If you are direct family of a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident you can be sponsored to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident.


The person that will be your Sponsor must fulfill the following requirements:

1.Be 18 years or older,

2.Be Canadian citizen or permanent resident,

3.Sign an undertaking which is a promise to provide for the basic requirements of the sponsored person,

4.Meet the income requirements for the past 12 months (exceptions to this requirement apply).


Restrictions for sponsor:


1.Be under social assistance for a different reason than disability,

2.Being in default of any undertaking, immigration loan or debt, bankruptcy among others,

3.Be subject to a removal order,

4.Being convicted for a violent crime or attempt to commit it.

5.Among others. 

Provincial Nominee Programs

Besides the Federal Programs, each Canadian province has its own agreements with the Federal Government on which each Province accepts and chooses immigrants that wish to live in that Province.




1. Intention of ability to become economically established in the province,

2. Full-time permanent job offer,

3. Enough found to settle,

4. Language: changes depending on the province,

Express Entry



Your level of education, work experience, languages, age, among others, will contribute on your evaluation to obtain a Canadian Permanent Residence, under the category of Express Entry.





Your qualifications in certain skilled trades plus your level on English and French will contribute on your evaluation to determinate if you can get granted a Canadian Permanent Residence, under the category of Express Entry.





If you have worked or studied in Canada during 1 year, which has been paid and is under the required type of jobs, you may be eligible to apply under Express Entry to acquire Express Entry.


Permanent Residence

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