Day 23/30: What you DON'T hear about HEALTH IN CANADA

Not everything in the world is perfect and here is one of the worst problems facing Canada today.

Tip of the day 23: don't leave your countries private insurance.While it may sound impossible what I am saying and while perhaps some of you have come to Canada and got a family doctor in a couple of months this is not the reality for millions of people in Canada.

In my eyes to say that the system works because I have access to it is like saying that since there is food in my fridge then there is no hunger in the world, when making a decision as important as leaving everything behind we must be clear about what we will get in the new country and this is part of the reality.

Important points:
- Not all children have access to a pediatrician.
- It is a family doctor (not a pediatrician) who evaluates children.
- There are no private clinics.
- Private insurance does not give any privileges over other Canadians.
- Waiting times to see a specialist can be up to 6 months.
- In Canada people die waiting in emergency or to be seen by a specialist.

Immiland's ethical and moral commitment goes beyond a business and that is why it is our duty to show you the reality of the medical system in Canada.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel Today is the 23rd day of tips

to get to Canada but this advice

it will not be to get to Canada but

to survive in Canada is a bit of a challenge.

strange when we imagine Canada and

we say of footprint Canada to live the

we do this through a mixture of many

factors e.g. education safety

and we imagine that we are not even

why not imagine that in Canada at the

to be such a first-world country

developed so amazing everything perfect

the Canadian medical system should be

developed and perfect, however, the

tip of the day is not to stop paying

their insurance from their countries of origin

life insurance medical insurance and

ensure that when they arrive in Canada

insurance or prior to the arrival of a

private insurance within the country but for

what does that say why Eddy is saying

that we maintain private insurance at

our countries of origin and that

we purchased insurance in Canada which is

passing Well I'm going to start this one

video with reading them a series of news

that are sure to leave you in

shock but that is the reality


New Brunswick government says no.

is going to disclose the data of how many people

die in emergency rooms

woman in Canada dies after waiting

7 hours in the emergency room

Obviously the system is broken

emergencies in Nova Scotia

increased by 10% in 2022, for a total of

of 558 deaths

1400 patients have died in the

province of Quebec waiting in a

emergency room

doctor in Quebec who had a patient

who died in front of him after 16

hours waiting in an emergency room

speaks about it

embridge Columbia the government of the

province British Columbia decided

to increase the salaries of the doctors of

250,000 per year to

385 thousand per year to incentivize

more doctors to make family doctors

the Canadian health care system is

facing a national crisis that does not

can be paid by the provinces

the Red Cross network is calling

Federal Government because there are children

in Ottawa hospitals dying and being

served in trailers outside

children are dying in Alberta hospitals

by Simply the flu in British

Columbia the crisis cannot be

not promoted at the provincial level either

and so it gets worse in every province of


This is the Canadian reality of the

medical system and are news of

situations they have experienced up to the present

Canadian time this audio that they are going to

listen at that time is my 18 year old son

months with a severe respiratory crisis

of which I have been victimized by the

last 18 months in Canada listen


I begin by telling you

or tell them the following I am a citizen

Canadian with a Canadian passport and my

son is Canadian and many people

of those news I have read are

also Canadians the fact of making

this video and tell you the

The reality of the Canadian system does not

makes it less worthy of living in Canada does not

makes me less grateful for the opportunity

to live in this country and it doesn't make me any less

susceptible to the reality of life

this country and me as I was immigration

Canadian to countries speak to Canadian-speaking countries.

Hispanic I think and I need and I have to

to know that it is a reality and that it is

a commitment and a moral and ethical duty

tell you all the good it has to offer

to offer them and also the bad because

It is true Perhaps many of you do not

face the reality that I am going to

this video is true maybe

many of you came to Canada and

the next day they got a Family

Doctor arrived at Cana and get a

pediatrician arrived at the Canal and were

very well taken care of great great great and the

I congratulate you very much because your reality

but that is not the reality for many

people arriving in Canada as newcomers

immigrants or of many Canadians who

have lived here all their lives that have

with medical systems that are

decadence and I think and I say that the

fact that I my plate At my table I do not

lack of food does not mean that

because I lack food there is no

world hunger in the world, therefore, we do not

means that just because I am an immigrant

not in Canada have access to the

Canadian health care does not mean that the

and therefore the others have and therefore the others

lie then This is my disclaimer

I am not a doctor but I think that the

people who work on the part of the

health and who give you to Canada immigrants

for the health part they need to talk about

and they have to touch on all the

and contacts they may have for

to contribute to the health system in

Canada better Let's start with

indicate that in Canada there are three

Important pillars of health first

is universal means that it covers

all Canadian citizens

permanent residents and certain

temporary needs that have access to

to the social health of the provincial woman that

vivan segundo is free because it is

free of charge, but when you go to the doctor

any doctor one does not need to take out

that pocket and pay when one of

resident or working citizen and has

access to public health care one does not

need to take money out of your wallet and

pay the doctor or pay for a

hospitalization or pay for insurance

health is free Why Because

monthly in Canada, one deducts

of his salary a lot of taxes and

those taxes that you have not yet given count

are supposed to be invested in

health of the country in order to have access to

decent health care in the tax channel

are very high because it is assumed that the

medical system has to be high

and third, there are no privileges, i.e. if

you have health insurance that you

your country of origin or you buy in

Canada a private insurance for example in

Milan we all have private insurance without

However, this private insurance is not going to

privileges over and above those of the

anyone in Canada who does not have insurance

that is, if I have to undergo surgery, I have to have

a cesarean section for having a child if I am going to

to move to the emergency room if I have to

seeing a specialist does not mean that

I arrive with my card my card

and step ahead of the rest of the

people and I have a better insurance a

better care than the rest of the

people do not have insurance in Canada there is no

any kind of privilege over and above

other people, so the insurances

in private Canada what they are used for

are useful for example when you do not need


for eyes or lenses

private insurance comes in and pays the

lenses or a percentage if I have to

go to the dentist fix my smile the

private insurance I cover a portion if I

I see the psychologist the private insurance

covers my psychology session if I

I suffer from back pain I have to

I had a massage with some theopaths a

physical therapist the second one covers me for those

elements but the second will not cover

no access to medicine

preventive or regular medical care, everything is

public now

this audio that you listen to

of my son my son is 18 months old and I said

who is two months old began to

develop a constant flu-like runny nose

cough allergy Group bronchitis horrible

we have visited in 18 months of life Bueno

16 months Because the first two months

did not have the flu at least 20 doctors

family physicians in Quebec family physicians

and pediatricians I start with the first one

question you are going to ask me and it is

Eddy but your son doesn't have a pediatrician

I would like to tell you that in Canada a

giant percentage of healthy children is

to say that they have no overdraft of

Chronic disease or disease that requires a

constant medical supervision are not going to

at any time to have access to a

pediatrician but a family doctor who

family doctors a doctor of

family is a doctor who treats an elderly woman

family and that doctor watches over the

family is healthy if that family

presents some type of disease that the

doctor can see that family doctor

will refer you to a specialist, and it is

specialist as there is going to be Ok has a

respiratory problem let's see what

happens with respiration has any

Chronic illness we are going to make you more

tests, however, a percentage of the

giant to give you an idea in

Ontario British Columbia of five

people two do not have a family doctor

Many people then lack are

family doctors for whom they have never

get how to Access the system

my son's case, he was born on

a hospital in Quebec Montreal that is

called Sand Mary in San Mary there is a

family doctor, however, that doctor

100 students are being monitored by a family

medical students who have

access to the public for review of these

medical students with all due respect

do not have a deep knowledge of what

is pediatrics why Because that same

family doctor who treats me

who is a student before attending me

to me, an adult, to me, an adult

a pregnant woman to another pregnant woman

person to another person so here we do not

it's like the doctor is going to focus on

children do not do all this is a guide

of questions you asked your patient is

a child would make this guide this would be

questions to see what you have during the

last 18 months I have been going to those

family doctors and I have begged them to

please provide me with a reference

to see a specialist however

has been totally impossible because

according to these family doctors my son

What you have is dactyritis is a

disease that children develop

when they go to the daker which is the day care center

so simple, then all the

my son's constant flus the doctor

has said that it is of iquiquelitis in

Montreal there is a clinic called

Bloom Clinic which is a private clinic

that basically what this clinic does

is that it has a group of pediatricians

When I say private, it's not that I'm going

is private because it is not a

public hospital but I go to that one

clinic and my social security card

my child's insurance covers it 100% up to

clinic cannot access foreigners

that do not have a security letter

So it is private in quotation marks

I'm going there and it is private.

because it is better but because it

belongs to a natural person and not to the

government I have gone there a number of times

giant number of times and the doctors say so.

itself is daicarititis, it turns out that it does

a few days If you do not follow me on my account

I recommend you to follow me at

my Instagram account I share it

many things in my life and day-to-day life.

in Canada

in that account I commented that

for sadly

my son was very sick and Share the

audio that you listened to us

we woke up in the early hours of the day

Saturday, Sunday and we went to the

hospital we arrived at the hospital and

we are waiting for an 18-month-old child with

a crisis of all that could not

We arrived at six o'clock in the morning.

morning and we were finally checked by the nurse

at eight o'clock the waiting room is

100% totally empty, no one was there

in the waiting room we move on to the waiting area.

triage personnel who are the ones who review it.

then I was sent to a room at

waiting for the doctor here is going to share the

series of videos of that day

two hours passed during which we

we wait inside the room I repeat no

there was no one in the waiting room outside

on the nurse's side are

all they heard at the end was laughter.

the doctor comes in, checks my son and tells me

your child has nothing for your home

and me at that time after 18 months

I exploded I exploded because I reached the limit

in which I say it's not fair and it's not

possible and I told him no doctor I want more

my house until you give me one


Hello What tests my son's doctor will

refused to do the tests refused to do the

to have a respiratory therapy

when it is normal for a child to be

to make him undergo a therapy of

breathing so that it can breathe

better and uncovered is given 100% equal

the more I fight, the more I finally

decided to give a spoonful of syrup

which is a destiny that has

corticosteroids to react to the

lungs because I had to fight for him and

then told him that we are going to see what is

more is going on and the doctor what is happening to me.

said was that my son

allegedly allergic and told me

then your child you your home has

dogs and cats I told him yes he told me he has

and I told him how you are going to get them out and I said how you are going to

to say that it takes my dog and my cat out of

my house if my daughter mom I have an exam

of allergy because I have never been loved

give a referral to an allergist

pelié pelié pelié pelié pelié gave me the

reference to see with crazy people after you

I said doctor I think this problem

more Severe than a day ritis I think

that this disease or this

my son's situation is more

Severo Because my son can't be that

always with that amount of snot

it can't be that my son is always

I can't breathe so I can't breathe so I can't

my child never sleeps at night Hay

something there has to be

wanted to give me the reference for a

I demanded it from him I demanded it from him I demanded it from him I demanded it from him I demanded it from him I demanded it from him

I demanded it, hence the importance of

speak English and French if I do not speak

English or French as I demand of an English or French

doctor for my rights As I advocate

by myself There is no way Then you

exempts referral to the otolaryngologist and

I just told him doctor But because you

it doesn't help me to have it reviewed by a realm already

even here in the hospital, look how it is

my child from bad I have to wait for

a reference between one month and six months

so if you are in Canada you need to

specialist to see you the time of

wait between being seen by a physician

family and the specialist can be of

up to six months then I told him

doctor My son is 18 months old in this

crisis as you can ask me to

expect to wait up to six months

to give me a specialist and Su

The answer was Regrettably That's the

waiting time here chicharro in this


no more doctor's visit to Al

We finally left and handed over the

references there was nothing else

any type of medication for the treatment of

my house the child was not the child does not have to be

monitored again

I did the Montreal Tour of

clinics where it says natorrinos otorrinos

and I got a clinic in which for a

cancellation of someone's inquiry

for within the next few days I went to

dinner with the otolaryngologist the otolaryngologist

Check my baby is put in the bed and put him

and the first thing he tells me is his

son speaks

and I tell him

well It's 18 months old but it's not that

talk a lot says certain words says

mom dad plus Bravo Jean calls the

to the sound of the doggies to the cats to the sounds of

animals and tells me that it is normal if

your child does not speak because your child has

ears flooded with water and its

listening skills are reduced in

a considerable percentage also know

the adenoids the nose does not

I find it strange that their

family doctor has not referred you to

me before

my child does not listen

I have 18 months with a child who does not

listen to the right way If you listen

but not one hundred percent I tell you

which doctor comes to me and tells me I'm going to

refer her to St. Justine

the same hospital I had just come from

For emergency reasons, I will refer to the

Justin to be called in San Justin

in the next 30 days to go

years Tin and give your child a test

to determine whether or not your child

whether or not your child needs an operation

requires an operation is going to have to

wait between 1 and 6 months for the

schedule an operation and be able to

and open and close the ears and

clean the adenoids

You go home and I'll doctor something for you.

I can do in the meantime a

medication something I can do not

there is nothing I can do to wait any longer

nasal washes so that your

child can breathe better

So this is my story

I have an 18-month-old son who has a

condition on the part of the part

respiratory system can't breathe very well

waited 18 months for this to happen.

cost an emergency exit after

18 months eye and many ideas for

emergency many visits to the Family

Doctor to the clinic is Blue

to the Bloom clinic cost me enormously

time and in the end I had to exploit it and

fight for my rights to give me

access to health care in Canada

what I want to tell you with this I want to

tell them that

the system in Canada is crazy one

cannot access any specialist

directly There is no way to do it

know that you are going to get here No

there is a conversation a Great Pyramid

in which you have to look for a

Family Doctor Family Doctor are

impossible to get I have eight

years of waiting to get a new

family doctor in Quebec and I still have a family doctor in Quebec and I still

Today she Ramirez Sanchez lacks a

Family Doctor in quebecca I don't have

my husband's family either and

many people in the Milan office

also has no family and doctor if he does not

have doctor's family needs

to get a doctor or a clinic will be

call bucking emergency clinics

Clinic clinic you go to and walk in

and there you tell the doctor what you

feel and be family doctor to a physician

You have to convince that

doctor that you deserve to see a

specialist first part first challenge

convince the doctor then here you

you have to convince that doctor first

that you feel so that you are

required by a specialist I know

to people in Canada who have felt

for months and no doctor has

detected has sent you with a

specialist and have returned to their country of

origin and has detected diseases

As for example lupus then if you

he is able to convince that family doctor

or to that first doctor to give you a

reference that special doctor that you

is going to go with that reference sorry and it is going to

knock on so many doors in the world have

that he sees with the world in Canada so that

the specialist gives you an appointment the appointment

with the specialist can take a

week it can take six months to

the more complicated your

condition or more specialist will be the

specialist more time I expected to see and

six months may pass after

you go to see that specialist and the

specialist will not have in his office

that's another thing they need to know in

offices and consulting rooms are not going to

see the machines required for

evaluate it For example I am

pregnant if you don't know I have in that

time eight months pregnant ok

and my gynecologist doesn't have in her

office an echo does not have he does not have

no way to check me he does not have

way to evaluate me I'm on my way there.

what you are asking me how I feel and if

I feel bad because it gives me a reference

to a hospital to have me checked in

the hospital as simple as that my

gynecologists has never touched my

stomach in terms of echo because he did not

he does not have the machines to

do so then

you make reference to is the

doctor's referral the mud is going to

and the doctor is going to have to

refer him if he considers it important to

a hospital where there are machines

to perform the tests that you

you need

if we have already seen the first obstacle that has

the family doctor or the physician

general read the reference after

of giving the reference has to be

attended by a medical specialist

can take from about six months after

the specialist physician transfers If

considers important

to the medical side the hospital where

can do the tests, this may

take up to one year to load

the exams and then when this happens

the hospital will send you to your doctor

the tests you will never have

you have to ask for them and I never leave

get mine because they get lost

and the doctor here is going to say a

disease that I have to take care of

This means that between 1 and 4

can take up to a year of waiting My

question is who gets the year of waiting

who gets here when a condition

that you can expect the strongest because

those who are not strong will die in the


when I was in the emergency have or

do not have insurance you have to wait 8 16

20 hours to be attended to, and in

many cases, as I have been through the

response to this emergency What will be the response to this emergency?

Take a tylenol and go home.

parentheses and enchanted either

for children I have never been sick in

Canada thank God but my son Yes and

is a reality that my son has

to live and my son cannot communicate

and say that it hurts then that's why my

tip of the day is that if you are

thinking of me for Canada and want to

to do so because first of all let everyone know that

Canada's health care system is not working

but there are many things that do work and

I continue to live here but the

health part is broken so it is

it is important that if you can, you have

always an insurance activated in your country

and when you are feeling unwell and

come giving get medical system

that you deserve you do the

effort take the plane and leave your country

and all their tests are done

in your home country OR every time you

go on vacation are reviewed


the health system is broken and useless

in the slightest something that seems to me to be

very crazy It's that the Canadian government

is and continues to encourage emigration

in families and with many people to

Canada and continues to seek immigrants to

point that in a week if you know it

all family members dependent children

of international workers

any other than

agriculture will be able to travel to Canada

and work then If I have a child

working-age children will be able to bring

Canada with a work visa equal to my

couple then more and more families are going to

more and more people are going to travel to Canada and more and more people are going to

into the country, but that becomes

as a slightly strange balance because

the number of people entering the market increases

but the percentage of the country's

people who enter the medical system and

There is therefore a very large gap between the

huge gap between those who gain access to the

medical system and who does not have access to the

medical system then

I repeat again as immigration

Canadian as someone who stimulates and

immigration I see myself as one of the

moral and ethical obligation to tell

you that in Canada there are many things

good because there are also many things

and the medical part is one of them

I recommend you to keep your insurance

doctor if you travel to Canada

purchase Canadian health insurance or

apart from your country of origin buy

insurance in Canada so that the patients can

insurance is very expensive, I repeat, yes

you wish to be an insurance in

Canada and Milan work hand in hand with a

Canadian insurance company can

you view my profile information

in my video description so that

access to Canadian insurance.

please do not fail to pay for insurance in

their countries Because if a disease

Chronic a disease that can be

prevent and you wait

that they may be served in the channel when

reach the last Stitch when he sees them.

the specialist with medical examinations

the results will already be too late

to prevent that disease that may

end his life then

I hope this advice will ground you and

that not everything is perfect and that the

be a wake-up call for people

that have connections to the medical system

in Canada from knocking on doors and working in

to build a medical and social health system

contribute with the same command a kiss

all the best to all of you and

I hope tomorrow will be better

than today's but as you know

since I created this channel the objective

is always to report good and bad

be well bye bye

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