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Our team of experts is responsible for finding and presenting highly qualified international profiles.

LMIA Processing

IRCC qualified foreign candidates must be approved for hire with a positive LMIA or an exception thereto.

Contract of employment

Get ready to hire your next foreign worker with our easy to modify and fill out employment contract.

Validation of job offer

Required to hire international foreign workers.Validate your offer with the IRCC for LMIA exemption....

Employer-employee consultation

For employers who need help in validating the requirements for hiring a foreign worker

Why choose us?



Immiland is authorized as a recruitment agency for temporary foreign workers by CNESST (Commission des normes, de l'équité de l'santé et de la sécurité du travail.) Permit #AR-21019410.


Immiland Canada has ample experience to carry out CV recruitment, hiring and immigration processes. All this in an efficient and specialized manner, fulfilling all expectations.


Immiland Canada has a strong presence on digital platforms such as youtube, instagram and facebook. This has allowed it to position itself, creating an image of credibility in front of the main consumer.

You can be recruited and successfully reach Canada.

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