Colombian Student in Canada and now a famous presenter!

Dreams, as crazy as they may seem, come true!!!!

This is Paola Saavedra.

With love,



which is a giant festival that takes place here

and the first Festival I went to was the

Colombian and I believe that when I saw the

person who was presenting it I said

I want to be there and I want to do it AND

from that day on, I started to work as a

work to work to see how I could

and unbelievably two of them

years later he was presenting the

event that is a giant event with

15,000 people for my country which is

Colombia then for me it was like

rewarding and exciting and from there to

there I think that since that first time that

I got on stage and it was much more

easy because I killed the big tiger

then it was already the others were things

So I believe that it has

been that as he always be there

always work to keep your finger on the

and to know that when you are

proposes something you can achieve by doing

things with love and and doing it with

with love and with the desire to make everything

I have achieved many things here and that

is the magic and beauty of Canada that

allows us to create and make your own

dreams come true

Hello My name is Paola Saavedra and I am

Colombian and arrived in Canada in 2017.

I currently live in Montreal

I came to Canada in 2017 to study

English for 7 months and I believe since

first month I arrived I fell in love with

Canada I fell in love with Montreal and its

vibe of what was going on here from

people security for me was like

a crazy thing to have it in your hand and

to go out on the street quietly and in that

time I came to study and work for a

I recently arrived with Univision Canada as a

in the Summer they do and in the

transition that I can think of that has

from there to here has been a

a very long way to emigrate It is not easy

but it is something that is completely worth the

Every day that you work for your

you will see it reflected in the

future, and I think that's what has made me

past to me day by day been working

in me in my career in my dreams and

I feel that even though I still have a long way to go

I have achieved things here and that is

the magic and beauty of Canada that

allows you to create and make your own dreams

reality that is very difficult in our times.

countries because our countries are sometimes

the day to day traffic congestion in the

security problems

you're kind of slowed down by those little

things and here it's the opposite, it's not

easy but I think everything is flowing for him.

if you work hard and you put your heart and soul into it

Well I didn't live with my family family

had been living in Bogota for 10 years

in Bogota my family baby near Bogota

in tunja

So it wasn't so hard I came alone

because it was already like my daily life

I came here alone and something very

nice thing that happens here in Canada is that

your friends like to welcome you because

know what it is to emigrate and I received like everything else.

that love of my friends have always

have always been very present and have always

been welcoming me at all times

I believe that one must always be

preparing for things because if you

you want to achieve something it's not like Ah me

I want to do this and one day I will

because all of us are affected by the

opportunities and it is not only taking them

but to be prepared for that I

I study social communication in my country and

I was much more into the whole

part that was marketing and social media and

that whole part But I was always

as very much aware of that other part that

I liked and those other things that I

I wanted to do and when I got here I was

then when it is in

another country and you have like the skills and the

you have worked, it is very easy for you to achieve

no matter what it's for, it doesn't matter what it's for.

in my case I am in communication

socially I was the one who did like all the

part of interviews I was always

on the other side So when I got here

I started to work and I started to get to know

people and make connections around the world

I was like But come on, you should be

you are submitting You are Search the

way to do it I said as Yes because

No. Then I was offered to start

make videos about Montreal telling that

there was to do in Montreal every weekend

week and I started working on it.

another door opened for me, and another door opened for me, and another door opened for me.

opened another one and there's a thing that was called

the weekends which is a giant festival

that they do here and the first Festival that

I went there was the Colombian and I think that

when I saw the person who was

I said I want to be there and

I want to do it And from that day on I started

like to work to work to work to work to work to

to see how I could get there and

unbelievably, two years later, I was

presenting the event which is an event

giant with 15,000 people for my country

which is Colombia so for me it was

as rewarding and exciting and hence

I think that since that first time

that I got on stage was already a lot

easier because I killed the big tiger

then it was already the others were things

smaller but always with the same

joy of doing things with the same

the energy of being with the people of

help because I also feel that one

has a small purpose and it is

to make a change and being in another country

the change can be to help give a

advice to be there for the others

people who are also going through

what you went through or what you are going through.

So I think that's what I think it's been

like him always being there always

to work to keep the finger on the pulse and

know that when you set your mind to something, you

can be achieved by doing things with love

and doing it with love and desire

that everything shines

I already had that little thorn of I want to learn

English was like my goal as I

had traveled and wanted to go to New York

but I said I was going to New York to find out

English not and want as alone had as

that but I said first I'm going to go to

English and if I don't leave the

country and I don't learn And if I don't eat that

alive later I will regret it no

I want to be 50 years old and say like Ay

I never went I never traveled I never went

I allowed then I said Well, here we are

I have everything I had a boyfriend I had everything in

Colombia and I said we are going to go and give us

the opportunity to be in another country of

see what it's like to live in another country of

language that I wanted to learn at that time.

English at the time and it was my dream

and I said that

what I'm going to stay doing here I'm going to

end up married with children and that is going to be

a little bit heavier for me because it is

more difficult to move when you have

children as I cannot move another country

convince my husband and the children to do everything

to leave So if I don't do it now

then when I believe that the

Paola who would be in Colombia to make a

Paola who would probably be working

would be a director of something

and I would be very happy

but I would have like that nagging question of whether it would

would have done and tried that it would be of

me and I believe that Paola would never have been

imagined all that we have been able to do here

so I am very happy about that because of

you should have told me Do it yourself Give yourself the


well my next steps

I am the process alone I came alone and I came alone and

I think when a woman was coming out

as it almost does

I have a friend for you Marry here is almost

almost and I always said how well if I already

I came in soles I've done everything here I have done it all.

I want how to achieve for me and that has made

that I have taken much longer and since I have been

I came just to study English then I think

that it has been a slightly slower process

because it was like I jumped out of a process

and Canada has been very nice

with me I have to say Canada is from

papers and do and organize and goal and upload

there and this other paper and the form

but it has given me the opportunity to

to study and how to extend the

to stay here in a legal way

and I have to finish that whole process

I think it's like my future little like

to complete this process and in the long term

I want to have my own agency of

advertising because advertising makes me

I am passionate about the media I am passionate about

I believe that communication was more

advertising agencies because

I like it very much and it moves me then I think

that in the future Paola will have a

agency an advertising agency

I believe that happiness

is not in a country is not in a language

is only in one but they are

those small victories that one goes

achieving day by day the one that have him to

one with the joy of being here on

winter is very long and the weather is very

gray but while one is focused on

what you want

happiness is everywhere

Happiness is in the people you love.

help because and looking at another country is

to learn to trust other people who are

are not your family and those people

they will always help you they will always help you they will always help you they will always help you they will always help you they will always help you

be there with me for real or with people

wonderful over the course of these five years.

years and a half are no longer the same because

as one changes, evolves and evolves

moving also move the

people but I have always found myself

with wonderful people, I have always

wonderful people who have met with us and

and sometimes just by being there for you.

arrive with a word with a tomorrow

tomorrow will be beautiful

of the song

helps you and cheers you up AND that AND that is what

how nice it is here in Canada as well.

I do feel happy if I feel fulfilled

at the moment I am at a point where

that I feel I have to work on the

double and make twice as much because Canada already

gave me like the tools Then

now it is time to start with double

change but I am happy I am


difficult moments I think there are all

days like sometimes one is in the

runs runs and realizes that

it is difficult or at least in my case I

I was kind of running so fast that when

mapuche arrived it was a heavy day There was

much to do

the migration process sometimes takes you out of

tears It's not easy is how they make me

I sent them the papers I sent them the papers I sent them the papers I sent them the papers I sent them the papers I sent them the papers

send the papers and I have only one point

that I was to give me a visa for 15

days Thank you Canada and I needed you I asked

a six-month extension was delayed

five and a half and sent me for 15 days

and I my God

what am I going to do that was a heavy day

for me about 15 days nor tomes and a half

because they do this to me and it was because my

my passport was about to expire and my passport was

yo my god I have to call the embassy

send them an email and steal from them please

and I was also helped by people from the

embassy in Colombia and those days are the

days that one remembers because they are the

days when one sweats a cold sweat

because that is how the migration process is

like sometimes it sets limits and I don't.

I have been so judicious Then always

I was on a run then run well

difficult is Yes, I believe that one has to

assume them as good This is the way to go

achieve it and have the attitude of that

another difficult day that I had we are going to get

here I left for the first time

I went to Colombia I came back and I came back because of the

Toronto and the people of Toronto almost made me

but heavy but heavy so bad like that I

a translator and everything and she

super the super rude lady because the

immigration authorities at the border are super

I was in Toronto and I was saying

I had about 40

in this return I'm already coming back


and it was my turn to bite the bullet.

But I got out of there.

I was trembling, but then it came back to me


and nothing what I say to you as that the days

one has to drag them along with more

force to make them go faster

that fear pushes you to tell them

as if I am afraid it is because something is coming

fear is not something that one is afraid of.

and put it on the brakes and

reconsider absolutely everything if it is

something that one must Como see why it has

that fear but what one has to

to do is like saying Well this fear is

the one that will push me to leave

to feel it to do things to migrate is

difficult for everyone and emigrating is difficult

when you are a woman but Canada is a country

that tries to be equal for all

and often succeeds.

be afraid here it's super safe it's a

country and the best thing about migrating and

to do it alone is to become stronger

especially if you are a woman, it kind of gives you

one as a larger internal force

why achieve things alone in another country No

is easy but rewarding

life goes by very fast, the days go by very fast

months become months and months become

years and one has to start working

so he no longer wants to because if one

start as best I can tomorrow I do this

next week I will look at the papers

time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by and time goes by

life goes by without one realizing it.

then start doing it right away.

today already Calling to ask to have a

agenda of these are the points that

I need these are the people I need to

talk to get good people who know what they

you are doing because in the process

is like a super key point in the migration process.

that the people who are helping you are

people who know that they are aware that they do not

be that as it may, my process was as follows

then I believe that also I do not believe that

has that each process is very different

every process every person every family

needs a different kind of accompaniment and

need how to know what is best for

why not because it worked for me

for your studies it will also be useful to you

for studies may be the best for you

whether by career or not I know how to get married

But I think it is key that the person

that you know what he is talking about

so you don't have to because you are playing with

your dreams with your money with your time

that I believe that the most valuable thing about one is

time then as to waste

time doing things at the end of the day is money

misinvested then I think that

would be like not putting off until tomorrow what

can already do

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