20 things TO DO WHEN ARRIVING IN CANADA before, during and after

Visa approval is only THE FIRST step! Many things come after that and in this video I explain them one by one. Immiland offers many services to ensure your smooth arrival in Canada.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is David Ramirez and my job is to help them.

you to come to Canada as

has to be through legal channels two years ago.

weeks I put together a video and it was put together badly and

was assembled incomplete and well it was a

small fiasco but at the time it was

called 10 things to do when you get to

Canada today I bring you 20 then I will

do the best is going to be longer But

is going to be very good because I have divided them into

different sections then what

we are going to talk about today are things to do

before arriving in Canada on the

airport and already inside Canada What

What do you have to do What is the

to-do and can't-do list

forget Then let's start at once

time for you to do your own thing

well done And then obviously if you know

more options write us more things by

write them down here in the

comments I would like to comment on one thing

of the services I am going to tell


a department called y milant

Zero in Canada at at and milancana.com

here is the website the mail if

you want to see our services

ask about it and hire them

can do it however I am going to

tell you how to do it all of you

themselves so that they do not have to

through no one but many of our own

services are totally free of charge.

take advantage of them we start right away things

to do before arriving in Canada before

So let's say In these cases the visa

has already been approved, let's imagine that you

applied for the visa and uploaded it proved it

now what to do first thing

important Luis approved to look for

housing, it is very important that it is

get a home before you reach

Canada to the extent possible where

can search for your home can search for

your home in kiyyy k i j i j i j I can

search for it on Facebook Market there are many

apartments for rent in the area or

with immobility that they do so or and me

Actually launch a department

exclusively to visit apartments

for you to choose the

apartment of your dreams and the one that most

likes information in the editions of

this video please have a lot of

beware of scams, do not pay to

no one for the altar you do not know

be very careful when you see a

such a ten-room apartment

garden for a thousand dollars know what it is

it is most likely a scam then

very careful because here in the part of

housing There are many scams in Canada


once approved another thing they have

to do immediately is to open a

bank account

of their country of origin once they have been uploaded

approved in immigrant we see partnership

with banks in Canada I leave you the link

that you open a bank account in the

description of this video the moment that

you were approved you open your account

and what it's going to do is that of

your home country is going to send your money

to Canada by the time you arrive in

Canada already have your money in Canada

saved a bank account and the bank

have your credit card for you and

debit card AND you can get to Canada

and can make use of your money because

one cannot travel to Canada with much

I am already talking to you at the

regarding something important here that I want to

touching and highlighting is the Credit history

credit history look in Canada is

very important that you since

arrive to build your Credit history By

What Because when you go to buy a

house or an apartment or a car on

bank is not even going to check how much

you earn your salary with what you review

is how your credit score is

credit score and one as it begins to

build it good by taking it out as soon as it arrives

one credit card That's all

what you spend you pay for with your

credit card and automatically

pay your card so you don't have to

late payments and do not affect their credit

so that when you in the future

to buy a house or a car, their

Credit history is going to be very good

deny This then you already know about it

of history to build it also something

to make third point is to ask for the

Canadian phone number you from

their country of origin may apply for a

electronic SIM Card for

that since they are in their country they have their

Canadian number and Milan offers that

service description information

from this video take out their channel number and

so that when they arrive at the airport

has a Canadian number AND is more

easy to communicate and have wi-fi internet

and new ones are lost.

your Canada phone number your number

Canadian SIM Card before entering

to the fourth country if they have children of

of Baker I highly recommend

register them on the waiting list for

Lakers public how it works

province of Quebec find out if you

in the province other than Quebec

had a list called

95 I think that's what it's called, sorry if I don't know.

called so on the web site I place it in

the description of this video

and there you are going to register to

your children on the waiting list for

a Baker or a day care center to be assigned to them.

Public that is much cheaper and if it is not

begin to see private day care centers

because in Canada getting space for

children a day care center can be a

a little complicated for newcomers

fifth child of school age

important if your child is already over 5

years know that it can be in Canada

free of charge and for that they have to

be registered in a public school a

school or a public high school is

important for you before you get to

Canada already has an address

in Canada is set to get a

apartment to register to take out the

appointment at the area school committee

where you are going to live so that they can

assign your child to you where he/she will go to

study near where you live

and sixth another tip I give you before

to enter Canada is to please

start looking for a job the moment they

that your approved study visa and the

your partner's work visa a trip

with approved partners know that you

When they enter Canada they will be able to

work legally without any problem

Then you can in your country of origin

origin already make a civilian precious to have

a Canadian curriculum done right

start sending him and start having

job interviews for when you

to Canada can already go to the

company to get to know the boss so that

start working or even I have

customers already arriving in Canada have

work because as soon as his visa was

approved in that interim to wait for

to Canada have already started to look for

job offers applied the

and hired them and they come to

Canada and the following month they begin to

work so that this plan is very

important now

we move on to the following We've done everything

we purchased our airline ticket

we travel to Canada we arrive in Canada what

to do at the airport points

important to take into account in the

airport what I said before arriving at

Canada now Let's go with being in your de

And what do I have to do when I reach the

airport and I stand in front of the

migration office

and Wow, and I just came up with one that

is not included so they are going to be


the first thing to do is to get guys by

please hold in your hand the entire

important documentation regarding

your visa application Then you go to

to have in their hands if a Canada

study letter of acceptance from the College

statements of account with funds

required to be able to pay for their studies

and adding tension if they have made payments for

the college to demonstrate that the

payments have been made with the transfers

also if you already have

where to live have in their hands

important direction is something extra

not important not mandatory eye

but if you have a place to live have in your

hand its Liz that it is a contract of

lease you do not show that

have a safe place to live Ok have a safe place to live Ok have a safe place to live Ok have a safe place to live

your documents with you and a Canada

to work have in their hands already

evidence of the employment offer that the

boss hired them that everything is

approved everything is up to date then

have in their hands the documents that

support its application because there are

people who leave it in the suitcase and

life is complicated, can you imagine how much

Then they put us in their suitcase

have it with you in your little bag of

hand inside the airport It is also

it is important that you print your permits

and work suitable for boys and girls

look at many times people arrive

to the airport and the delivery officer

this is a pile of papers in English

you do not know what you received and leave

running because they are scared, that's

a mistake is important when you

receive the papers do the following

Look at the work study permit

look at that the study permit of

work has your name on it in such a way as to

correct written that your date of

The birth of a child is well-written because the

officers can be mistaken, of course.

you are going to Canada to work you a

employer that the name of the employer

an offer is well-written in the

work permit if a Canada to

study that the College is well

written on your study permit and if

I am in Canada studying

also deliver the study permit

plus the work permit for you to

can work of campus eye with many

sometimes when a permit is issued to you

of study in the study permit

It also includes the work permit

that same paper includes both and How to

know that is because below in

remarks says the holder of the

State permit and salad to work of campus

Whoever holds in his hand this permit of

The studio is allowed to work on the

campus if your study permit does not have

observation know that you have to ask that

separate work permit to be issued to you

because if you will not be able to work if you see

Here I am in a college or a

university and also if you applied to

the visa and its tail is from a coop.

included, i.e. your career has a cop

must provide you with a work permit

extra which is the cop permit which is not the

same student work permit

is a separate permit What if you

enters and at the airport The officer does not

These documents will have to be delivered by the

within Canada and it is a

Calvary because you have to apply to pay

again and wait and can't work

whoever is waiting so beware

in addition to this important not to bring more

10,000 Canadian dollars in

cash if you bring more than that

They have to declare it, that is why it is

important that before arriving in Canada

open your bank account and instead of

to walk around with so much cash that it

have sent by wire transfer

from your country to Canada

to avoid having to travel with

that can complicate the

country's entry into the country in addition to this is

it is important not to bring fruits or meats in

the suitcase the luggage please

make sure your suitcase has no fruit in it

or meats because they can be placed in

giant fines for entering Canada

animal products or fruits into the country if

travel with dogs be sure to travel with cats

that your pets have the necessary permits and

papers up to date look for information

the airline with which the airline has

you are traveling and make sure that this

is well done

this is a guy I'm going to give them if when

arrive and retrieve your suitcase the suitcase

travel is broken

Remember that in Canada there are policies

airlines other than our countries

and if your suitcase arrives broken

airline with which you traveled I do

a complaint and they are going to pay your

new suitcase in case you break your suitcase to

I have had this happen to me several times

tip I don't even know what number I'm going to.

depending on the number of suitcases Here

you have to define how you are going to

from the airport to your home if in the

airport has a lot of suitcases the most

attractive is that they pay a cab to

can take home all of the products they need to

suitcases or if they come light they can

to grab the buses of the methods that

airports are connected to homes

with those with the city I have watched

we offer a pick-up service for

airport pick-up if desired

also contract it information in the

description of this video


visa approved we traveled to Canada we arrived

to the airport what to do inside

of the country Jay gay I'm already in my house already

I came to my home what becomes good

first thing to do is to go from

first the next day to service

Canada to request its social instruments

number social security number I

I thought the work permit was

enough when I arrived in Canada to

one do everything I said Well with my

I am allowed to work and the truth is

that the permit must be linked to

with a document called social

Insurance name that is taken out in service

Canada and This is what your employer is going to ask you

to be able to pay you salaries this number

that gives you as your is as the number you

connects you to the tax part in

Canada then has to take it out in

service Canada this is free of charge

are you going with your study permit from

work Presents evidence of its

address and there you will receive your social

Insurance number important to do so

as soon as they arrive in Canada

another important point to make already in

Canada is to purchase the method card

to transport alerts there are methods and

cities where the card is

monthly but begins on the first of each

month then if I was going to Canada on the 20th of

July and buy with card for the month

I would think it is the 20th of

July 20, August 20 no fatal error

because your monthly card is going to

expire on August 1 and this will

have the same card for 10 days

then you can count from which date

you arrive and Determine if it is less expensive

buy the whole month or perhaps buy

the tickets for the week and thus do not

you have an amount of money

that has happened to so many of my


now if you have not done it next tip

It is important that you furnish your

home because Canada has to have a

home a cushion of living a meal as

tuck in where you can buy

furniture to open in Canada can

buy them at IKEA and

kea and that they can buy them in kg if the

prefer used ones can be purchased at

Facebook Market are also used or

here is my advice as I did my

me when I move my first

apartment Well, I didn't have money for

I bought nothing but I moved in July

channel for example in Montreal in

July is the big move and many

people literally throw everything into the

street obviously avoid grabbing

mattresses and so on because there may be Bed

Box that are like bed lice

but for example one gets closets

kitchen refrigerator washer washer dryer technology

about it if you can disgust

obviously they can grab the street all

what's left of your home to equip your

home and get it for free nothing more

have to rent a car and move the

things to your home

know one important thing and that is that neither

Milan we have an agreement with a company

in Canada giant than not so discounted

in everything to do with furniture

for our customers that if you are

to access this discount contact us at

mail I told you it is and milance

fully rice and miláncana.com for

to serve in all its processes of

establishment in Canada as follows

point rented a car if you do not

and a family that likes to ride Xbox and a very

big maybe Search for a car or buy

an option car in Canada when

you are going to buy a car you can

buy a car or you can rent the

car then rents it for one or two

years with the company that sells the

car you can buy a used Cash

the most normal thing is that it will be your turn

pay in full for and a used car

you buy it new in advance payment

because you are going to lack

credit history, it is agreed that they

I said that they had their bank account for

trading history Good when you

enters Canada and wants to buy a

car if you have no credit

history no company will finance

vehicle must be paid in cash

then you know you have to pay the

cash car in Canada there is a

company called common auto I have

videos about it I leave them in the

description of this video in which you

I tell how using a car works

shared is a car that everyone

used if they are cars on the street that

you make your card method puts your

card in the car the car is activated

is the mount and leaves and does not pay monthly 80

dollars or 90 So as it gives us a

great option I invite you to watch my video

to create how cool that option is

another option that I give you another tip is

work on your Credit history I already said it

previously also make friends

Canadians to get to know new

cultures to speak the language and make friends

of this country, i.e. people who are

because natives from here also practice

sports and integrate the culture not only in the

think that it is impossible to have friends in

Canada of doing sports that makes a lot of

cold weather maybe open up to snowboarding

ice kayak history pages on

summer practice the sports that the

country has to offer And finally

when you get home, try to

locate cheap markets where

shopping on the cheap

I am referring to the supermarket in

Montreal the cheapest supermarkets

are called super C

adonis pa and there is another

si supersé adonis y pa evita los de pago

that are more expensive than the stores

small shops are called de

panosten provigo and avoid method and are

the most expensive ones available And also if

want to buy enough food as well for

quantity because it is a large family

Costco can be a great option for

I think this video has been

very long Sorry so much that it has

but I think that all of the

elements that I told you are therefore things

that one has learned from experience

well in Canada and that I can take them to

you to better integrate into the country and

obviously do things right before

during and already the time to be in Canada

that you like the video that you find it useful

and to help them in their entire process

for Canada and in what you

Milan, whether for the production of

visas immigration consultation

100% establishment in Canada for

do everything I have just said to you

or already study languages or find them a

college and look is here to serve you

in all your process I send a kiss to

everyone be well bye bye

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