How to write a letter of motivation for Canada? - Advice from a consultant

In this video I explain the complete structure of a good letter of motivation. Remember that in many cases this element defines the approval or rejection of the application.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez I am a regulated consultant.

and it is my job to help you

Canada through legal channels such as

have to do today let's talk about

about a super super super document

important to apply for a visa with

Canada and is the famous letter of motives or

puerpas up I want to tell you something

many people say no I go to the

embassy because he is going to apply for a visa and

I have the interview with the consul and

many of my clients in consultation with me

comment on this and I think it is a

confusion about how it works

when applying for a visa with the United States

that works like this with Canada, not with

Canada There is no person

involved in the visa process

you never see anyone's face there is no

interview there is nothing then how is it

the way in which you can

communicate with the officer and tell him

why you travel to Canada is because of the

famous purpose of Travel or motivation

letter I make a giant parenthesis here and

is that it may be that you who are in

the video has been applied without this

document or know someone who did and

the visa has been approved is possible Yes

but risky because it does not present the

travel reasons is a reason for rejection

and since my job is to prevent rejection

I have to point out to you that

make your emotional letters So here in

my case I want to let you know that when

you hire Milan's service

Canada to make its application on

and Milan will be responsible for the A

to z to make their letter of motives and

to send it to you for your review now.

whether you are unhappy with the

service or with the letter we have made

for you and Milan no more application

because you have to be compliant

with that If you want to know about

our services, the cost of the

and emotive letters do not

we do it separately we do it all together

you can link to the

description below this video and

inside you will see some links and one of them will go to

say service of contracting of

immiland a letter of motives is the

element by the means that you are going to

tell the officer why you are traveling

to Canada and today I want to tell

you How to write a letter of motivation

well done to increase the chances

approval rating and decreasing chances of

rejection So let's get out of here now

what is the letter of motives in the letter

is a document that one can use to

attached the application if you are

paying an immigration consultant to

to make the visa application on

consultant has to make the letter of

because that's the most important job in the

important for a consultant, for example

any person can fill out the

forms in an appropriate form but not

any person can make a letter of

well-done motifs and one as a consultant

is trained and studied to perform

a proper letter of motives

so if you are paying for a

application warned to demand that your

migration consultant regulated before

Canada drafting the letter of motivation

send it to you for review AND there it is

You know that you paid the money as you

So how important now is the letter

of motives, a document that is quite

simple in which you have to

to express to the officer the reasons for the

that give Canada to study visit or

work this letter motifs is very clear

and concise please first forget about

subjectivities What is it that my dream is

growing old in Canada in my country there are

too much crime I am married

corruption in Canada does not exist

my children have to know the snow no

no no no no no no no this is placed in the

application in the letter of motives the

letter of reasons is objective avoid avoid avoid

subjective elements of dreams longings

in Canada that do not put it now that they are going to

to put let's say a Canada to

tour are going to explain what they come to the

plan to travel to which cities

are going to visit where they are going to stay Mira

of a family member that they are going to make in their

stay very simple if it is by the way of

work or study there is still a little bit

more elaboration or work

What is this first point in the letter from

reasons when they are made to study

you have to explain clearly and

say with a direct address Forgive the

redundancy you why are you going to

study that career in Canada if I go

to Canada to study my case on business

because I am a country lawyer and owner of

a company and I do not have any kind of

previous studies in business and desire

to develop in that noise because my

work experience needs it I

I am an architect my home country was going to

Canada to study in mostly the

architecture or Green architecture

sustainable architecture why Why Because

today the world of architecture is becoming more and more

is based on or is being governed by aspects that

protect the environment and evaluate by

that student Canada is going to help me to

my job profile and my profile

in my home country or in my country of origin.

anywhere in the world Then I

there I am already placing the logical thread of

Canada visit because it brings Canada to

study through the work pathway have

to explain how their previous experience

in its country of origin will be

similar to what you are going to get in

Canada as your experience your studies

will enable you to work in

Canada for the employer

after you establish well the

reason for the trip will begin to

develop other elements such as which

son is going to explain his attachment to his country

of Eddy origin now the government says

that can be applied and say that I

I want to stay in Canada in the future, yes it is

and I have a respect but

is still a reason for rejection that the

officer is not convinced that you

reason to return to his or her country of origin.

origin So nothing really changed

everything is the same Only you

can say that its future is seen in

Canada but they have to continue

demonstrating that they have reason to

back and that point to the rooting is

recommends placing the letter of motives

explaining therefore what you have in your

country of origin that binds it properties

movable or immovable property a job

stability a company

the letter of motives we also recommend

talk about your travel history

If you have traveled outside of your country of residence

origin are three, not four.

first was to keep it subjective

keep objective Forgiveness not subjective

the second was to explain to them the reason for

who travels to Canada for tourism

work or study the third is to explain

rooting the room is your Travel

history in the letter of motives you

has to explain where the

what countries have you visited in the past and what have you

respected its migration obligations

If you have been in an illegal country or

overstayed has to

explain here the reasons why

that was Well what happened and the fifth

the letter of motives, which is very

important is to present the funds

economic i.e. I am going to Canada to

study and my course costs so much and I have

both an account and this is what total

to be able to pay for my studies or my

family here is enough money for

This is explained as

Honestly as for small children

that the letter of motive is explained as

is in English or in French that is

able to explain to the office of

migration and that there is no doubt as to what

you are going to do in Canada this letter of

The reasons are attached in the application no.

I can send the part have to

send it together with all your documents

and I remember an important point any

element that you state any fact

that you state in the letter of motives

has to be supported by a

document that verifies it, for example

my roots, my country of origin is my

company that has a company that sells

and that's my Ok roots in the

letter of motivation attach evidence of

that you own a company How

is attached Pues with the title of

company's ownership or registration

company or with whatever you have your

company puts it in the letter of motives

all that you have a letter of

reasons must be supported with

evidence that it does so in English or

french please apply in

Spanish has a gigantic chance of being

rejected because

because many of these applications

Even if you apply in Colombia in Peru

in Mexico can be reviewed by

official in other countries, e.g.

abu dhabi when our countries are

collapsed in visas and there are not the

officials are not able to cope with all the

applications that are in charge of the

applications for other countries that do not

speak Spanish and if an abu

dhabi receives the application would be in

Spanish what will happen she will reject it

Then please always apply

sent in English with translation

official and your documents that the

backing translated So this is what

just told them a super super super piece

Helpful to you I hope you will write

your emotional letters well done well done

explained with headings with clear paragraphs

developed will finish El Secreto del

vlant's success because we our

customers in inmigrancian always super

We are pleased with the letters we write

and it is because we respect the structure that

I just told you I just told you everything

I have just given you the secret of Milan

then try to do the same because

we have realized that one of the most important

letter of motives can change the course

of a life such a person to do so

you or do you milant know that the

The letter of motives is very important and that

can bring them closer to their master

Canadian I send you a big kiss bye


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