Top 5 in-demand jobs in Canada by 2021

The following list is not in order of priority, as all 5 jobs are in demand in their respective sectors.

1. Nurse

According to estimates, Canada would be in need of more than 60,000 nurses by 2022, this number only covers demands in departments where staffing levels are already low, such as pediatrics and neonatal. This figure is without taking into account the new needs that exist due to the pandemic. (Important: in many provinces this career is regulated(Important: in many provinces this career is regulated, as well as many others, and you will have to pass certain exams or take classes before you can enter the job market).

2. Welder

Job opportunities for welders in Canada are always increasing, especially when the welder is RED SEAL certified, as this increases his or her chances of being hired. Among the industries in which welders can apply are: aerospace, mining, construction and many more.

3. Electrical Engineer

It is not news to know that electricity is actually one of the most important areas in countries around the world. From the generation and distribution of electrical energy, engineers are a fundamental part for millions of companies.

4. Software Developer

Now more than ever, and thanks to the strength that remote work has taken, the various developers of all types of software are in demand. As e-commerce continues to grow, companies are looking to attract new customers with the help of software that meets their needs.

5. Accountant

Accountants have always been an essential part for all companies, and now, in times of crisis, accountants have become the most fundamental part of companies. Accountants have access to governmental, fiscal, financial and other funds, which is why they work with other departments, making them the backbone of companies.

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Remember that several of these professions require a special license to practice them, for example nursing, while others are easier to enter the labor market if you have professional experience and studies.

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