The work visa may be denied once we apply even if the job offer is valid.

Typical reasons for refusal of a work visa may include the following (although the officer reserves the right to refuse for other reasons):

X - Failure to demonstrate previous work experience: many job positions require within their employment requirements that you demonstrate a certain number of years of work experience. This can be found in detail in the NOC or TEER of your industry. This experience must be directly related to what you are coming to Canada to work on.

X - Educational Evidence: As with the work experience portion of the NOC/TEER, many positions under the NOC/TEER require a certain level of education. This can range from high school, college or university (bachelor's or master's degree). If your NOC asks for an educational level then you should be sure to attach the required diplomas.

X - Problems with the company in Canada: in many cases if the company hiring the foreigner is not properly registered and has a CRA number + online presence and other factors the visa can be denied.

X - Even if the Canadian company is properly registered if the foreign national's position does not fit with the company's employment needs then the visa may be denied.X - Problems with the LMIA or the visa application directly.

That is why preparing a strong application and trying to prevent all these points is a priority, remember that a visa rejection does not mean the end of your dreams. It is always possible to apply for an ATIP. Understand the reason for the rejection and apply again.

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

it is my job to help you

to Canada through legal channels such as

it has to be I am a regulating constructor

Canadian government as well as the

Jaime Lan consultants we are here

to serve you throughout your process

the disinformation of the best friend of

scammers when one does not know the

process that is beginning and one thinks

that things are that way given away and everything

easy is when fraudsters make

partying and scamming everyone

So today I would like to apply to you the

reasons why your work visa

may be denied so that if you

gets a job offer and you see

that the alleged employer who is going to be

the visa does not ask for any documents and

you have to do nothing more than to have

to give your passport know that the most important thing

normal is that it is a scam Ok then

I have five reasons why the

work visa in Canada can be

rejected two worker-focused

two in the company that you are going to

work and a focus on the process that is

the paperwork and the visa as such.

application then the first two

focused on the workers, we started

as you get into each offer

employment know you are going to hold a position

work, i.e. you are going to come to

Canada to do something and its offer of

employment is going to tell the position something you

you have to do is to search the internet for the

which is the famous knock or ther Y

define you under no or under

anyone is going to travel to Canada to

working from this point on, there are

a lot of job positions in Canada

linked to what you studied

work in the past that will demonstrate

that you have the required experience

in the part called Floyd is the

first reason for rejection there are people

who apply for the visa and do not demonstrate or

make the mistake of not sending the

accurate documents or do not have them

because they have never had it, they have not

demonstrated previous experience in what

in Canada to work know that there are

many not other than those requiring experience

previous experience in the industry you are coming to

Canada to work then If you

travels to Canada for example to work

as an engineer and fails to demonstrate that

you have previous experience in that

your visa will be denied if you

travels to Canada to work as a

carpenter and does not demonstrate experience in

that item visa denied all offers

employment will state your position You

you have to look for that position to indicate

your position you go with this position

Search for its low t in ployments and there it goes to

see how many years of experience the

ther obviously there are works such as

example that are knock of other 5 in the

that they will not ask you to use it at any time

experience, such as work

cutting fish heads packing


killing locusts by harvesting vegetables from

vegetables do not require previous experience

but they are very special jobs and very

defined as being in demand in Canada

but the rest of the work most of

nox zero zero one two three are going to ask for the

previous experience So the

experience is very important

show it now Eddy shows good

basically if your ther asks you to

experience know when you apply the

work visa You have to demonstrate that

previous experience is demonstrated how with

Employer's proof of employment

with previous work letters from

employers who say yes to my employee's

I work so long in my company with

those functions with the contract of

work that was done when it began to

working with evidence of wage payments not

is nothing more than demonstrating the contract is

demonstrate how company x works for you and here

is the evidence that every month the

company paid me so much money

that there was a relationship of subordination

in that company and you with a salary

off in addition to this if you

self-employed can

apply equally as long as

proven that you have a company

registered taxpayer who paid taxes that are

registered with the government that had a

name in the company you delivered

invoices to your customers to your

suppliers and their customers can

even give letters where they show in the

year such nor this this person who gives me

a service provided me with the service of

such and such a system that made me such and such a process

thing that built me and that is written

a letter made by the customer and the

client is as one who testifies for his

work experience then first

reason for refusal not to demonstrate

experience in the industry to which you are travelling

Canada to be the second reason for rejection

demonstrate studies in the area

there are many non others who ask for studies

University or College diploma or

some kind of training, i.e. some kind of

type of

training if your ther and your not le

request the educational parts you

you need in your application to send a

photocopy to all the experience I said

previously translated into English by

official translator eye The second if

you are applying for a work visa and have

to demonstrate studies have to send

your diploma without an apostille without doing the

echo or the West none of that is anything else.

a copy of your diploma your university or

College or whatever your job requires

carment translated into English by translator

officer if your ther and your noc request

evidence of studies and you do not send

those studies your visa will be denied

For example, about eight months ago

I hired a graffic designer from

Colombia and hired him as a designer

graphic she is Enchanted for me But

he needs At that time to show

that he had experience in what he

studied because he was not required to do so in the

that he worked for forgiveness and also wanted to

studies he had to send me a copy

of your diploma from the University of museum

who has studies in this field because

grafiel design requires you to be educated and

experience So this is the two

reasons why the

The profile of the worker is the reason for the

visa rejection now let's go to the

two other company reasons

first reason in the company is that the

company does not exist and here are the scams

I have seen people apply for visas

companies that do not even work with companies that do not

in Canada are fraudsters who

invent companies with websites and

there is simply no company there is nothing

there is no company registration

when the company applies the lmi is

positive or exem the company has to

send your sear e cannat revenue agency

registration number and demonstrate that

registered in Canada and this is the

evidence for Canada that the company does

exists then the company has to

exist registered has to have

presence in social networks is

once had a rejection of an important

customer that came to me with a rejection

and I was told by Eddy Mira mass was denied and the

reason rejects him because the officer does not

got the company on social networks

imagine then that sometimes it is even

important for the company to have a

official website you can go and check

which is on the website but separate

of that which is recorded in the books

of a company in Canada you can


a Yes to government I believe is provincial

to find company in reality

there is that is information some

provinces have public studies

private in that what is public is

free of charge in Ontario that you have to pay a

amount of money to see if the company in

actually exists, verify that the

company exists

another reason why I made it may be


the fourth reason for visa rejection of

worker is when this part is

interesting what the worker comes to

Canada to do does not match the

essence of the company let's say that I

I decide to nimilar tomorrow

I do not know how to build

walls and I have to bring to Canada a

mason for what a wall cost me

The most normal thing to do is to have a visa like this

simple Why Because the company that

is hiring a worker even if he or she

an eye-registered company and the

worker has the experience of the

studies the company does not qualify because

the essence the corporate name the company

is not the one that is going to bring that

worker to Canada following the example

of my graphic designer his process

The visa was very complicated because the

official said but Because a company

immigration will bring in a designer

I went to Canada and it was my turn to show him the

me Lan has an online presence

very large and very strong and that is why I

needed a graphic designer for

come to Canada to work for the company

But the officer did not understand this relationship

and had to explain it to him the same thing happens with

companies that, for example

hire people who are not in the

100% linked to what the company has

to demonstrate the application that the

company is actually doing it

so that the chances of rejection

and the fifth reason for rejection is the

a worker visa is with the

application is poorly done e.g.

is applied to the already positive lm in the form of

a lm does not apply anymore.

or a suitable lm and acention de

the form that is not with a noc that is not

o with a tlction that is not and the

application crashes Ok have to have

beware of the fifth reason for

rejection because even though all of these

elements are perfect if the fifth

reason that is mostly focused with

labor marketing is poorly done

whole application is going to fall through and the visa

is sadly going to be denied What is my

advice first of all not to believe that

for Canada are looking for employees

Come to Canada everybody who

no matter what your experience No matter what

you do come to you with an approved notice

that is a lie

Although, if Canada is in a shortage of

workers and do not get workers

is true It is no less true that the

official with the same rigorousness as the

character is going to check that you

complies with the elements that it must

to comply to be approved and if

even if the boss in Canada the company goes

to close if you do not reach the hospital

will not fail to evaluate its application

with the same rigorous

than a regular visa.

a desperation of workers is

requirements are not being lowered and

things are not easier you have

to demonstrate experience studies that

the company exists that the corporate name of

the company is linked to you

study and work and do to Canada and that

the application is well done if these

five points are there is a very good chance

high that your work visa is

approved and travels to Canada with the objective of

this video is to make you see the

Canadian immigration is a reality and that

understand that not everything is as easy as

there are elements that are painted over there

requirements you have to follow

and hope that this video will be followed by all

and your visa is super-approved in the

I send a big kiss to

everyone be well bye bye bye

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