Divorce in Canada - Permits and Visas

Understanding one's rights and obligations upon arrival in Canada is of utmost importance.

I hope this video will help you in the process. Here is the link with all the official information: https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1522&top=17

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is to help you to achieve the

permanent residence when they arrive in

Canada today I want to tell you a story

Well a story a reality that

can happen to people who travel to

Canada as a couple and I sincerely hope that

this will never happen to you but then

is a possibility that you have

to know and to know have wondered

What happens if you are traveling to Canada with your

wife wife cohabitant cohabitant and

You are traveling to Canada to study or

work and therefore your partner as you know

has an open work permit a

benefit traveler to Canada to study is going to

work is that the student's partner

worker may request a leave of absence for

open work and work in any

thing but what happens if the relationship is

ends or what happens if the student

graduates prematurely or what happens if the

student or worker With permission

closed work is ordered to the job

What if the situation changes and already

you are married to an unemployed person with

someone who is not studying OR is

separating your good partner I want to

comment that in the majority of cases in

the vast majority if say you are

married to an international student

worker O live like a parrot

relationship concubinage your permission to

open work is maintained over time

then even if your partner loses the

work even if you separate from your

partner does not matter because the

open work of the couple Follow

This is very important to be in force

to avoid

a type of psychological violence in the

that the person who is the principal

The visa applicant keeps the other

partner as if tied Because if I

let if we separate you run out of your

The answer is not your

permit is still in force, however, its

permit is valid until the date of

termination of this permit let's say that your

partner with whom you separated

then let's say he had about six

months of work permit and then that

person is going to spread, i.e. in Canada

and extends the work permit for a period of

year more Unfortunately, you will not be able to

be the beneficiary of this

work permit that was extended is

to say that yours runs out on the date of

maturity you hold in your hands

not know benefited from any date of

extension of the work permit of the

principal applicant or applicant

Applicant is a Spanish sodism angle

now also know that by

example if we say that your partner

Canada came with a closed work schedule and is

dismissed from work

or, for example, who resigns or

I'm out of a job I'm not going to work anymore

work permit for that person because

is no longer valid for work

boss has to apply for a leave of absence

new job however you as

couple With open work permit

Continues to benefit from

that permit open and may continue to

working in Canada without any problems

but one of the two is left without

work then Well that's a video

I wanted to make a short film to let you know

you who are not tied to any

worker or student in Canada and

you have your work permit

open free a kiss for all that

be well bye bye bye

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