Day 18/30: THE BEST WAY TO SAVE: IN $$.

I know what I'm talking about!


day 18 of 30 tips for reaching

Canada in 2023 saving in dollars

the economy in our countries is super

super volatile in my life I help you about

of saving in a country with an economy

stable which is the video of the day


So yesterday I recommended you to save on a

country in the economy is stable today I will

to recommend them to save in dollars

American dollar because the U.S. dollar

tends not to be evaluated as our

currency then stay and watch

this video my immigration name

Canadian accrediting the government of

Canada and help you to

come to this country I come from the future

I'm seeing a country I am Venezuelan

and I lived in a country where

one day we had everything and the next day

we had nothing in which the

devaluation has eaten into everyone's savings

the world in which

A corrupt government destroyed the

economy of a prosperous country.

to any country and in fact little by little

little can happen then what is my

advice if you see that the coin is

is evaluating a great deal of the

possibility of opening a bank account in

their own country and save in dollars or

to take your money out and save in a country

different with a more stable economy and

saving in US dollars in US dollars

Why Because if your currency is evaluated

you will lose purchasing power in

Canada and when they have to be demonstrated

solvency to apply to Express or

apply for a study visa and

demonstrate financial solvency for the

city in Canada, its currency will not be

sufficient to demonstrate such

solvency and its application will be dropped

things to consider here first do not

can save cash

let's say you tell me there I have

my two to my mattress 50 thousand dollars

Americans in cash

How nice but I can't do anything

with it but when a visa does not apply

and that proving it is the

a bank account the funds

must be a bank account and must

50,000 U.S. dollars or

Canadian whatever it is then in

cash is no good it has to be a

Bank account Bank account can

to be in their country of origin without any

problem or it may be abroad

for example, if you have the money

in your personal account and change it from

dollars then deposit it they have to

that chain of custody and that chain of

change to show that this

deposit in the US dollar account

comes your personal account that was in

the currency of your home country for

example in Peruvian soles then make

the change

change to U.S. dollar deposit it

a Banco America account in U.S. dollars

American in your country if you can and if you can not

abroad of this fashion of this

saving mode instead of American

you ensure that your savings will not be

are going to go for evaluation and that they have

your savings when applying for the Visa

Canadian, there is no problem in having your

savings are in U.S. dollars is

may well be in the U.S. dollar and

visa is lost with Canada is 100%.

possible and it is also possible to apply with

a bank statement a bank account

different in a country other than their own does not

No problem Then if you want the

2023 will come to Canada and the creditworthiness that

you have to demonstrate is a lot and

they are afraid of their country's economy

heed my advice and save money.

in US dollars I send you a kiss

giant and I hope the tip of the day

today's report will be of great help to you in your process

to arrive in Canada by 2023

bye bye

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