What are Twinning programs?

Benefits with Immiland

These types of programs can be found with our partners:

  • Mohawk College - Ontario
  • Seneca College - Ontario
  • Sheridan College - Ontario
  • Douglas College - BC
  • St Lawrence College - Ontario
  • Fanshawe College - Ontario
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan
  • Cambrian College - Ontario -

The advantages that you will be able to have are:

  • One-time registration fee (if applicable)
  • Letter of acceptance for the 2 years of study.
  • Apply for the study permit for 2 years of study from the beginning.
  • Be eligible to receive a PGWP of up to 3 years' duration after the study period.
  • We offer special discounts with different educational institutions.

For more information about the programs that are eligible for this modality and to register, please contact us at education@immilandcanada.com.

If you already know the program of study and the educational institution where you want to study in Canada, you can complete the following form and if we have an agreement we can help you with the registration: request information here.

If you still don't know what to study in Canada, I invite you to schedule a Vocational Counseling.

To learn more about the PGWP, I invite you to watch the following video video.

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