5 Ways to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada!

In this video I explain in a general way what are the 5 ways to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada.

It is very important to remember that each option has its own requirements, waiting times, and procedures.

There are people who, due to their personal and professional profile, may opt for 2, 3 or more options.

It is my job to guide you and inform you in detail which is the most suitable option based on the profile of each of the people who write to me.

If you want to know which of these 5 options is the most suitable for you, please send me an email to info@immilandcanada.com to get your form to fill out and receive your result for free.

5 ways to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada

0:07 what is it like to be a permanent resident in Canada?

0:58 options to come to Canada as permanent resident

1:10 Express Entry: has 3 categories

2:11 education

3:10 provincial programs

3:51 immediate family sponsorship

4:39 refuge


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hello hello how are you my name is Eddy Ramirez

and let's go very important topic of the

which turns and it's like day the box as

already canada as a resident I promise it is

the permanent resident in canada is very

important to know your patent from the

concept of a maras course when it is

permanent resident in canada wants

say that you are going to have the same

Canadian rights and duties, i.e.

someone who is a citizen of the country

only difference is that we will have you

The right to vote is also not the strongest of

everything else is the same I don't like about

health care access to any type of health care

and your public safety

second low in surround of any kind

education and pay as Canadians of the

important collective of many others

benefits that were returned to things

I like to be clear on the most important

as for me to become a resident

permanent in canada is that when coughing

canada resident will be able to stay canada resident will be able to stay canada resident will be able to stay canada resident will be able to stay canada

you want, you have to

leave in six months and a year and two years you

you will be able to live here

esteban structure of the country now we go

to take care of each of these

options for another in canada as

residents the first of these is called

I expressed this fact in chip for

me the body up to date

and it is that you more than anything else and you travel to

canada now with permanent residency

guarantees express width and has three

categories the first one for professionals

the second four manuals and the third

are the people who have worked in

canada the first professional is this

is aimed at people who first

has a university degree

also have a master's degree and have some

of them are graduates or phd graduates and also speak

English and French are fluent in French and

has work experience in the area that

studied and the second option is

manual skiing the sonics these

for non-professionals

university students but what they work

schools hands how to say drivers

the construction industry some of them

provinces of canada highlight that type

and the third is pipeline

in experiences

this is for people who have lived

Canada for 12 months and have worked

two continuous months

its equivalent in partan and 24 months

are engaged in gainful employment

and they are jobs, but they are official second jobs

category education canada accepts that

study whisky came here to study

with the university team has the

graduate capacity to dedicate the

residents each province has its own

own way of selecting

students i.e. some provinces

makes a combination of study

we work the same way as other residences do

one more study language equal residence

each province has its own system

what a villatorium for students should that be

changes may be that you have to study

one, two or three years of college learning

French as in Quebec or work with

province comment one google others

systems e.g. as master

only allows them to ask that when studying

one year of master's degree already applied

recipes I've played I did in that

I think the viewer system so there is

to evaluate or to the Catholic system

to the sea college university program

based on your site

flat has 12 blocks in each province

responds to systems and needs

both economic and social migratory flows.

social screens students on

federal system allows flowers to

in canada decide which immigrants

more migratory collectors can now

is very fashionable in the provinces of the

canada atlantic from each province of

system but in the end they always do not come

people who worked strictly

professional way of language and

chimeric canada to give its maximum to take

temperature humidity or improvise long and

in the canary islands fourth mating option

this migration option is very very

interesting since it lost the

Canadian which recent permanent and permanent

given your family and loved ones to

canada the three categories as the

which can be brought in seems to say


or grandparents and third the Canadians or

residents and the person outside the

canada has tics or purposes

special to be able to come up with something very

and completed this small

video you don't have to have

economic requirements to be able to read

your partners the army is married the

government is going to ask that they have to

to show their economic orbit agreed with

his wife hanako as opposed to the

own categories children as parents is

your website about tico la

fifth option refuge in canada

responding in social reasons always

help people i.e. if you

you were away in canada and you are living

a situation that may prevent another

world for belonging to a party

political share the religious group

with social group which makes you

vulnerable to emerge to put your life in

risk can come to canada and peru

by being accepted in Canada as a


immediately the residence

[Music] [Music

of course, each option has its own

own requirements

[Music] [Music

this information wants to know how

This category is established in all

these five for half of canada

[Music] [Music

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