Change from tourist to WORKER from Canada.

Read the official notice of this policy extension.


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is Dairy Ramirez invited to help you to

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Canada as it has to be through the

legal I am a regulated consultant before the

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serving you throughout your process today Les

I bring you breaking news that

just came out an hour ago and it's that the

today imitation Canada has just

extend the time for which the

persons who are in Canada on a visitor visa

tourist can apply from Canada

within Canada to a change of status

a worker visa if we are going to work

in time Remember that a few years ago

months the Canadian government issued a

communicated that until February 28, 2009

2023 That is, right now

Canada would allow tourists to exchange

your status within Canada to

workers, however, today

that you see the day that time is running out

the Canadian government has just indicated that

policy is extended for two more years

i.e. people who are within

Canada with a tourist visa or with

legal tourist status and obtains a

job vacancies may be applied for within

Canada to a visa or a residence permit.

work until February 28, 2025

this was extended because there were

quite successful in that first year of that

new policy and also and demonstrate

also that the Canadian government

it is clear that in Canada the

employers do not get workers

within the country and are obliged to

and so that they can look for them outside and that

need must be covered by means of this

possibility of visa change now this

This is undoubtedly very good news.

we can deny it but I am obliged to

tell you everything you have to

know how to do things right So

that I have here in my hands a list of

elements that you have to take

into account for this process so

Let's get started please see all of them

because they are very important the first of

is that in order to be able to apply to that

change of this you need to be

within Canada on a tourist visa

and some time in legal Canada i.e.

if you spent the time you are in

Canada of tourists and are in that

time without papers or legal status

will not be able to apply so they get the

job offer if you are out of the country

from Canada and they are going to apply for the

tourism it is important to take into account

that in order to apply for a tourist visa there are

certain requirements you have to take

to prevent the visa from

tourism is rejected if you from countries

as Mexico and Chile do not need to apply

a tourist visa since you can

travel to Canada with what is known

as eta electronic Travel

autorization as well as people from other countries.

countries such as Europe can also travel

to Canada with eta

eta is now much easier to achieve

is applied online and the system and

services very, very fast since the

decision is made immediately if

applications the eta can be used to

check the link below now the

is different with people from other countries.

as Colombia Venezuela Ecuador Peru

Bolivia Dominican Republic Argentina

Uruguay Paraguay and all the countries of

Latin America and the rest of the countries that

do not have the eta

we need a tourist visa for

to enter Canada on a tourist visa

processed In how long good depends

of you live can be 45 days two

months six months three months four months

It depends on the time the country you

help sorry

to apply for a tourist visa You

has to explain the reasons for the

who comes to Canada for tourism should

obviously have a good track record of

trips in your passport to have traveled in

the past must have statements of account

to show that it has the means to support itself

in Canada for each month you come

visiting the country how much to have the

account for a minimum of one month's stay in

Canada at least $1,000 If you

comes with his family an extra thousand for each

family member in addition to this is

important to demonstrate that you have a

stable job in their country of origin that

you are rooted in your country of origin

and all these elements will be

evaluated by the officer to approve or disapprove

refusing your tourist visa is

important to make sure that you have a

profile to ask for it so that

avoid a rejection If you want immigrant

make your tourist visa below in the link

of this video is going to get a

link that allows them to

quote for application services

and Milan Canada now this

point is the first one, i.e. to be in

Canada legal with tourist visa or

apply for your visa from your country of origin


if you are in Canada you are already in everything

the country or arrived in Canada as a tourist.

get the job offer and ask for the

work visa with Canada you apply

within the country you in that time of

waiting for your visa to be issued

work your work permit you do not

can work as a tourist working in

Canada as a tourist is a violation of

Canada's immigration law and therefore

you may be deported from

immediately, so as long as you

awaits immigration's response

Canada must be in Canada without working

if you are applying as a tourist

now how long it is to be in Canada without

the part that I see as an important part of the

not complicated It is not because it is negative that it is

that the waiting time within Canada

can be within four and six months

the Canadian government is expecting the Canadian government to

issue your work visa or permit

employer for which his employer

Canadian should be aware of this

point and agree to wait for those

months that you start working

because I repeat While you wait for the

work visa cannot work in

Canada next point three first

not being able to work in Canada as a

tourist while waiting for the answer

second point is the six months of

third point is to apply for a visa

and have it tested in the fourth quarter.

point in order to be able to apply for the

work you need to get a

job offer is not like to arrive

to Canada and apply for a non-immigrant work visa.

I came to Canada to get employer

who wants to hire me, then I do ask for the

work visa work permit

that work permit or that offer of employment

employment Forgiveness the job offer has

to be supported by a lmia

positive or extension

the employer is still obliged to

to demonstrate to Canada that he is

hiring that foreigner because in

Canada does not get a Canadian who

do that work this is called labor

marketing pack positive if you for

the opposite of a country like Colombia

Peru chile Panama and Mexico and you

classifies among the professions or charges

techniques covered by the telese su

employer should not apply to an lm

slide but to an lm already exemption

code but whatever your employer

you need to put the job offer together with

with a marketing effort to get married in

positive or exception code so

that in order to apply the law by marketing

your employer is very positive for home

must take into account that they have

also have to wait approximately one

month to test it

we continue to have its own funds AND

that is important because as

I just said It's a six-month wait

within Canada it is important that if

You take this risk and make it that

time you are in Canada without

to be able to work you need to have your

own funds to cover their expenses already

that as I said before you do not

can neither work nor generate any kind of

money in Canada as a tourist because it does not

is going to have a work permit message

It is important for you to be

ensure that they have the funds

enough to be in Canada and in

television while waiting for the visa

out that time that is taken in Canada

Forgive the time spent in Canada

waiting for a response from the government something

you can do so that you do not lose the

time is to take an English course or

French for example I am in Canada with

tourist visa an English course or

French minus 24 weeks is 100%

possible So while waiting for the

Canada's response can make a

language course taking into account that

because these language courses have a

cost and therefore that it is more budget for


apply for an English or Spanish course

French in Canada with great pleasure in

editing This video I place the links

for imitating language courses in

Canada on-site

and on the other hand, the other factor that

I want to tell you the severity of this

if you don't listen to me and say it is

that di does nothing but talk and she is

I am not going to pay attention to

Eddy because I'm sending a

boy who is in Canada working

under construction as a tourist the video is

I saw it these days and I almost

I die

I'm going to do I'm going to do it like me

want if you immigration finds out

and you are got it by working on

Canada as a tourist you will be

deported to the country immediately and the entire

Canadian dream is over Then this

this is not a joke This is not a form of

to take advantage of Canadian immigration and

it's not like it's an opportunity either

of gold Because if you ask me

employer does not have Remember that all

this is based on what you reflect

to the employer if you the employer

offers and would say No employer look

I am in Canada contact me because I

I can work faster because the visa

comes out faster OK would make sense

apply within Canada but when

you review the processes in Times de

work visa work permit in

other countries other than Canada are more

short then in many cases I would

what I see is that if you travel to Canada

as a tourist to go sightseeing and you

get a job offer as soon as possible.

Logical is that you grab that offer of

employment returns to its country of origin and from

your country of origin Ask for a visa because

the waiting time is going to be shorter no

you will have to spend all your savings

in Canadian dollars and therefore do not take out

on the street waiting for the answer and that

I might even say no then

do things intelligently No

be carried away by the sensationalism of

youtubers Don't get carried away with what you

influencers say to sell

likes or people clicking on the channel

because I was in Canada as a


place things on a scale AND that in the

account that you are all betting

your entire life savings to a

opportunity that may not even go

and they are going to get the job offer and they are going to

is to run out of your savings and

leave again for their country of origin Thus

that they evaluate things is not because they are

negative for being

Ok and prevent them to you a

giant damage something they can do is

travel to Canada as tourists get

a job offer to return to your country and

request your country's visa because you can

be processed much faster and therefore not

spend their savings I hope that this

video Guide them, teach them and learn what they need to know.

that they have to know how to do that migration

of Canada remember if you wish to

to make your work permit your visa

negotiate with your employer

a Canadian offer of employment for

convince him to hire you and

explain the migration process

Canada secure the employment offer that

comply with all the elements to ensure

that you meet all the profiles

in order to apply for a work visa in

any process we are here to help you

to serve you If you would like a consultation

is also available at

links below the video and here

Milan is here for you in all its

process of them arriving in Canada and

but as it has to be without

uncensored yellow journalism sensationalism

and without selling things like I don't know kisses for

everyone Have a great day until

then bye

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