If you want to migrate to Canada via studies and you are going to apply for a visa, it is important to demonstrate roots.

But why do I have to prove roots if my purpose is to obtain permanent residency?

I know it does not make much sense, but this is important for immigration officials, and since we do not want a visa denial, it is better to demonstrate roots, which can be: family, work and assets such as: house, car, land or business plan.

But what if I don't have any of the above?

We tell you what to do in today's video!


day 16 of 30 tips for reaching

Canada in 2023 working on rootedness

when applying for a visa type

temporary visas on all study visas El

migration officer is going to evaluate with

magnifying glass and a lot of severity if you

has or does not have sufficient roots in

country of origin. So today I am going to

teaching How to increase their rooting for

that the chances of rejection of your

application download My name is Eddy

Ramirez I am an immigration consultant

Canadian government regulator and my

I work to help you to

to Canada through legal channels such as

have to be and we are working on

30 tips for arriving in Canada in 2023

So if you haven't seen the videos, go to

see them because there is a lot of information

very good

Let's start when applying for a visa

more than any other study visa

officials will evaluate whether you have

rooting for

assure you that you will return to your country OR

at least

convince him to satisfy him Eddie does not have

Because all these plans are

to obtain permanent residency

because I have to demonstrate my attachment to my

country and my plan is to stay in Canada.

I am with you

I agree I agree

that the Dual attempt to Dual attempt to

travel to Canada on a study visa

to become a permanent resident

does not require the person to tell the

officer who has reason to return to his

country of origin I agree but

Unfortunately, in practice, the

migration officials are not in agreement with

agreement and they request that when one

a temporary type visa applies because

study visa a type of visa

is to tell you a start date

a termination date the person who

apply this visa is capable of satisfying

The officer who has reasons in case of

that your process goes wrong or that you have to

to return to their country of origin and not

staying in Canada illegally is the goal

main feature of what is this famous

rooted then

if you want to try and risk it

and apply in rooting go and tell me about it

How did it go but my clients in Milan

Canada We recommend you to work

much on rootedness in fact we do not

we let our customers apply

visa if the roots are not strong enough for them.

we recommend improving rooting and then

be applied unless the customer therefore

but the results do not match the results of the

are very good then how

we increase rootedness How we can

to demonstrate rootedness I want you to

work on it in the coming months

for when they apply for their visa they will be

well-solids arrangement is demonstrated by

form for example there are arraic types there are

personal and movable roots

So personal grooming is everything

that involves the person if that

what is this can be for example my

family the family roots I have a

my parents my siblings my nieces and nephews

my wife and children stay

giant parenthesis is not recommended

be applied in the families in which

future families want to travel to Cuando

I mean family I mean wife

husband common-law wife common-law wife and children

it is always recommended to apply from a

all together because after that there is no

security I made it is approved

then in case your family does not

travel as it obviously used to be rooted and

also that sentimental part of your country

those rooted but one more rooting

objective These are tangible elements of the

process such as work


if you look at my video Let Me

see which video is

video number of the day of day 4 on

video 4 discusses the work experience e

that it is very important to have

constant and useful work experience and

recent practice the stew Why

Because work experience works

as a rootedness to the application

then if you demonstrate that in the

last three years two years you have

a stable job and that

maybe your boss gave you a vacation or

you have one opportunity to travel two

years and return to the company that increases

And that letter was

you have to put in the application as well

to improve the rooting, sorry if I am

I'm sorry about that but my belly is

I don't know if you know if you know

but I am pregnant

and already the baby is about to be born.

that I may not finish the videos because

I'm going I'm going to the hospital Well then

when you apply for another visa

way of showing rootedness can be by

example that you demonstrate that you have

a company in its own name this video

is video number

7 So go and watch the video 7 I know if you

you for example are owners of a

your company and your company's

company is not registered, I ask you to

register it and get it registered

of companies your company number pay

taxation deliver invoices Because

all these elements help to demonstrate

then your roots can be

one as an employee, the other as an employee of the

or two as company owner if the

company is duly registered eye

video number 7 another way to show

rootedness is having movable or immovable property

real estate can be a car a house a


Eddy I have to sell the car to

be able to pay for the trip and sell it as long as

when he has other assets, he and I will

sell my main house to pay for the

study trip fatal error

first of all because you cannot

sell your home for a dream that has not yet

And that's a piece of advice I want to give you

giving from the heart

remember that every person who applies for a

Canadian visa has 50%.

rejection you are going to sell your home for

something you don't know if it's going to happen Ay

sounds crazy So my advice is

first of all do not sell your house for

and secondly, do not sell it because it is

a madness and second of a bandage because

if you sell your house and it is the only thing that

It ties it to the country that roots it will

demonstrated you for your application

Then you can deny the Visa

Because I sell the house be careful with that

if you have a house, a car and land

sell the land or the car and stay

with the house please do not sell your house

but tell me that you will not sell your home

please do not sell the house now the

well ground real estate can be at

your name and your partner's name or you can

be a bad property shared by

example Eddy I have a house that is

on behalf of myself and my family my

perfect siblings can be placed in the

application the house ok other than

we can use as rooting is a plan of

business if you have an idea something

mental that you want to make a

business and has a business plan

evaluated by a business developer

we can place it in the application this

sell you the items I have just described.

to say which are the most normal elements

or more used to prove rootedness

if you do not have any of these

elements if you want to work on

I recommend you to push a little bit the

canadian visa application expected

a little bit maybe invest in the initial

of a plot of land a small house to get the

promise to purchase contract and use it

to customize or generate perhaps more

time in your company working as

employee may register his company and

generate more selling time perhaps a

sometimes it is better to do things with

but well done than jumping into the

Abyss without knowing if the visa is going to be

denied and then take a bad

time because the visa may be rejected

even if you have been rejected, remember

that it's not the end of the world and that I can

reapply for a visa at any time

time as long as your situation

I send a big kiss to

all I hope this day the video video

number 16

to help them a little bit more to

bring them closer to their dream of reaching Canada

I recommend you to watch video number 7 and 4.

that are linked to this video for

to connect the dots and work on a

very good rooting kisses to all of you and we

see you tomorrow or next day at the video and

let's hope that my belly from here to there is not

has exploded bye-bye

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