Colombian gets job as a COOK in Canada

Australia was not the place! so I am looking for new horizons in Canada.

This is Diego's success story.

Episode 2

Love, Eddy.


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The truth is that it was a dream because I didn't

I didn't believe I didn't believe anything that I was

passing thus rapo nor in that the trip

so it would be quick to get a job in

Canada because when I made the decision

was a week before I was given

an answer, i.e. the truth was not the

first job I applied for and got it.

because I came

in December to Colombia and in February it was

when I said ready Now I'm going to look

a job in March I had already been told

and another three months and I was already

with my Visa and was already planning everything

the trip

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I am Diego Alejandro cogollo Soy

Colombian I am 27 years old and I am

living in Canada since I arrived

as I have taken advantage of all the

opportunities that have been given to me

since a family or friends have

recommended that a house arrive because

I was greeted with open hands and

have behaved super well with me

The arrival of this company has been


it's like a family really, that's what I

surprised because it was in

Australia and my experiences have been

different but I am very happy here

the truth is that what made me move was the

decision that my brother also had

planned to come here to Canada

that's when the dream began I started to talk about it

and things went well my brother

also took the decision to release

in Colombia several things and start the

I also didn't expect that I was going to

the result of achieving a

work in Canada so quickly because

when I made the decision it was a week

before they gave me an answer or

it wasn't really the first job

I applied and I got it, so that's why I

and has also been the process

super accelerated in for me because I

I arrived

in December to Colombia and in February it was

when I said ready Now I'm going to look

a job in March I had already been told

and another three months and I was already

with my Visa and was already planning everything

the trip my mother and my brother do not

believed it, that is to say, how they believed it.

You got that fast and I knew that

I was going to make it because I was convinced

that I was going to get a job in

Canada with my studies and with my

experience I know I was going to make it but

I didn't think it was going to be such a long process.

and I got the news on the day of the

my brother's birthday I mean there was me

having lunch with my brother at a

restaurant in bucaramanga and calls me

and they tell me that I am

accepted and I buah what a gift from

birthday for my brother because my

brother wanted to come and said

you go is going to be a help it is going to be a

process you're going to be there or else I'm going to

be more like Y well yes totally

life in Australia is different from life in Australia is different from life in Australia is different from life in Australia is different from life in Australia is different from life in Australia

a little bit more like Movida in me as I am in

my personal life here has been like more


the climate makes people also

in Australia, there are a number of

as more partying and that's also because

I have not lived here, but I do know that here we

moves quite a lot but I didn't want to

not enter this area either, but in order to

me personally, it is very different

Australia at that moment I am happy

of course I am at a point in my life

which is balanced and calm and was

what I was also looking for

when I was in Australia It cost me

a lot of work to achieve this point of

peace of mind I don't want to think about

what the next step will not be

I would like to think that since I am

here I am very comfortable I am very like with the

with my bosses with my life with my

rumis is like all the skills that

I was looking for and clearly I have my

dreams I am clearly looking forward to

to create my own company to do things and to

I am planning does not mean that

because I am working I am not thinking

in other things I am even

working Gives me enough time

to think about my personal projects

French is a complicated subject but it is

a now new goal in my life I believe

no matter what happens I am determined to learn

French and it is my current goal

my routine is to get up at 8 a.m.


my yogurt with my eggs, my coffee, and my

I'm going to the gym I'm doing a

hour and a half from my gym

fortunately, I live in the

Plato then everything is left to me United

Then I go to the gym I go back to the

10 in the morning I take a shower I take the

bus took me 15 minutes and I arrived to my

workplace I go back for a coffee

here that my boss gives me and I start to


until 3 o'clock in the afternoon

I take a 15-minute break and then

I continue to work up to the service of

the night, which is where it is really more

moved the restaurant That's my routine

I go back by bus and by subway I arrive at my

home I shower and rest That's my

routine and Milan appears through my


because he is the one who had already studied

very well as the Canadian market was

the provinces all and my brother was the

who told me hey there's still Milan which is

I think that may be the way to go.

thing a week later

I got the result the truth was a

dream because I didn't believe it no no no no

I didn't believe anything that was going on like this

or that the trip would be like this

So when I got there it was very

nice I met with people

really appreciate everything and very

similar to me then the truth

I enjoyed it from the very first moment since

I arrived A thousand thanks for the process

as clean as it was as impeccable as the

communication with them and how attentive

they are them through the networks

social media or e-mails made El

the process would be very smooth and

Smooth for me was also easy for me

because all my documents were already

in English then everything was streamlined from

so incredible the English language is one of the most

of the bases as the most important not

not only here in Canada but in the world I

I believe that in the country where you are going to travel you will

needing English and it was really Pues

I think it is to the advantage of my boss that

there is an English-speaking person who

has studied cooking in English and who

dominate as the area that was a plus

for me and I think that's why I also

I was one of the Chosen

not to throw that in here.

to be afraid of this kind of thing

problems will come

either in Colombia or in Canada or in

Europe be Australia but if one has

a good attitude if one is with God and

if you want to launch yourself, you're going to

achieve the objectives and come to

new cultures new foods

new places No that's not going to be your

mind open up and don't be afraid to

whether it's to a new country or a new country.

business or your life then you will

I recommend that they do not

waste time to study to study to be

and who try to do so.

that they don't stop trying because I

I was fortunate enough to achieve this in the first

try but never mind try it this way

10 20 30 times as late as

early because the result will come

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