In this video I share tips that I didn't know at the time I took the test and I couldn't pass it! I hope these tips will help you in your IELTS process.


day 21 of 30 tips on how to reach

Canada in 2023 to prepare very well

for lions

I started by telling you that I scraped it.

Yes I did super bad on iOS I was going to

tell them why I went wrong and what I did

then it was the one that worked well for me, although at the

ended up taking another test because

the iOS I couldn't yes it went well but no

I got the scores I had to get

then I will give advice on how to

you do not go through what happened to Eddy and

to adequately prepare themselves for My

my name is I am an immigration consultant

Canadian government regular

invited to help you to

to Canada through legal channels such as

I have here a small list of

my tips for iOS preparation

will basically tell you what

you need to know so that you can make

things the way they have to be done

Let's get straight to the point first

all not to be presumptuous Look at my mistake it was

I said No yo hablo inglés a español

because I felt that I spoke very well

English and actually spoke it well

but lailes is not a test like any other.

that does not grab and place complete the line

I thought it was like that and honestly I didn't

it is thus not to be presumed to be

humble and know that we all have to

prepare for the exam as if it were

the most important test of our

lives then first point is to prepare and

not to be presumptuous second taking tests

there is nothing better to do

exercise tests there are tests

online coloquen Aires preparation exam

and you will be able to get

old tests that you can

review how to make them and practice

with these tests Why is that

important because it makes them see you A

what they are facing and prepare

and that's why he goes to the

third point understand the iOS format

when you take test examinations

which is called sample questions you are going to

understand what iOS is and how it works

because they will understand the format of the

examination Remember he has four

sections speaking speak

Listening Reading Reading riding writing

people usually do poorly in the

part of the listening and the

writing and I will explain why when

you understand the format you are going to

realize that the sections Como by

example listening there is a part that is

made with several people talking Es

as a dialogue a meeting between four

people that many have different

accents for example of an accent

British Indian accent accents of

everywhere and one has to understand

all the accents to know from which

are talking and answer the questions

about what one is listening to and the

another section is already a single person

speaking as if it were a presentation

and the last one is like a monologue

after that in the Reading part

you have to know that it will be a

Ok big article in which you

have to draw information from what they

are reading and sometimes completing charts

or graphics and in the writing part

The writing part is also the writing part and the

readings are very similar because the

part of the rating when you have

to write in that part basically

you give him an article that will

a general news article a news article a news article a

university article a university article a university article a university article

interest such as science or newspapers

you wish you article and always go

to ask them to make a Chart as much as possible

is a typical bar chart that

present what you are reading

so sometimes a lot of times that part

of writing says speaks volumes about

percentages of year of life of

births in the year of birth

comparison between 2022 and 2021

long-term expectations and you have

to graph all this and compare

in the middle of the charts and What's the

part of the writing process, many people


next to be attentive to the management of the


Each section has a set time

to define it if you do not use your

time the most appropriate way in the end

will be left with blanks like this

please be aware of the time

and manage in the best possible way

next to be sure they are ready

before taking it, many people are

focus on the structure of the test without

be sure that the level of English that

have is already the level of languages a

person prepared to layer someone

that can be taken by a person who speaks

English at advanced level any

person who understands a film or who

understand a little English or can

communicate can not take to the air is

because it is not ready for this test the

air requires a level of English

advanced in what one knows the language and

apart a very good preparation for

be able to take the following exam read

many books before look here are two

things to read

you have to read

daily books read news for

what For you to enrich your

vocabulary you need to enrich

have a richer vocabulary when reading

documents read books so that you can

to develop this capacity for

understand what they are reading and at the same time


information with vocabularies

connectors ways of writing AND you

polish their writing and grammar apart from

what kind of books they can read

can read books of interest to you, which will

you like fantasy art art literature

crime thriller novel but also read

documents such as the

National geographics publications

National's publications

geographics are highly preferred in the

part of lions So I recommend

normally read all of these

publications because they are always taken

from there many of the texts that you

are going to be evaluated in this test AND by

My last piece of advice is going to be when

you do your written exam the written part

one does not write in English, one does not write in

how to write in spanish

English writing is a little bit

special and here I want to take a break

to recommend English courses

of iOS plant preparation

issue education and approach

education we prepare students

to take your iOS test we have a

teacher who is an expert in preparation

and information about these courses

can be taken in the description of

this video for you to prepare yourselves

with us now when you

establish a good script you are going to

to be able to understand that in English

is not like Translating from Spanish to English

English Are clear paragraph structures

separate each idea with a period and

is often different from the way we

in Spanish we write that's why you have to

prepare well for the writing part know

how to use logic connectors How to

break down the idea into a paragraph introduction

one paragraph two paragraph three for

develop the idea and then a

conclusion because the structures that

will be reviewed by the exam reviewers

to see if you pass or fail the

So I recommend that you first

taking to lios has already been generated academic

please do all of this that I am

recommending that these points be taken as

clear advice from someone who did not

the exam tried him again, but he was

was better for you not to commit the

mistakes that many people make and because of that

reason they drop the exam.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that this

video 21 will be more useful for them to get closer to

your Canadian master Kisses to all who

be very well bye bye

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