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And to migrate is for the brave only those who

who are not afraid of the unknown

decide to dare to conquer it this year.

will be a space dedicated to you, the

protagonists of this Adventure that its

inspires thousands to try, and its

experience to give light and guidance to those who

you need it Welcome to


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when I made the decision to come to the United States, I was

was not basically going to come for study

the investment was

gigantic I get into the account of

Milan and it's Eddy saying that he has a

employer and just for cooking something me


send the resume the next day

I receive on my phone

a little red bubble in the Messenger was

a chef I had worked with

time he tells me this I am in

Canada yes I have 11 years here and I have

five years with a restaurant and I don't

I can neither believe nor say yes in my hands

I have a resume and it's yours

writing you sent to your resume in

a thousand years I said Yes Yesterday No Well that


party I said I can't believe you.

such an incredible thing the fact that

you come back into contact with someone

you know you didn't have it a long time ago

which is in the same city where I

wanted to come and well ten minutes

then I start receiving mails

by Milan and we started the entire


My name is neidy Uribe This is me

cook I am Venezuelan And in this

I am currently in Canada living in


and well the experience has been great De

my country has been through a lot


policies over many years and

I had always had the desire and

not to experiment outside this

a new life a new beginning

but the time had not yet come

not along that I start to


through many different stages in the

one of which was to get to know this company.

Eddy in his videos No

I think one of the first videos that

vi was how she stayed managed to stay

in Canada do not

Well I saw that video and obviously

the tears and the connection It was amazing

because as a Venezuelan I felt like

represented and very

identified with that story, not with that story.

Well nothing I did a lot of research on

many provinces almost everywhere

I could come as quickly as possible

but in the best way not when I take

the decision to come I was going to come

per study not basically the investment



there was a contradiction that if I

I could pay for my studies, I could give

all that money or put it in an account

all the money that selling what do I know

apartments cars you know all that kind

but at the same time it cut me off from the

la la the well-being of being able to have

rooted in my country, which is quite a lot.

contradictory and that one at first does not

understand I start to make papers

I am starting to make the decision now

to come to me for studies, but not for

suddenly because I went in and did my

curriculum because that is also something

Make it Ok the Canadian way and

all this

So I said Well, I have it here, I have it here.

I did it according to certain guidelines not

that without photos that yes O is everything that

what they indicate not what you should have

when I have it and I'm like a little

I said I'm going to do it just in case.

I activated a long time ago what was

the the the the the little bell not when you when

you make a post the different people

I was interested in that you get the

information this immediately there is a

post I log in to the Milano account and

is Eddy saying he has an employer

and just to cook something he told me

send the resume Okay I'm going to send it

I said if it's a cook that job is

for me I had that thought

[Music] [Music

arrives at my house when I go inside to watch

What are the good list requirements

was a thing that French advanced English

advanced courses a number of


of which Well I don't know about 20 would have


and I said You know I don't care what it is that

worst that can happen

who does not receive it who does not receive it who does not receive it who does not receive it who does not receive it who does not receive it who does not receive it

accept that no matter what you send

the following day

I receive on my phone

a little red bubble in the messenger of a

message I have not used Messenger for years

when I open

was a chef with whom I had

worked a long time ago Hello, how are you?

I had not heard from him for many years.

says it's okay for me to be that tells me

where are you I Well I'm here in


working in a school restaurant

giving good classes etcetera he tells me

this I am in Canada when in me yes

I'm in Canada and I Oh how good such

says yes, I have been living here for about 11 years

and I well No wonder we hadn't had

contact no because from that restaurant I

I left he went on his way and did not

we had more contact with each other again

he tells me yes I have 11 years here and I have

five years with a restaurant

And I what can't it be Then I will

I say no I have this year I want to already

I am finalizing my paperwork and I am

I want to go

for Montreal to study.

says no it can't be I say yes I'm already in

I am already having all the necessary

papers everything is already on track

Then he tells me What a coincidence Why

this in my hands I have a curriculum and

it's yours and I can't believe you, he tells me

If you sent him your resume I will

I told him Yes yesterday then he tells me Well

today I have it in my hands

and I said to myself it was too much of a coincidence

fact of nobody Uribe that is studied in

the icc, i.e. you had to make both

time that we did not have that

contact and well nothing happened

circumstances and that was the beginning of ten

minutes after I finished speaking

with him by message, he told me

worry that you have priority with me

I'm going to see a lot of resumes

but this one counts on that.


party I said I can't believe it.

such an incredible thing the fact that

you come back into contact with someone


you know you didn't have it a long time ago

which is in the same city where I

wanted to come and well ten minutes

then I start receiving mails

by Milan

and we started the whole process of more is

the East side of the country has been

been spectacular

with the company step by step we have

solved you need this we are looking for

to be able to come

the process lasted Well

I had to go to take out

my Colombian passport because by part

I have dual citizenship from my father and

one of the benefits was to come by

by this agreement that exists between Canada

and Colombia not then this along

of all that happened two two months ago something

so while I finished getting

the new requirements for me to come

as an employee

I succeeded, we sent all the

and Milano took care of everything and

well, nothing is sent.

application when you received the mail your

application has been sent great o

It was great From that point on, time

despairs as always then one

start sending mails look what and but

but when but but already arrived but not but not but

why it takes late but already a

week then look at my in my process

were twelve weeks on the same Friday that

after twelve weeks, I received a

Milan congratulating me on the

approval of the of the of the of the visa good

another party along the entire length of that

waiting time

Well, one of the things that I have

it's better to be funny but I went to Google

Maps and in the 3D view I saw the

restaurant from the satellite

you saw the streets I saw and imagined

all these types of situations do not

and for me to locate myself on the map was well

complicated because an area that does not

But there was one place that I knew

I was quick to locate the restaurant I said

two blocks this way if your frame stops

here I raise two and the restaurant arrives

and you won't believe it, but right in that

location point I am living in


is that I say that one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one what one

you think about it, you give it the energy and you achieve it.

is incredible

I analyzed that from time to time after I

I see the zenithal map

and I said but it's already going I am

living here and that was my location for

I get to the restaurant and there I am or

that's the route I do on foot

every day because I live very close by

the city has been spectacular throughout

I love the sense that people here

is not on the lookout for his own things, he does not walk

or seeing things that he doesn't have

who does not care, in other words, everyone walks

I have a spectacular park

that I can spin and I can run that

when Mi perrita comes, she will be

wonderful because she loves it

running Not my normal routine, i.e.

awake Maybe something I do some of

exercise, which I don't do every year.

days but I'm trying to get here

and sometimes we do nothing

we prepare the state lunch

we went out in the evening and again.

now because it is winter and your

jackets and all your stuff and I'll get back to you.

back to the house

if I want to go out for a weekend I walk

two blocks to the subway I'm on my way

I run as I know sites there are many

places to go out that's great.

has a family Can go out and

visit a lot There is a problem There is a problem There is a problem There is a problem

point that

I am a little concerned about health Ok

we've been I've heard a lot

today how good

health but you have this but you lack

six months to get an appointment

this kind of thing If I'm a little worried about

little of the city to make you sincere

but nothing to stay here

and make a life a life

wonderful because it is true that in the

city lends itself to this, the worst thing that

you can do is to stay with the desire and

tell you in the future and if I had

I have done such a thing, that is, I am telling you

My story which is something that

it is unbelievable but if I had not given

that happened at that time with that post I

was not here or was in other countries

circumstances or this whole situation is

would have been a little slower or would have

gone to another city that might not have

been bad but I came by the most

I have still spent a lot of money

money because everything, that is, you have to

come to rent you have to come

you have to pay the company that

is making all the arrangements for

that all

be ordered not

and you have to have money for later

you know how to move buy clothes because the

winter clothing costs you

but nothing. So they take the steps that

have to give without fear because what is

the worst thing that can happen

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