Drunk driving in Canada. Consequences

It is important to avoid having problems that can damage our life and our process in Canada.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it should be

today we are going to talk about something that

many people know and that I know that you

will be shocked when they hear

this and it is a question that no no no no no

is never done, but it can happen and

especially with the Latinos that we are

party people okay The question is the

next What if I am in Canada and

I get caught by the police driving drunk or

Then we will see the consumer drugs

Although in Canada drugs such as

marijuana Is it legal What happens if I

get my Hi on drugs in Canada

Driving or Drunk in the car

think about it well The answer is the

following if you are in Canada as

tourist worker student or

permanent resident

and you are driving your car drunk or with

drugs, i.e. after the consumer

you can be deported and you can lose

all or you can be deported from Canada

100% And you can even lose the

permanent residence AND if they were to use

process of becoming a citizen will lose the

process of being a citizen and I'm going to get it out of

Canada will be taken out of the

deportation means that you will be deported.

I'm going to the airport I'm going to the airport I'm going to the airport I'm going to the airport

Canada and is blocked by the

country for the next few years then for

what happens This well in 2019 there was a

change of law in which the following

elements are determined as a crime

serious criminal which are

driving Drunk driving over 80

kilometers per hour that's a name

when you are above the

speed limit by 80

kilometers on top of it can also

enter into all this rejecting thirst

evaluated by the breathalyzer, i.e.

is Drunk and does not let the

test for drunkenness and driving under the influence of

effects of drugs these four

crimes become non-criminal offenses

to be considered a serious criminal offense

this more serious criminaldity Ok when

one is condemned by Syrian criminaldi

one is automatically inadmissible to the

Canada then if you are sentenced to

one of these elements within Canada

you are already inadmissible to Canada for

Syrians criminal and serious criminality What

happens here and something important what I just

to say is condemned Remember that

When we say so in the system

criminal when you commit a crime you

will be tried before a judge OK Y de

that part of being judged in your judge

you are kind of in limbo because even

that the judge does not judge you and that you

in fact committed a criminal milestone For

is not going to be deported is when you

you are going to be convicted that you

committed a criminal offense that you have already

the conviction already you are not innocent is

guilty and is already going to be deported for it.

If at any time in your life you are

caught by the police after having

alcohol consumption know that you have to

call a criminal lawyer from

immediate for a criminal lawyer to be present at the

to defend it and prevent the

conviction is of criminal circuitsdi

Because if you are condemned to say the

automatically that conviction and sentence.

will generate a negative result that

is the immigration part because you are going to

be inadmissible to Canada immediately and

is going to be deported what happens if

this happens the moment you

gets conviction has to wait

five years to be able to apply for a

admissibility to Canada What it's called

this is called criminal rehabilitation

criminal rehabilitation and this counts 5

years after the time you

committed the crime let's say you commented

the crime of 2020 and it was with 2020

because at that time you have to

sentence and after the sentence has been

wait five years to be able to apply for the

sorry now the process of being able to order

forgiveness can take up to six months

more than six years to be issued

then too slow a process that

is not sure that it will be given to him and

if it is given there that they have Pardon

you have to reapply for the visa

to enter Canada Then as a

Forgiveness you are given and then you already

you can apply for your Canadian visa here

the law states

then it may be to commit the sentence

or crime In the event that there has been no

sentence then know when you travel

for Canada even if they are residents

people think that I don't already

I am safe in Canada I am a resident

nobody takes me out of here, that is to say, I am already

here recent permanent I made it and there are

people who make very serious mistakes.

for example drunk driving and look at what

can happen Then left in Canada

there is no tolerance for this if

you catch him driving and you're convicted

to drunk driving you may be

deported from Canada and lose everything they have

made in Canada as a student or

worker even for his residence

permanent and not being able to be a citizen

now if you are caught driving

when you are already a Canadian citizen

thing changes, but as a Citizen, it is already

not anymore no you are not a not in

Canada on a temporary basis then already

as a Citizen No will not be affected by the

of the citizenry, since the

permanent residence Yes also put

one thing If you were convicted of

Drunk driving in your home country has

a criminal car that implies that you

inadmissible also for Canada because of

criminal charges Then driving

Drunk in Canada or out and convicted

for that offense you make it inadmissible

within the country then be careful

Even in their countries of origin

and keep things right and stay on track

So you know, don't drive drunk

because in Canada they lose it bye bye

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