a little while and

meet at the same time and that too eh

Beyond a site also home

of each one is oneself that seek

Here that they see the form of

connect with yourselves either in the

dance writing painting eh

playing music Whatever you want

each one has to find his or her own

escape its own source where it is lost

but he will find himself and nothing his soul will

to be your best your best and greatest


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