What documents do I receive at the airport in Canada?

Hello to all future students coming to Canada. Remember that it is very important that you receive the exact documents to be able to study and work in Canada. If you don't ask for them or they are not given to you or they are given to you then you must ask for them later and that can complicate the process for you.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and all to help them to

you to achieve your goal of reaching

Canada through legal channels as it has to

today I'm going to give you a very important piece of advice

important and to people who are at

about to arrive in Canada next month

September, which is the most important

to start classes in Canada for the first time

what all of August and September is a

month in which it does not stop the entry to

Canada new immigrants and is a

advice for you when you arrive

to the airport to focus on asking

documents that correspond to you and do not

wait until after you are out of

realize that something was missing OR that

did something wrong in the process Then

first of all when they arrive at

immigration have everything at hand i.e.

it's not like the paper they required

is in your suitcase on the airplane tucked in or

who do not have the documents at hand

that they require because they will be

complicate the process, so keep in mind that

you a little card in which if you travel

Canada have the letter of acceptance from the

College evidence in that your account

The bank is in the funds to cover

their studies evidence of where they are going to live

other than that evidence to any payment

that they have made to the college and the most

important the letters of acceptance of

your study and work permit and your

family to deliver all of this to the

officer Now when you get to the booth

of the officer will tell Austria that

comes good I come to Canada to study

Here is my letter of acceptance of my

permission and one that you give me my

study permit and your permit has already been

approved remember Then the official

is going to tell you to come with me, don't be afraid.

they are going to pass us like a little room behind

which is like a large room for

example in Montreal is a room in

with a lot of chairs you will be

sit there waiting for the time of

The amount of

people there and sometimes you put paste

up to 5 hours So take it easy and

tranqui that waiting is not something

negative always after The officer goes to

and in many cases it is going to

will ask you some questions

documents you deliver them and then

they deliver the permit to you

of studies here I put a picture

To see what this permit looks like

color document that says study

permit or work permit and this is where

I want to drop please tell me that you

come to Canada single when you

receive your study permit if you

travels to study at a college

university make sure that in Las

remarks below appear first

advice that this permit will allow you to

you work off campus so that you

can apply or have their own social

Insurance number that is going to

allow you to start working

because to work in Canada you will

to require the social insurance number and

when you are going to order it in another

different office than the one you are in now

in that office are going to tell you to give me your

audio permit and they are going to check that there

say you can work of campus

then make sure you can work

campuses also ensure that the

study permit covers the total time

of his studies in Canada, let's say that

you are graduating in May 2026 Pues

that this permit expires in May 2026 as well

make sure your name is correct

and that your date of birth and

all your information yours yours yours yours

is well explained in the

document apart from this it is important to

take into account that if you travel to

Canada to study what is called a

study and College University and that

in addition to this program, it includes an op si

when you applied for your visa you

stated that its program included a

intro on chip which is the cop then that

when you give him or her your

study also gives you in the coop the

permit cop the permit cob Dice up

permit and is a work permit that allows you to

has made it possible to work full time

while studying to get your

internships many times my dear

friends when one applies for a permit of

studies in Canada at the El

officer forgets to print the coop permit

and if you do not receive it at the airport

you will have to make an application of

again from Canada to pay again the

application process and apply from

Canada and thus a cumbersome process as well

to be careful with that is also

important for you to make sure that your

work permit is included in

study permit Sometimes what they do

the airport is that the official

print a study permit a permit

work is either perfect or prints

a study permit in which it is

written that you can work but I would

I realized that some cases have happened

some people who come here to the

office to show those permissions and it is that

the officer says in the study permit

who cannot work of campus that

means that you cannot work

outside the university and so he

life is complicated, so with a lot of

be careful now if you travel to Canada

with your partner and your children, make sure that

the airport to your partner delivers you in

your work permit and that the work permit

work because it is open work, not

is tied to an employer because the

partner to the student is not tied in

employer but basically has a

open work permit also

verify the date of validity of the

permission full name and surname of the

that he has it in his hand and that everything is

and for their children as there are

depending on their age if they are between 0 and

5 years will receive what is called

four years sorry receive a visit

record that allows them to remain in

Canada as tourists during the time of their

program of study and if you already have between

5 and 18 or 22 years old can get a

study permit to be printed

right there look don't be afraid to

many of my clients ask me

but I didn't ask because I was

feared do not be afraid of the officers

can be seen as very serious, but then

their job is to serve

you and if you have with the letter of

acceptance in hand have the funds

to cover his stay, he has already paid the

College or I pay the first part and it is

everything well done does not have to be

be afraid to ask something that you

paid because when you made the

application you were not the one who made it

free You have to pay Canada

a tariff and is paying for a

service that is that the result is the

role you are receiving in the

port of entry so let's say

that it is your right as a customer to ask

for a service that you then paid for

if you have accurate argument and know

express themselves in English with a great deal of

respect obviously and explains to him look

sorry, but I think my Word is getting

permit says I can't work of

campus but I am going to make a College

university that does allow me to do so will be

that any error or mistake may be reviewed or

officer miren did not print the cop and my

program has a cop included can you

please print the cop that I ordered it

with the apli conducted studies on the form

respectful there is no need to be afraid

then pending before the airport

when you receive your papers there

yourself you grab the slips of paper check

World permit study permit dates that you

allows to work of campus date of

birth name and surname that everything

well well well well and if all is well well and if all is well

Go to the airport, but don't go to the airport.

without you having to hold it in your hand because

if it comes out when I comment that they are wrong it goes

to have to reapply from your

home pay again and wait for the time

a customer left without a World permit and

had to wait in Canada for four months without

work because he cannot work without

World permitt true Then please

avoid these problems, which can

create a bigger problem for them in the future

I hope this will be useful for you and it is prepared very

I am sending you an email to get to Canada

kiss to all Bye

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