Changes in the study permit in Canada. There will be no open work permit for couples

Please wait for the government to issue ministerial instructions to fully understand the changes.

Link to minister's statement:

If you wish to evaluate educational options, please complete this form:

If you want to insure your home before you arrive:

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is edie Ramirez and invited to help them to

you to get to Canada as I am

government regulatory consultant

today's video is for

to inform you about a news item due to

that the Minister of Immigration Mark

Miller just announced changes today 22

of January that will impact the lives of

hundreds of future immigrants

immigrants traveling to Canada for

please before starting these changes

affect and apply to future persons who

travel to Canada if you are already in

Canada with a study permit with your

these changes do not affect your

process so please do not be

I'm going to explain what the

The Minister indicated that there are basically three

important changes and these changes

The new regulations are not yet in effect.

we know exactly when since there is no

established in any written document

the ministerial instructions on the

of how this will be set up but the

information has already been given.

Let's start with the first major change

I have everything written here

will begin a 2-year pilot process in

which will be established in a What is it?

a cap is a limit of applications that

will be approved each year of

students accordingly in 2024

are going to be approved

364,000 study permits - that's a

a decrease of 35 percent by 2023.

nearly 0 900,000 permits were approved for the

studies in addition to this the cap will be est

established and will be reviewed at the end of

2025 this cap will go away or this limit of

students will be distributed by

provinces priority will be given to

smaller provinces in addition to this

a kind of CQ is opened when one

Applies to be in the province of

Quebec the province of Quebec has to

admitting you as a student this

has always existed in Quebec and the rest of the

of provinces in Canada are going to

set to exactly respect

this limit of annual applications

then there is going to be a kind of

prep study permit by province if

you are going to the province of Ontario

province of Ontario accepts it for

study there and then the government

Canadian government is going to approve your

study if you are eligible conclusion

the first change means that being

less the quotas for visa applications or

less the quotas to have the

visa pardon the government is going to choose the

better profiles so that your profile

has to be the best of the best What

does this mean that you have a

good return to its country of origin has

more funds required than what is

you travel to Canada to study is

linked to their work history and

educational and as I understand the video they are going to

give priority to people who are studying

masters and phds second change

important for the people who see the

canad apply and to study at College that

are private with partnership with College

public will not be able to apply to a post

graduation work permit after

graduate What are these College I have

examples nayagara College Toronto

nayagara College as such the niagara

College is fine but if it is nayagara

College Toronto which is like a Branch

which is called nagara College Toronto that

classes are held in Toronto and east

College is not accepted for post

graduation World permits nayagara

College The College of a lifetime that

nayagara remains nayagara yes second fower College

at ilac fanser College pure fower

College Yes but the one that is at ilac is

deleted Why Because ilac is a

private school that partnered with

Fer college and now this partnership is

finished If you have been admitted for

study at F shag College well but if

your College is fag College at ilac no.

is fine because it cannot apply to a

post graduation work permit third party

georgian College at ilac if you go to

georgian College only well but if

your acceptance is georgian College atac

will not be accepted and fourth fleming

College Toronto Then these four

examples are those names of the

most popular colleges that are affected

for this change If you entered through the

College's private agreement does not apply If

you were approved for public college

yes third change

important they say and this is a very

Please listen to me very carefully

It says that in The following weeks or in

the following weeks the government is going to

pass a change in the law in which the

student couples

international organizations may not apply to an

work permit open to less than

that the main student goes to

Canada to study for a master's degree in

doctorate or a degree in medicine or

right then this is where it's like

that space in which we do not know what to do

and I'm going to be very honest with you, the law has not yet

has happened there is nothing to say that a

application sent today to study in

a public college a student

international cannot be applied with its

partner for an Open World permit this

it is at your discretion if you wish to

apply for your study permit and enter

your partner now in your application the

law has not yet passed, it may be that in 24

38 48 hours for the government to publish the law

but at this time the law has not yet

past for you to say that your partner did not

can apply for a work permit

open if you are applying apply

to college and travel to Canada in the future

to study and you still do not have the letter

acceptance know that if you travel to

Canada as a couple the most important thing is

that your partner will not be able to apply a

open work permit so that

our recommendation is that you as

principal student apply to a

university that can be a master's degree or

a doctorate I am going to leave you here

below is a list of some ideas where

you can apply for a master's degree

where we can register them in imiland

for iman to take care of your registration of

a master's degree then you have the link

below so that they can request the

information on the matter and know our

partners with master's degrees we can

now register them now things in which

you do not have to panic

first do not panic if you are already

is in Canada with his family studying

and working and all in Canada you

you can apply an extension of your

work study permit Can

all happy to remain in Canada Second

if you are a single student you will not

to canad as a couple quietly than anything else

this affects you unless

you are single and have applied for a


private of those I just said that

are ppp College If you have been admitted to

a ppp college and you are single the most

recommended is that we switch to a

College public and you have a

career in a public college that gives you the opportunity to

after graduation post graduation work

Please feel free to send us an email at

education @m to search for you at

you a suitable College and that you

after graduation may

apply for a post graduation work permit

And if you plan to travel to

Canada with your partner it is important to take

in mind that it has two good three

options first forget the plan that

you have applied to the college and we apply

a master's degree or a phd a Master's degree

There are people who think that a Master

it is very difficult to be accepted if it is more

complicated than a College Well, neither

is it so complicated to send an email to

look for options second option if

You are traveling to Canada as a couple because

can wait and has already been admitted to a

College Sorry, you have already been admitted to the

college has your letter of acceptance at

hand you can say okay I have my

letter Here I will wait for Canada

state when this law becomes effective

law is in effect and I expect and apply

after Canada says when

apply or if I want to take the risk

I can apply right away in this interim

which is open to my permission

of study to put my partner in with the

work permit and we all apply in

the study visa and to the

my partner's work visa because if

the law changes in three weeks because already

you cannot apply in the future know a

nothing of the above and I have just said

is written in a law all this that I

I just said is the interpretation in

Spanish what the minister said two years ago

hours in a video that they saw in

YouTube a conference a conference a

press conference left the link below

then what happened is that the minister

information and it was lacking that

every law-drafting team is committed to

and to do all the work for them.

legal transition but already in the

guidelines is oral and has already been delivered and

what I am giving to you today is

that oral guideline things change

things get more difficult if you don't

there is no doubt I am not going to lie to you it is a bucket.

of cold water for everyone is

Canada is going to be a big enough finisher to

but Canada has to ensure that the

integrity of the country and regrettably

there were lots and lots of scams of couples who

were not really couples, they were married for

interest in obtaining a work visa and

So we all pay for the plate as it is

Unfortunately and secondly, there are people

who travel to Canada and do not even know

worry about where I'm going to live in

imiland offers a zmen service

which is an establishment because in imiland

we do responsible migration for me is

it is totally ir responsible for someone to

travels to Canada to study for two years and

when you arrive in Canada say oh where am I going

to live in a hotel and then ends up

on the street because they spend all their

savings it is important to do things

responsibly before I travel to

Canada I already look for an apartment to have

where I am going to live security that

I have a place to live and I can afford the

rent So if you already have your

visa approved, don't wait for them to

come to Canada to find a place to live

contact us to be I leave you the links

below so that in cmen we will look for a

your apartment and have a place

safe place to live I am very sorry for

many people who are so down with this that they

with a bucket of cold water including me and all of us

immigration consultants

I beg you for the support of

please wait for the law to hear the

people who know about it and do not fall

in a collective panic because obviously

This is going to be a bucket for many Les

I send a kiss to all that are very

well bye bye


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