Emigrating to Canada through Express Entry

In this video I explain in detail the options and requirements to immigrate to #Canada as a permanent resident under the #ExpressEntry option. If you want a consultation to know your possibilities to immigrate to Canada you can send me an email to: info@immilandcanada.com

Emigrating to Canada through Express Entry

0:05 what is Express Entry

0:18 professional and labor profile

0:22 the three Express Entry programs

0:55 factors for point system

2:05 how we demonstrate the education factor

2:28 demonstrate work experience

3:10 languages

3:24 admissibility

4:08 what is a Trade for Canada

5:28 work experience in Canada

5:45 two scenarios for gaining Canadian work experience

6:28 final tips


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hello everyone how are you my name is

ilich ramirez voice delivery and carlos

how to bathe canada by means of express

between express has a system of

super good mediation for immigrants

of canada because because the file

allows us to reach the canary islands as

permanent residents is evidently a

benefit as recently permanent

has to have a large cost in this

the cost is to have a profile

professional and occupational

álex present and has three programs on

first of them waiting for skin worker


the second is federal ski trade and the third is federal

third is that he added next transcripts

first frank stieler worker own east

program is designed for people

who are professionals and who have gone to the

university also without experience

and they speak English.

these people have to pass first

a factor in the selection program for

preselection but and they have to draw 67

points in this preselection

how they get 67 points the most at face' in

factors such as age education experience

languages and also offers the

work its three minimum dividends

requirements that are 67 you can

now move on to the candidate pool in

canada's candidate pool will be

round is of choice and will prevent

persons to apply for residency


explain to them one very important thing

to which you have the points

enough to enter the pool of

candidates do not mean that you

will be selected, for example, a

person who has the minimum rifar more

between the candidate pools so that

has about 360 points in the

pool candidates, however, the round

selection process that has not been done here

lately the last one this month was from

440 points this means that although

you have a lv7 cassette which is the minimum and

remember to enter the express center

does not mean that so in my traffics

in candidate pressure sections and

canada told us ya sean tell us to

candidate file reaches them the

invitation with the escrow to be made

you have to start moving to

achieve all the requirements that have

you have to prove it canada when you

invite you to apply

have to demonstrate education as the

education to canada

and in gas it is then called educational

florencio la face meant this is a

process in which you send in all of your

documentation from your university or

education that they have had to a

Canadian institution which will

review the diplomas and will say

ok this person studied such a thing in his or her

country of origin, which is equivalent to such

thing in canada

second, experience must be demonstrated

as we demonstrate it is demonstrated

with letters from resource employers

human beings do not believe that because

had someone who can thus say the

my company's work is worth says a

letter endorsed by the company resources

human beings also have to demonstrate the

payrolls the papers comb that you

received every month of work

that you had of the deposits

deposits that you had if they are

creation of the séraphine social security system

louis armen all this is going to influence

to demonstrate that the employment relationship

existed and it is also very important that

in the work letter is notified and

expressly stated what it is in his tweet and

if they can scare aunts while you

been in this company language the

language have to demonstrate by means of

of an ielts exam or outfit you have to

have a c lb 7 as a minimum but in what

we see that they have sufficient funds to

to be able to pay for his stay in canada from his


and lastly, they must be admissible to

canada super eligibility matters if

you have all the points and here

gives you what I said above about you

his past committed a crime that he

inadmissible for canada to refuse the

permanent residence when applying

how canada will realize this by

criminal records of the

criminal records must be requested

in its country of origin or in any other country

you live in for six months

according to migration category by

half of cute federal ex-presidents

rights program this time that trade

program does not look for

education is necessary to knit yes

but it is not elementary as it chooses

electrical previously active nothing with

you additional points but they are not

required points

then if you have a profession

what is a trade what is a trade for

canada are people the balearic

directly to the page so that you can

understand what is admissible under

this program

first group 72 electrical industry in

construction construction trade

maintain equipment

operation trades incal supervision

jobs process y manufacturing chef en

böttcher clubs in sa makers then

you are butchers bakers chefs

supervising cooks work in the

exchange construction area

electricity and have a level of English

good and also work experience

you can apply under this

program as they can do first

demonstrate their work experience such as

as explained in the initial interior

English at a level of English that is at least as good as their

ask for a slight 411 4 one level

basic however they have to

and remember the issues that we have discussed.

you have more possibilities mind

more points for French or English have

more chances of being selected

have and now if they want extra points

you can show educational level if

you have studied any of these

programs in their countries and can

make an educational 30 6 min as is

as I said before is to take it

you more points

third category nesting experiences

this category is assigned for

people who have managed to collect 12 months

of professional experience in canada

professionals 0

i.e. management professional portal

infojobs gathered in 12 months of

experience within Canada with a

illegal work visa this gives options

to two situations first that you are

get a job offer and ateca

for a work visa to live in the

worked in 12 months have residency

by means of gyan systems class or

second studied a program in canada

post graduation got their post

word graduation allows 12

months in a professional program with the

I just mentioned got in 12

months experience and apply at a low

quality express to those who want to

apply it to this program I recommend

please do not settle for the tips.

basics to get you started

remember that the more points you have

you in terms of English education and

the more likely it is that they will be more likely to have


does not mean that just because they come in

can stay swimming there for a while.

year and will never select them if their

hopes to emigrate to canada are

placed under this program please

improve your self improve your profile to

that you have a better chance of

grains points for canada to remove

that this day has been for you for

please comment

subscribe to my channel to have

more information on how to return to

generate and send me your mail to this

address that is written here for

to be able to help you and if you want to

to make them a personal evaluated profile

I would be happy to make them

thank you very much have a nice day


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