Jobs in Canada YES THERE ARE jobs - carpenters, mechanics and chefs

Here is the link for you to apply properly:

I hope this video and these offers will bring you closer to your immigration goal this 2024.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Ed Ramirez and I'm here to help you.

to come to Canada for a legal life

as everyone wants to be

traveling to Canada to work is the dream

i.e. an employer hires my

country of origin Me Do a job offer

I apply for a work permit without

to demonstrate financial solvency and

I am leaving for Canada With permission from

I work and I can help my family

with me my partner with a work permit

open and my children as students is a

suo verdad sounds very precious all the

world wants this but everyone

says Where do I get the job offer

well, we got an employer

Canadian hiring foreigners and we are

is giving good are several employers

and is looking for four

work basically that they are different

charges What are these good charges?

automotive mechanic truck mechanic

chef and also carpenters these four

jobs I am going to tell you about

where to apply at the end of the video but

before the end of the video I want you to

listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you

in the last jobs or positions that

we have achieved we have realized

of several phenomena, the first of which is

They send their CVs poorly done, they send a

CV in Spanish send a CV that is therefore a

CV that has nothing to do with what you have

we are applying e.g. We are

looking for a baker and someone applies

that paints walls are civs that do not have

relation to the tax that we are

looking apart from this there are civs that are

We are looking for a baker

but applies a baker but does not explain

What functions did you perform in your job?

then they are as if V that do not explain

nothing is in Spanish or in its absence

listen carefully they are translated into

English with Google Translator Then

what do they do they go to Google they put their CV and

let's say my name is Eddie ríos and I'm

I put in Google Translate Eddie rivers and

Google Translate puts me on Eddie rivers

then we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents we receive documents

curricula with things like that for

example Maria houses Maria houses because

Google Translate then translates everything

please make your CV in English and well

and the second phenomenon that we have

seen is that people send him a

Well-done CVs arrive at the interview in

employment and what they said the civ is

lie is to say when they say they know

for example, welding in a certain way and the

employer asks you a very important question

of this way of soldering the

person realizes that he does not know how to weld

in that way. That is, the person lied.

in his civ very bad and the third phenomenon

we have seen is that they say they talk

English at an advanced intermediate level or

a good level and arrive at the interview and

they remain silent they do not know how to speak

English do not know how to speak French i.e.

lie about the language, so for the sake of

favor due to these three errors that

we have seen or phenomena I want to do

this video and before I tell you How to

apply to offers I mean how

you are going to make a CV and how it will be

are going to prepare the first thing they have to

The curriculum is in English and is in

is Canadian style a Canadian style curriculum

Canadian I have many videos I leave you

the links below is a resume of a

single sheet maximum two but everything is with

that I gave you on the first sheet not

starts with education starts with

work experience no photo of

you do not have your age or your identity card.

identity and home address

Simply your first and last name your

email your link to your profile

of linkedin and a short introduction

about who you are on the part of

the work experience is very

Important Please write well

your work experience For example, if

I have worked in imiland for the last 5 years.

years of my life and I have experience

in content creation I have

experience also in personal managing

I have experience in accounting I have

experience of everything as I explain

Point by point the experience that I have

I have had in my job Why Because the

interviewer needs to see your CV and see

that you know how to do what the employer

is looking for so I recommend

another tip is to adapt your

curriculum to the position they are applying for

by applying at Im mila we offer a

CV creation service in which you will

we provide you with a perfect CV

fact of this the Canadian left him the

link below but even with that CV

perfectly done you sometimes

have to modify it to adapt it to the

position to which they are applying in

another important point that

I would like to recommend that you do not place

all the information on all your

previous studies no further information

about the relevant studies with their

work and educational background and, for example

if I have a cooking course but

apart from that I have a welding course

and I am applying for a job in

Canada welder's Canada does not make sense that

enter information about me

Cos money course because I am in Canada

as a welder So education

related only to what I am going to

Canada do and the same experience

if they apply as welders do not apply as welders do not apply as welders do not apply as welders do not apply as welders do not apply

put experience as a baker

because this CV does not make sense for

favor well supported in terms of the

language if you speak basic English

be honest and place basic English if

your English is intermediate place intermediate if

has any certificate to the or what

is the score obtained AND if

you do not speak english, tell us why

Because it is too sad to get

people who have an excellent profile

for the job but when

the interview arrives they do not speak the language

why because they will lose the

employer is not going to give them a chance.

and you are going to close your

door in the face maybe you can't

apply now, but if you take a course of

intensive English or intensive French

at the end of 3 cu months you will be able to apply

to the job offer Then please

wait for it Another important aspect

is that you have to prepare

for the job interview have to

know the vocabulary to have the Calm and

know how to answer the questions I have

videos about it please go to

see them because there is superb information

good, and as for the language, make courses

duolingo free courses are looking for a

Canadian boyfriend or some gringo but not

go to the interview without knowing

English please or take a course with

Planet Milan education we have

intensive English and French classes

to reach their level of development.

languages Another important aspect that

I want us to play today is for you to meet

a little bit about the law Although Im

miland is representing the

employers it is important for you to know

the process to be followed Because if the

interview The recruiter makes you a

question in this regard you have to

to know what is the migratory part of the

will bring to Canada ent please

Eddie Eddie, let's get down to business

after I scold them a little bit

Let's talk about where

we apply for these job offers are going to

to go to Google on your computer and go to

go and write Milan

and they're going to get this little doll that

is here that says recruitment is going to

click on that little box and you will see the

part that says candidates or candidates

go in there and you are going to go to where it says

job board click on job board

employment and there they will see all the

jobs that are available

now if you are watching this video by

curiosity and I am not promoting the

other jobs, but I am

focusing on mechanical carpenters of

automobile mechanics, truck mechanics and chef

but you see your job

here you can also upload your cb that matches with

the position we are looking for because

that we are always sending you

to employers we get over there

cvis and if any of you

get this interviewee better points

important first do not have to pay

for sending your CV is free of charge if Milan le

Get you a connection to a

employer and Milan does not charge you

by the connection with the boss for that

that the recruitment process does not have

you to pay anyone care

when you do that because there

there are scams and scam people

much at this point So it's free

secondly the fact that you upload your CV

there authorizes yilan to share his cb

with other employers so that they know and

third point, the fact that it raises its

civit to that website does not mean

that Im Milan guarantees you

getting you a job is simply a

opportunity is not an obligation Ah other

important point Please please please please please

please check your e-mails at all times

spam and be sure that the mail you

are using either an email

professional i.e. try to create a

mail other than the mail that you

have for their Netflix subscriptions the

gymnasium to pay for electricity and telephone

why Because so many emails arrive from

garbage that one loses the mails

I recommend that you Create a

mail that is Eddie Ramirez a serious thing well done and

that this is the mail that uses nothing

more to apply for jobs in this way

if you see an email arriving at that

mailing know that it is an opportunity to

employment and are always reviewing

listen to my advice go and see my

videos I have many videos about

cbs practice for the interview and

when they are sure that they comply with the

profile we are looking for make your CV

well done in Word format, not PDF, and

are going to set up on the website that Les

I just said I wish you the best of luck in

their process to get the offer of

employment and the interview And if Milan can

to serve you throughout this process

I will be more than happy bye bye bye that

is very well

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