New Immigration Consultation Hours

We know that planning to migrate to Canada is not easy and that work schedules are an obstacle when you want to learn more, that is why we have decided to open new hours in our immigration consultations to help you create the path to get to the country of the maple leaf.

What you will be able to get when you schedule an immigration consultation:

  1. Profile evaluation,
  2. Creation of a complete and detailed migration plan,
  3. Creation of a strategy to improve the client's profile and achieve short, medium or long term migration aspirations,
  4. Documents supporting what was discussed in the consultation were sent,
  5. Follow up after the consultation for a reasonable number of emails, (approximately 5 emails prior to contracting),
  6. If the client comes from an educational background: access to our educational consultants via mail to evaluate the best programs and colleges to study in Canada.
  7. College registration if the client selects one of the colleges with which Immiland has agreements (the client must cover the college's registration fee). All follow up of the college registration has NO administrative cost.
  8. If it is for the employment route: share support material to prepare a CV, cover letter, determine where to look for the job offer and strategy to get the job offer (this is carried out within the same hour of the appointment).
  9. If it is for Express Entry: sending a detailed plan of the steps to follow in order to apply for this option.

The new schedules can be found here Here

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