Visas to obtain Canadian permanent residency

Studies in Canada as a bridge to residency

Canada is in the top 3 countries with the highest rate of international students after Australia and the United Kingdom. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, Canada is home to more than half a million international students.

Economic factors play a decisive role. Living costs and tuition fees at universities and colleges are much lower than in other countries. International students also have a work permit while studying. The benefit of studying in Canada is not only for the student, on the contrary, if the student travels with his or her partner, the partner will be able to access a work permit and the children will be able to attend school for free. Finally, and most importantly, studying in Canada is in many cases a direct bridge to permanent residency.

Investing in studying abroad implies a big effort, but if done in an intelligent way this effort can be translated into an investment that will ensure a permanent future in an extraordinary country like Canada.

Advice from an ICCRC consultant

Having the services of an immigration consultant can be essential to clarify doubts about the best province to study in based on the profile of the student and the partner. In addition to defining elements to improve in the applicant's profile and thus reduce the chances of rejection when applying for the visa.

Whatever the client's needs, Immiland has a team of specialized and licensed consultants to accompany them through the entire process until their arrival in Canada.

Agreements with colleges and universities

Over the past few years, Immiland has made agreements with more than 100 institutions across Canada. These agreements allow us to register prospective students in the program and province that best suits their profile with a view to obtaining permanent residency.

With an education department trained to handle your requests, Immiland is ready to register you at the college of your choice.

About Immiland Canada

Immiland is a Canadian company created and managed by a female immigrant, and is headed by its CEO. Immiland has immigration consultants who are ICCRC members and an educational department.

Immiland handles the visa application process from start to finish. Working hand in hand with the client to select the most appropriate immigration plan and try as much as possible to refine the client's profile to reduce the chances of rejection.

Immiland has a department of official translators and officer of oaths regulated by the province of Quebec.

In conclusion, Immiland seeks to provide the client in one place with each and every one of the elements required to achieve the immigration goal of each of our clients.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants, please visit this link.

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