Day 6/30: THE BEST PROVINCES to immigrate to CANADA l Choose the BEST!

In this video I explain the importance of knowing how to choose where to immigrate. This will be a fundamental key to achieve a smooth process and get the residency.


day 6 of sales tips to reach

Canada in 2023 to study and understand the

Canadian labor market either for

people going to Canada by road

of studies or by way of work

understanding the Canadian labour market is

important to look for an offer of

employment to settle in Canada My name

is a regulatory migratory building the

Canadian government and my work

to help you get to the next level.

Canada in 2023 or whenever it is by the

legal way as it has to be before

start the migration plan to Canada

it is important to understand and

personal study and understand in what

province of my experience or my work or

what I know how to do is more in demand

why because this is going to be paramount

for two elements first if I a

Canada by way of studies I know that

when I graduated from my degree program in

I am going to be able to enter the

Canadian labor market in the form of

less complicated and I will be able to get

the required employment experience will

to obtain permanent residency and Second

if it is earned by the way of work

I have to understand my experience in what

province is more in demand and

to apply to those provinces or those

cities in order to increase my chances

of work experience Why good

we will understand both reasons will

start first Why it is important

for workers and then explain

for students

Because it is important for the

workers Let's start with people who

want to Canada by way of work

if you are at home today thinking about

day Oops I want to go to Canada to work

because they pay very well because for taking out

permanent residence you are in

the right way now we are going to

to get them on the right track and we will say ready

what I know how to do from my country of origin

Well I have experience fishing I

I work in the fishing industry I work in the

the maritime part on the coastal part and me

I know how to fish I know how to process fish do

all this Ok so let's look at the

Canadian market we will understand In

which provinces in Canada My job is

more valued Why Because if I of

suddenly I say no I'm going to work in the

fishing and I'm going to live in manitoba no

makes sense because manitoba does not

works fishing Then I have to

search the Canadian job market and

understand that my market, which is fishing

is mostly executed in the

Atlantic and in the British part of the Atlantic and in the British

Columbia Atlantic and Pacific in the

coastal part Then we are going to look for

work in these provinces that are

more than in the rest of the world.

of the country in the internal part that there is no

much fishing or there is no Aarón Then by

This is important because it is going to

to increase my chances of getting a

job offer market research

How do I place my profession what I

I know how to do I opportunity in Canada job

opportunities in Canada and there I will see

in which province is what I do more than what I do?

I know how to make or go online

Industry problems by province in

Canada and there I will see each province

which industries it has and where I could

apply for a job offer for

increase my chance of being accepted by

a Canadian employer likewise

people who come walking down the road

of studies have to study the

labor market for two reasons, firstly

if they come single, it is important that the

student is sure that in the

province where they go there is their market

for example, I remember one

consultation with a Panama girl who went to

I don't know if the

naval engineering or something on the side of

ships in a secluded town in

Ontario where there were no Milagros she

Eddy said I'm desperate because I don't

I get a job offer in my field

and I'm panicking that I won't be able to get

work experience upon graduation

and she had to move from

province and moved to Quebec where he

got a wide offer because in

what a beautiful maritime part

It is very large because the

part of ships in Quebec there is a lot of

production because the river is

Solomon River, which is the longest river of

Canada through which it crosses enters through the

Atlantic and arrives until Becky follows

and is a powerhouse in the

ships Then she moved to Quebec

to get a job here and succeeded

but she had to move she tells me she runs away

says I would have known that in this

The nation I was in had nothing to do with

I would not have wet myself here

then you have to find this out before

and second for the pairs of the

students it is very important to know that

in the province where the student goes

to study That couple can get

work For example, I am married to

Nicolás Nicolás is working in the part

of computer science

if I study in Canada I study something

in law because I am a lawyer and

Nicolás will join me as a worker

The idea is for Nicolas to have the

ability for him as a partner to

experience that will enable us to

permanent residency if Nicolas

is a hard-nosed computer scientist and speaks

French Well, I should consider

move to the province of Quebec because the

IT is very, very strong in Quebec

or even Ontario because he also

speaks English because in Ontario the

super-strong computer science because I know that

my husband is going to get an offer of

employment and he will secure residency

permanent even before my

graduation But if, for example, Nicolas

goes to a province in which the

IT is not moving much

for example we go to Yukon and in Yukon we go to Yukon

there is nothing computerized on what is going to

work Nicolas if he does not get

as a computer scientist as she will be working

I don't know cleaning floors in the supermarket

or in a restaurant, which is not bad

but he is not going to work in his profession

So if you are interested in

exercise it leave it in Canada and grow

professionally in this area Les

I recommend 100% to study the market

and that's the tip of the day Te

I send a kiss to all and see you on

new video tomorrow bye bye bye

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