This is a reality that we must accept. Here I share with you how English is the required tool to access many immigration plans.


day 10 of 30 tips to reach

Canada in 2023 learn English

repeat with me in Canada is spoken

English and French are spoken in Canada

English and French are spoken in Canada

English and French are spoken in Canada

English and French we are going to get out of the

The Canadian government will be able to


I need you to understand that

Canada comes with many good things

but one of the things you have

to know is that in Canada they speak

English and French and therefore it is necessary to

adapt to it My name is Eddy

Ramirez I am an immigration consultant

Canadian government regulator and my

I work to help you to

Canada that 2023 or whenever it is to

to this day, it still impacts me and

it is astonishing that many people think that

Spanish is spoken in Canada or that by

to get to Canada in Spanish ojo aquí va a

be a huge parenthesis and it is that

it is possible to reach Canada by speaking

Spanish if possible e.g. me

travels to Canada and did not know English but I

I traveled to Canada to study the language myself.

travels to Canada to take a training course in

intensive English and here I learned English and

then I went to college and then I was able to

residency but the English language was

required for what To go to the

university and obtain residency

then know that if you want to

to make your life simpler in the

immigration process that are about to take place

to start much of the requirements for

that you arrive in Canada is

important that they know the language How

we learn English and what it is used for

english start how we learn it look at

there are many resources on the internet

private lessons Netflix read books


use videos on the internet music take

private lessons with a teacher

directly face-to-face classes or

online classes in immigrant let's give ourselves to the

biomes academy Planet and education

here you can see the information and if

you are registered below in the en

the link of the description I leave you the

information about our products

English courses how they learn it I don't know

what level they have to learn they have to learn what level they have to learn they have to learn they have to learn

intermediate level so that they can

less and why English is important

let's evaluate it first I want to go

for Canada to work I must know English

The answer is Yes because

in Canada there are if there are many companies in

Spanish-speaking countries, for example in

my mother speaks Spanish however

let's make the example of Milan that

I always put it in the giant context of

300 offices And of 300 offices only

in inmigrancia speak spanish you will

imagine how difficult it is to get

work with immigrants Nada Más knowing

that there are 299 opportunities for companies

with people who speak English or

French I know if you are going to bet it all

their migratory process to get a job in the

job offer in that single company that

speak Spanish or who asks in Spanish

you are on the side of all the

opportunities that exist in other countries.

companies requiring English or French

as a second point requirement when that

worker let's say led to Canada with

a work visa that did not require

English but that it was Spanish whatever it was

that person wants to apply for residency

when you are going to give the

I'm going to the residence and I'm going to ask for the

permanent residence The officer will

ask for the evidence you speak of

English or French and if you do not speak

languages will not be able to stay in Canada

as a permanent resident and will

to return to their country of origin

because the language is required in all

permanent migration plans is

say when you transition from

worker to permanent resident in that country.

application in the residence you

need to pass the iOS or selfiep test

to demonstrate general English

or you will have to pass the

French that is called a test if they do not have

English or French has to go because

does not qualify for residency

permanent now let's say that a Canada

by way of studies here if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing if the thing

it's different Because I'm about to get here

Well actually as the life of

work I can come to Canada to do

an English course like I did

my six-month English course I get a

good language skills either in Canada or in the United States.

abroad it does not matter but it is

I can do in Canada and after that

have a good level of language skills then yes

I am admitted to a college or university

here is an example of a giant eye

when you do not travel to Canada to study in

one college university the benefit

main thing is that one can work

while studying co-sleeping the

university and can apply the

permanent residence after without

however, these two benefits do not exist

when studying a language course

when you study a language course

the language course by itself is going to

will not allow you to

work and it will not allow

you apply for residency by having

language course there are countries in the world

as for example Australia Ireland if not

I am wrong in that the people who

study language courses can

work so if you are looking for

How to save to come to Canada for the

for example, you can

to study English in these countries in the

that you can work and collect in dollar

American Australian or in euro and then

apply for a study visa with Canada

then I can use those countries as

trampoline But knowing that

ability to work while studying

languages in those countries in Canada do not

exists So if a Canada studies

language know that they cannot work and

permanent residency also does not apply

Unless upon graduation from the course of

English to finish their course have a good

language level is 100% admitted

at a college or university or get a

wide offer because they already speak the language

And then they do change their status, but by themselves

only language you do not speak any

type of benefit to study in Canada or

Japanese also the language is

very important English French

when one focuses on applying to the

Express entry i.e. residence

permanent know that when you want to

to take out the residency directly through the

Express entry is essential to apply with

an advanced level of English and French

so if you are

aiming for permanent residency

directly through the plan of

skill worker Express entry skill area

know that you need to pass the iOS

general or general type and achieve a

advanced level of English that is a clv9

and a French lb7 to make your scores

optimal to achieve the best possible

residence by Express otherwise

if the language is not going to get it So

that I ask you all to please

you that I adore you that please

this year let go of your fear of language and

accept that if you wish to imitate

for Canada, language is paramount in

the process either for studies or work

Express Centre in English will appear

or outbound assigns to Canada

speaking Spanish because the head of the

Spanish accountants and you are a liar

know that they will remember me when

you apply for permanent residency

and do not have the required level of English cannot

be residents Then English

is always back there like a ghost

that haunts them and it is better to accept it

adapt and learn it because it is a

I hope you found this video interesting.

served to plan for 2023

to get to Canada and have English as a foreign language.

as important as defining your plan


How to get work experience as a

to get a job history because the

English is paramount for the entire

I send you a giant kiss to all of us

see you tomorrow in a new video that will be

very good bye

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