How do many Latinos live in Canada?

If they did it, you can do it too!!!!.

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone My name

is Eddy Ramirez and how are you in my

I work to help you get to the

here new by legal means as it has

to be Wednesday's video me

I focused on the residency

in the province of Ontario and

it occurred to me that the best way to

you make up your mind and understand how it is

living there is that the people who live there

there in Ontario are that they tell her to

what is it like to live there how much does it cost

living What they do they like they don't like they don't like

are happy or not, so I invite you to

meet many people who live in

Ontario and like you do

dreamed of it for a long time, and today it is

have become a reality accompany Me My name

es Mónica soy de Colombia

I am Mexican My name is Cristian

Rodríguez I am Colombian My name is

Paulina soy de Barranquilla Colombia Mi

My name is Daniela, I am Venezuelan.

name is Mauricio Hello My name is

Andrea soy mexicana Hola soy Johana soy

from Colombia My name is Carlos Jiménez

I am from Colombia Hello My name is

yaretzi Álvarez I am venezolana

currently living in the city of

Ontario's baragua those cities of

Toronto Ontario then it is not months

living in the city of

torontoria I say in Toronto I live in

Downtown I am located in the city of

Toronto I live in Falls received in the

city of Ottawa for the past five months

in the city of sarnia Ontario

of Toronto at this time I am currently working

here in Toronto's main cathedral

as General Walker, I am currently

I am in my last semester of

my program and I am already working to

one of the largest companies in

technology worldwide three years ago

months I got a job in a company

construction in the area of purchasing and

logistics, I am currently working on a

padway student

in coordinator was a snack company

healthy study International


I am currently working as a coordinator of

marketing in a security company

electrical I am studying

college and work as if in a vineyard that

is also located here in niagaranda

Lake I have an open work permit

derived from that permit currently

worked part-time at a Walmart

international she worked as a coordinator

administrative at this time I do not

I am working I am working my

husband however I am looking for

opportunities to integrate into the

community my husband was the student and

me the worker she graduated and him

is working full time on these

moments I decided this city and this

province because it offers a supermarket

for people who are in the labor market.

working in Haiti or who want to

working in Haiti for me the price of

the rent is about 1549 plus 100 dollars

approximately between electricity and

internet I live in an apartment in

a room and pay $2600 for

month I pay more or less

2,600 in rent for two rooms AND a

bathing thing of life The truth is that it is

higher than in Montreal costs more or

less as 2,400 as a department of

only one room in

our rent is $1500 because

is pandemic pricing right now

prices are super high at 1800

up I am in a program that

has the College which is called home State

and I live with a family setting these 950

dollars include food, which is

breakfast, lunch and dinner within the

main expenses we have income

which is between 2200 and 2500

approximately currently, they can

find rents between $1800 to

3,000 depending on the location

you are looking for We pay

800 dollars why Because we live in

a shared house, however, the

lease prices are around

from 1,1600 dollars depending on the

condition with which you come what you come what you

the more I like to live here is that there are

many people from different countries there are

a lot of multiculturalism and it is very nice

learning from it all. Ah What I learned most from all that Ah What I learned most from all that Ah What I learned most from all that Ah What I learned most from

Ontario is that its economy is

The labor market is therefore stable and the

quite attractive for many careers

I also decided this province and this

specific city because here it is

the most important technology park in the world.

Canada's largest startup and startup-filled

large technology companies willing to

hire international students in

positive points

are the job opportunities for

safety and diversity

you never get bored there are always things to

also has too many parks

So that allows you to have as

best of both worlds, that is to say, to have as

nature exploring and so on but

also have the life that a woman has

city there are people from all over the world

and being a city so close to the world's

there is always something to do

one of the things I like most about

this city is 100% nature you

you have a lake you have the borders of

United States you have a lot of things close to you

and although it is a small city it has

everything super-connected and that is one of the

things we like the most about all the

options it offers to us, the

immigrants in order to find a better

here in Canada the cordiality of

the people the way they have received us

are very open with El inmigrante lo

which has been quite good and very nice

Incidentally, the advice I would like to give you is

that as soon as they arrive or as soon as they

are going to come and start looking for

activities that allow them to increase

your professional network networking me

I highly recommend my notary is

super cool if it is a little bit more expensive

but it's super cool

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