Day 15/30: They won't hire you because of your UNACTUALIZED CV?

I hope this video will help you to open your CV improvement options and help you to improve your profile and therefore to get the so desired job offer.


day 15 is 30 tips to reach

Canada in 2023 Improve your profile

doing online courses

this advice may be very silly but it is

very important because day by day

we have to keep up to date on

our profession so that with the

Canadian employers when they go

our civis see that we have courses

recent developments in areas of interest to them

to be able to hire us and travel to

Canada through the labor route my name I

I am an immigration consultant to the

Canadian government and my work

to help you get to the next level.

Canada I want to tell you that when one

you start traveling with the process

travel to Canada one needs to assess one's

to civilize your curriculum and see in which areas

one is good or which areas are not good there are

to be evaluated AND to be clear in

and in many cases the people who are

they are no longer good at what they do because

information is sometimes outdated

no master's degree is required or

to go back to school to get

a new degree or a program such as

5 years but that it is so important

small courses that will keep you in touch with

an upgraded one That's why I brought them to

a list of ideas for courses that

can take ranging from 39

U.S. dollars 39 40 up to 5000

dollars, i.e. there are some cheap ones, others that

much more money has to be invested, but

that are courses that can improve your

profile and may be of interest to

Canadian employers this was going to be

well short So take advantage of it I got it

several courses that you can

use for your certification in your

curriculum and, above all, are courses that

Google Academy delivers the Google Academy

Google and there are courses in Google analytics

there are courses in

from $29 35 and $3500 up to $4,000

dollars in digital marketing and commerce


in project management there are also courses

in Google analytics there are courses in visas

administration lasting up to 4 months

already with the university directly is

universities with universities that

offer short courses to get a

Argentina university in the university

of Palermo is a course that has a

2500 dollars there are also courses available

in postgraduation there are certificates and Data

Science and Machine learning of six

months in India and the price of the course

of $1,300 obviously in English

There are courses in edx It is a tool that

is used to keep up to date that

may be a little more expensive than Google

and cruiser and the courses are taught by

universities such as Colombia

and University the course can cost 500

dollars up to one thousand dollars and has a

duration of three months online 100%,

there are courses for example in professional

certificate and Data Science at a cost of

1,200 that last up to one year, and

There are less expensive courses that last three months.

180 months with Inteligencia

and robotics at the Anáhuac University

University there are many options search

you make your own search there are

many, many options in the Data part

Science in computer science but there are also

many study options at Google

analytics also in design designer

graphic courses also for example a

part of the kitchen I remember that I have a

client I brought to Canada to work on

repair of bicycles and

employer hired him and told me the

employer because he saw that

worker had a course with special and

by having a course with special he knew

that this employee who was in Colombia

he knew how to do what he wanted that

employee did And that's why he answered it

because he had on his resume that

course it had now taken how

we reflect these courses our

curricula is a very important question.

important not to have to place the

certificates attached to the curriculum

basically in the area of Education That

is under the experience part

are going to place are going to place education and

will be placed in chronological order of

most recent of the oldest courses

that link to what you are looking for

work in Canada and will place the

name of course Which institution gave it

the time you studied AND what you learned

you there in three lines and so goes one

by one until you reach the university

which is more important in the event that the

university apply

always keep studying

updated is the key to achieve

a good job in Canada I hope the

today's advice Les Serve you and may you

to bring them closer to their Canadian dream

be well bye bye bye

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