How to prove the money to study in Canada?

Getting things right is the most important thing for this process. Let's avoid silly mistakes that can cost us the application.

In this video I explain in detail how to demonstrate financial solvency.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Ed Ramirez and my goal is to help you to

you to arrive in Canada by the end of the day.

legal as it has to be today quio que

let's talk about a topic that everyone

know what is how much I require for

to travel to Canada to study but it is not

about amounts but how to demonstrate

financial solvency, I would like to tell you that

one of the most typical reasons for

Canadian visa denial is part of the

the visa is denied by funds

but many of my clients who come to

me after the rejection they do not understand

What happened tell me but edy me when

I applied for my Visa and I sent all the

evidence that I had my account x amount of

money, i.e., for example, if Canada Me

I asked for 40,000 I sent 45,000 I went for

above Then why the visa was

denied if I sent the funds that

required Well that's what I think we'll talk about today

your visa for the economic part can be

refused its application for two reasons

first, because the required solvency

was 40,000 and you submitted evidence

that he had in his account

33,35 5000 39000 or even 40,000 if

mandates exactly what the government

requests its application may be denied by

that in imiland we always recommend to go

above that exact solvency

required as having at least 5000

extra to avoid visa rejection

for having exactly what they ask for

because that is the minimum let's always go

with the most to know how much

you require to travel for

study in Canada you can watch my videos

to the one I am talking about but

basically it is solvency in the first year

tuition plus maintenance first year

for the student the partner and the children

If you are traveling as a family and I am going to Canada to

study two or three years deb Show

solvency for the remainder of the time The

answer is that it is not just the

first year of studies now to what

we came today how I demonstrate that

solvency and what are the reasons for

Even if you had in your

more funds than required but

send the evidence wrong or

erroneous documentation about how to

How to support that these funds have their

application will still be denied and here

I will tell you how to avoid it the first point

is to understand where the

money the money must be an account of

bank in a bank recognized in your country

home or abroad does not allow you to

recommend or may not be

Simply neither in bitcoin nor in PayPal.

neither in stripe nor in

some cloud of money that is not a

bank account because the application

can be denied second point

important if it is a bank account of your

country or a foreign country may be in

the national currency of that country should not

be in Canadian dollars and other than

it is important that it is an account of

savings or checking account There are now

many people who save for example

in Colombia the cdts are called cdts or cdts in

any country an investment account

you can have the funds there yes

provided that the funds can be

extracted from the account without any

problem and that the date matures duration

of the Bond is the date on which you

please travel to Canada to study

sends evidence that if the funds are

investment account OR fixed savings account

can be taken out by the date on which

are you traveling to Canada This is the basic

There are the funds now from Who

was the account the preferred account

will be the visa applicant's is

the principal student or the

couple or half and half or one-fourth and one

fourth and so on but between the two What happens

if we put in the application of a

external figure i.e. edy i am going to

Canada to study but my mom or dad

will give me the financial solvency here.

it is necessary to look very carefully at the profile of the person

applies if you are a person who

depends on his parents has never worked

He has not finished his studies and a

person dependent on his or her parents in a

normal age for dependence on parents

100% solvency can come from

them there is no problem But between

the more independent you are, the less

backing the familiar So for

example if you are married As the

government only understands that you are

independent does not have to rely on

your parents if you have a child if you

is a worker and lives in his

own home, i.e. the more autonomous it is

you less solvency of the parents or of

a third party if you are going to use creditworthiness

a parent or a third party is well able to

use as long as this solvency does not

100% of what is required, e.g.

that the study part is

covered by the parents and the

support for yourself and your partner

in case you come with a partner or if you are not

single As you yourself are also

You may not use the

solvency of their parents but of some

I recommend that the relationship

between you and the sponsor is the most

possible for you to avoid the

chances of rejection because the relationship

It is very far away when you use a

a sponsor someone who gives you money

there are two ways to use these funds

may be that the funds are in your

your personal bank account, i.e.

that the sponsor sent the money to its

bank account or that the sponsor

has his bank account whichever

is the scenario is 100% recommended

that you use what is called a

officer of or affid David or a

affidavit in which that person

says I, so-and-so, pledge myself to

pay my nephew's tuition to me.

my son to my grandson in Canada or I sent my son to

the bank account of my nephew x so that

pay for your studies here you can see it

with this affidavit in yilan we offer a

affidavits service which I leave you the

link below we can now use a

external figure who is not at their parents' side

if possible we can use for

For example, a bank loan can be

a personal education bank loan

a line of credit or even a

private or public student loans will be

can be done without any problem as long as

and when you demonstrate that you have

to cover your living expenses, again I repeat, avoid

use 100% external gingivae There are now

people who use account statements

of companies No sir the statement of account

must be from a person if a company

you are paying for your studies is

recommended that this fund be in the

your bank account, because if that

your personal company may have to be

complicated application okay on the other hand

The statements of account have to be

the last three and will be sent to the

months of statements for

demonstrate that these funds are in their

account for the last 6 months

6 months is preferably better and that

amounts you have not made a deposit

There's a crazy 000 d What happens if

you suddenly put in your account

Bank 30,000 to apply for the visa if

you in the application does not explain those

30,000 Where they come from The officer can

deny you a visa Then I recommend that you

greatly that if you make a

transaction in your account and a

large target deposit in your application

evidence that you sold any

property and that is why it is using those

amounts to apply for a visa for another

side there are many people who

travel to the United States open an account

bank and apply because they think it is

better or, for example, are countries such as

Argentina Venezuela Nicaragua that has

economic instability if you make

that is 100% valid but they cannot

open the Banco account today and request the

visa in one month they have to have that

Bank account open for at least 6

months and still demonstrate that these funds are

where they come from so that their application is

I am going to give you a valid tip that is something

we are using new in and Milan that

is something that is almost unseen and it is that in

Canada There is a plan called student

Direct Extreme in which some

students from some countries of the world

can apply for a study visa

accelerated for you to do that have

to send your money to a bank account of

investment in Canada here what you

can do is to open that account in

investment in Canada at a distance that is

a bank account already in Canada in the

that you no matter what you do not

are covered by the study

you if you wish to go more to the

can securely send their funds once

to Canada in this investment account that

I leave you the information below for

that you right there the GC speak that

bank account in Canada and

automatically your funds are already in

Canada and the official will have much more

clarity that the funds are already here

ready to invest in the college and its

studies in the country Then this way

is a much more organized way to

apply for a visa now that information

I have just given you because I do it with the

basic objective that you do not have

your visa rejected for creditworthiness

economic however simple the

possibility that it is happening and in case of

may it be your wish that yilan will be

to apply or reapply to your company's

We are here with great pleasure to welcome you

at your service below is a link to

quotation of our services For

to see the cost of milá's services

to apply for your visa or you can send us

an email to info @ilanosh1

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