Edna Guerrero

CICC Regulated Consultant

License #R705896
Advisor Canada

Edna Guerrero is a Colombian lawyer graduated from Universidad Externado de Colombia and specialized in Administrative Law at the same university.

Edna immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1998 and has since worked on migration issues in different capacities, first as a Paralegal and then as a Settlement Worker.

In 2003 she studied Social and Community Work and since then she managed to combine her passion for helping vulnerable people to overcome migration barriers to facilitate their integration into Canadian society, in addition to providing them with information on processes to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Canada. She completed her studies in Canadian Immigration Law and obtained her license as a Migration Counsellor member of ICCRC, which qualifies her to advise and represent people of any nationality in immigration matters before the Government of Canada. Edna is fluent in Spanish and English.

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