The key to getting a good job in Canada comes down to 2 elements: 1- The CV 2- The interviewI hope that in this video you get the information you need to create the best CV.


day 8 of 30 tips for arriving in Canada

in 2023 to make a CD in the Canadian style

traveling to Canada by way of work is

the dream of many, many people will soon

and one of the reasons for this is that they are

that not all of them succeed is because

we work with a CV or résumé that

is not up to the standards that the

Canadian employer is looking for

that in this video of day 8 of a

advice for travel to Canada in 2023 I will

to tell them what they have to take in

When you make a civilian and

how to make a civilian so that the

employer to take an interest in

immediately My name is Ramirez I am

government-regulated consulting firm

Canadian and my job is to help them

you to arrive in Canada is 2023 or

when you want it, but let it arrive

Let's start once you look

when not looking for work in Canada and

especially when you are looking for a job

Out of As of Canada and from so far away

of their countries of origin the only

communication window in many

cases that exist between you and the

Canadian employer is the famous

resume here I put it Dad this

curriculum that is here in front of me is

the model you have to follow

to get a job in Canada send

a letter or send an e-mail or send a

video perhaps in many cases it is not the

more attractive way for you to

get a job in Canada If not for

civilian who was here

then when you start to

search for the job offer before

start looking for a job offer

you have to make your resume

well done the Canadian employer is going to

find a curriculum that fits your needs

first of all to the position that the

employer wants to fill when you

look for job offers and you will see

that in the offers it says I am looking for

a plumber, and that plumber has to know

doing this is called employment duries or


you need to see that responsibilities

and adapt them to your curriculum now

Let's start with the structure of the

curriculum first and foremost The curriculum

has to have in big up your

name and email address

I recommend that your email address be

an exclusive email for The Search for

employment in Canada this exclusive email

for work in Canada must be a

email, preferably Gmail either

professional besides that your profile

your link to the linting profile if not

know what is a linting profile know that

is basically like a Facebook

professional in which your photo cannot be

not a selfie but a professional photo

in which you are looking for a job and

speaking of photo if you look at the Civic

Canadian no photo in many cases

you should not attach your photo to your civil is

neutral, they will not place their

your passport or identity card number, nor your

be careful to place your

phone when looking for a job in Canada

because in many cases it lends itself to

for glasses you place your WhatsApp there

and says his phone is going to blow up to

scam calls now in Canada

I pause here employers do not

and by Whatsapp or Facebook.

So beware of scams

because where the fraudsters are

so they don't hire via Telegram or

nowhere of those either.

employers charge a fee to provide offers of

work with scams once a year

that we put our big name

below this we will place a

small paragraph called skills There

you are going to summarize in four lines

in English the entire CV in English will

define who you are

dedicated he has done in the last few years

of your life and how you can contribute

companies maximum four lines

after that you are going to place experience

in the experience is going to name

the date the company started and

date of completion and position and

below the position you are going to place

your yuris or responsibilities this

paragraph is a fundamental key for the

employer are interested in you For example

me as a Canadian employer when

I am recruiting workers I am

I start to look at the CD and the first thing I see is

before seeing the name and the whole story

I see the responsibilities in their

previous posts Why Because if I

I am looking for someone who for example

know how to edit videos make insights make

Photoshop I want to look for those words

key to these responsibilities that has

previously had for me to know whether or not the

people a good feed or a good

candidate for my job if

this person in this paragraph does not say

but he knows how to do it I will never know

who knows how to do it because I will never

contact him to ask if he knows

do then they have to grab this

seconds window with the employer

Canadian to be able to express it

in that little paragraph you know

do what the employee is looking for

I recommend you to place it as Bullet

Point i.e. as with dotted dots dotted dots

1 video editing dot 2 work

with Photoshop dot 3

social network management dot 4 such

thing for the employer to say Wow se

is going to do what I'm looking for and

that's why it's important that you first

to make your CV or send it to the employer

see the employer you are looking for and

adapt that offer that Pardon that CD

to that offer you are applying

i.e. match Ok after

their last years of experience

Eddy How many at least about six ten

years of experience If they sometimes have it

people say but it's Eddy I have

I have a lot of experience in five sheets of paper

Unfortunately, the Canadian employer

or the recruiter is lazy, he/she will not

to read and read and if you want to know

more of you are going to call you or will call you

mail order Forgiveness is going to

will call you to contract by mail or

is going to call by video call then


know that this experience is very

developed or very thoroughly is not worth the

to explain it, focus on making a

CV of one or two sheets maximum no more

then at the end, that is to say, after

experience go to place education

in our countries is very important in

what university I graduated with how many

points go to a student sum with

lauden in Canada are important then

they are going to place education and they are going to place

your university degree linked to

what they go to Canada to work and

any specific study, let's say

to develop in an area that the

employee is looking for Then by

example, if I want someone who

know how to repair special bicycles such as

employer As you will if you take a

course with special will mention that

course of study But if I don't

I am looking for nor do I care if you

studied kindergarten at the pre-school such as

Then please do not place it

They will only place studies of

university and any diploma

certificate that you have the

they mention they are not going to place the course of

English course will not be placed either

neither his primary nor his baccalaureate nor his

neither his nor her nursery I have seen cases like this and

lastly, they are going to place

extra elements for example that you

you like you speak English French and

advanced Spanish position levels

of the languages there And finally I am going to

place that may be of reference to you

employer if requested please contact

that you are not going to attach anything is not going to

attach your diplomas your references

will remain fairly objective and short

watch out for people who have jobs

visuals i.e. designers editors

of video graphics designers personas

who work in the bakery kitchen who

make things in wood

carpenters who have manual labor

what you can do is to place

below your name a link that is called

portfolio and that link

to place it to arrive or that with the

person clicks to a website.

in which you make a website and

you explain your skills in a clear and concise manner.

more specifically and visually, i.e. whether

you graphic designer for as

graphic designer you have a

portfolio place your portfolio of

digital form for the employer to

you can click on it and access that

digital portfolio and can view your

I work the same with bricklayers I cooked

pastry chefs and so on do

visual portfolios when it is


I hope that on this 8th day of Councils the

30 tips for traveling to Canada from

2023 have achieved an element that

they needed in their process and that

now subscribe is as God intended and

to reach Canada and win the love of the

employer from Canada I send you a kiss

giant and see you tomorrow in a new

video it's day number 9 bye

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