Student visa refused?

Student visa refused?Student visa refused?

What are the most common reasons for rejection and how can you avoid them?

Based on analysis of the number of Access to Information and Privacy Requests (ATIP) for study visas conducted by Immiland Canada in recent years, we have identified the most frequent causes of refusal of study visas.

First, it is important to define the acronym ATIP, which stands for Access to Information and Privacy, a tool that allows access to the records of Canadian government institutions.

In this article, we provide guidelines to avoid mistakes when applying:

1. Avoid Insufficient Funds:

The most common mistake among international students is to apply for a visa with the exact funds required by the Canadian government. In this sense, if the applicant has a minimum deficit or presents exact amounts, his or her application will face a high probability of rejection. The analysis of the immigration officer goes beyond the mere verification of funds; especially if the applicant plans to travel with a partner or family.

For this reason, Immiland recommends to all its clients to always apply with at least CAD$2,000.00 in addition to the requirements established for the study visa. This is mainly due to fluctuating exchange rates, and by providing an additional margin, it offers greater financial stability that the immigration officer will appreciate when reviewing the applicant's profile. This measure will contribute significantly to the reduction of possible reasons for rejection.

2. Choose the academic program related to your profession:

As our CEO Eddy Ramirez and our educational advisors at Immiland point out, "there must be a logical thread between what you intend to study in Canada and the applicant's educational or work background". Canada is not for reinventing yourself with a study visa, so it is very important to objectively analyze your past, present and future in order to choose a program that fits your professional profile. 

If you are not clear about which program to choose or do not know how to start your search, the best thing to do is to request an educational consultation. At immiland Canada, we can advise you by clicking here.

3. Support with good arguments the purpose of your trip:

The purpose of a study trip goes beyond a mere match between the educational profile and the academic program. Sometimes it is essential to clearly and convincingly articulate the reason behind this choice in order to obtain student visa approval. The best advice Immiland can give you is to answer the following questions during the drafting of your letter of motivation:

Why did I choose this program, how will I improve my professional profile with these studies, how will these studies help me in my home country? 

Remember that your letter of motivation must be written in one of the two official languages of Canada, so be very careful with the writing. If necessary, contact a certified translator.

4. Rootedness:‍

It is crucial to understand that, despite thoroughly addressing the above points, lack of roots with the country of origin can significantly increase the chances of visa refusal. Immiland Canada has repeatedly stressed the importance of demonstrating roots in a variety of ways in order to strengthen the application. Here are the key elements to demonstrate rootedness: whether you have a nuclear family in your country of origin, whether you have secured economic stability with real or personal property, registered business, or similar, whether you have an employment link that will lead you to return to your country, and finally, social rootedness such as membership in local organizations or participation in volunteer activities in your community. In summary, Immiland emphasizes the importance of "shielding" the application by incorporating any of these types of roots. In addition, he stresses that the documentation must be rigorous and verifiable, as credibility with the immigration officer is essential to a successful visa application.

At Immiland, we have achieved solutions that would seem impossible, so we consider that your only limit is the lack of preparation of a good immigration plan. The rejection of your visa does not have to stop your dreams, it is only an indication that there is an obstacle that you must identify to clear your immigration path. For this, you can count on our regulated consultants. If you would like to have a consultation with us, click here

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