The CN Tower, symbol of the city of Toronto

Today, the antenna transmits more than 30 radio and television signals from Toronto and southern Ontario. The CN Tower is also a lookout point, and thousands of tourists line up each year to enter. At the same time, the tower also offers access to a very well known restaurant ''360 restaurant'', which has a 360 view of the city and keeps rotating every 72 minutes. The tower provides several points to observe the city and activities, the best known are :

↕️SkyPop, is an observation point that allows you to view the city in an inclined observatory.

↕️Lookout, this is a more subtle observatory where you can view the city from picture windows.

↕️Glass Floor, this attraction allows you to stand on a glass floor while viewing the height of the tower and large buildings.

Edge Walk, this activity allows visitors to hang from the tower at an incline while being held by ropes preventing them from falling into the void. It is a well-known attraction for being the most extreme in the city.

↕️High speed elevators, this allows visitors to quickly ascend and descend the tower in an all-glass elevator.

Undoubtedly this tower is an excellent destination to visit either with friends, families or even alone. I would like to take a picture on the glass floor! What activity would you like to do? I read you.


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