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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be I am

regular government consultant

Canadian and this allows me to help them

you together with the consultants and

to serve them in their entire process of

application alerted consulting until the

permanent residence here we are at

Milan To serve you today we are going to

to talk about a very important piece of news that

came out a few weeks ago about the

double intention Ok that intention that

to Canada as a tourist, to study, or

to work and in the future I wish to stay

as a permanent resident, which is like

one of the issues that most contradicts the

more controversial my videos as I tell them

you who need to apply for a visa

demonstrating that one wants to return to the

country of origin we will touch on this point

since a few days ago I started to receive

a huge number of messages from

people who apply for their own

account and have their Visas rejected

and the reason for rejection is because the

official considers that the person does not

has reason to return to his country of origin

origin and people tell me Eddy Why?

I will be denied a visa if I am now supposedly

It is legal to say that I see Canada at

study and that I want to stay today in

Canada forever and because I have

to prove that I am right To

return to go to my home country, and I

Miguel I am on your side I understand

I understand them and for me this is very

difficult as a consultant but it is the law

me about it today to explain the

and to prevent your company from

visa is rejected because on the internet

there are too many videos of too many

content creators Who obviously

they promote this topic but do not get to the point

to the important point that is the

importance of demonstrating respect for the

visa temporality Let's start with the

law or the clarification reads as follows

the possibility for a single

visa applicant

may have dual intent

will not prevent you from having the

obligation to demonstrate the requirements

of temporary residence, especially the

requirement to leave Canada at the end of the

authorized period of stay in the

country in accordance with the following sections

one seven nine nine two hundred of El


regulations what is this

that is to say that although it is legal that in its

emotional letter when you ask for the

visa say I am going to Canada to study

for future postgraduation application

Word permitt and subsequently evaluate the

possibility of each residence

permanent either by nominations

provincial governments, which even here are

mention provincial nominations for

students or permanent residence

Federal I still have in my country

sufficient roots or reasons to return

Why Because this same document states

that the person needs to demonstrate that

has relations To return to his country

or leave Canada at the end of the year.

state and in the country when one applies

a student visa with Canada to

worker the visa has an expiration date of

start and termination date if your

classes are for three years and your visa is for three years.

studies for three years if you travel A

Canada for work and your work permit

contract years your work permit is going to

be for two years then when you

apply for the visa even if your

intention is to stay in Canada to live and

to remain as permanent residents is

important that this first temporality

of the visa, i.e. the two years of the

work all three years of the study when

that study or work will complete you

has every reason to return

to their country of origin What are the

reasons for which I have made many videos

you own property in your country of

origin has a house a car a

apartment or if you do not have a foot

real estate or real estate has a job

stable has a job that is, let's say, that

work will allow you to perhaps

your boss to be rehired to have

another job interview in the future or

you have a job market

open in your country For example, I have

Canada to study computer science and perhaps to

future I can stay well in the country

in Canada but my country of origin without

However, having a diploma of

will allow me in the future to

aspire in the event that I return to a

better job better quality of life

can also be demonstrated with

a business of your own if you own

company and has its company registered In

If it is not registered, please

is going to be registered because it proves that

the company will continue to operate as long as

You travel to Canada that is rootedness

also shows its roots with family

for example, me to Canada to study will go to

work and in my country there is my dad my

mom my brothers my uncle my wife is leaving

to stay for a few months while I go out

with Canada and then travels with me to

Canada the family also generates roots

So I want to make it very clear

one thing because the number of rejections

I have received in the last few days has

been huge and I don't want your

I dream of traveling to Canada to be damaged by

trust or think that the law has changed

the law has not changed, it has simply been

legitimized the Dual intent that in reality

in practice it was already legitimized Ok

but what has not changed in any way

and please do not fall into

social media sensationalism.

now you do not have to prove your roots to your

country of origin, the roots continue to be

important to demonstrate and if you do not

The application of the

application will be rejected and will

lose the money you paid for your visa, you will lose the money you paid for your visa.

family then when he goes to the

application I repeat a thousand times is

important for them to demonstrate that they will

looking good in Canada beautiful everything

but the application still maintains a

space where you establish that

are rooted in their country of origin how

this part is done in the letter of

your letter of motivation is drafted

in English, preferably in perfect English

in this letter of motives

and especially now that we are in

high visa season why because

classes start from september AND

it is time to send the application

or wait for a response but later it is

too late then if you want us to

mi lam takes care of its optics in the

it is important for them to know that

we have to work as a team and it is not

that because in social media the

influencers say such-and-such when

you get to work with immiland and

If we ask you for papers, you are going to

say No because I saw this on the internet

Remember that the Mimi Land when

we ask you for papers to make your

The reason for this is that we know in practice

how things work is not because

we have lived on the internet if you

who is in charge of your application

to your visa you can gladly go

to the link below in the description

of this video and quote the service of

visa are not required to pay for the

consultation go there place information and

Quote visa costs for you

and your family it is important to be well

informed and avoid falling into

sensationalism that can cost them

you the visa always I already look like

like the Grinch

the person who comes to harm your

happiness I know but it is important to

me that the information was not brought but

if damaged and In pursuit of making views

or clicks

to all I hope you are very well bye bye

bye until next time

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