Montreal Outdoors

Getting around the city is easy and safe, its subway system has several lines that connect different sectors, there are a large number of exclusive bicycle lanes and there are several pedestrian-only streets for residents to walk quietly.

Throughout the year there are a wide variety of activities for lovers of culture, nature, food, design, music and more. Unfortunately this year, due to the pandemic affecting the whole world, many of the events have been cancelled. However, the city has arranged for its citizens several adaptations to public spaces so that they can enjoy the outdoors. Here are some of them:

1. In the center of the city, spaces were adapted during the summer to enjoy 100% of the sector. This is full of clothing stores, restaurants, shopping malls and more. During other seasons similar spaces are also set up, last winter for example there were DJs on Saint Catherine Street (which can be seen in the pictures below) creating a charming Christmas atmosphere.

2. In the Old Port of Montreal are the turntables that can be seen below, enjoyed by children and adults. There are also comfortable chairs to appreciate the architecture of the area.

3. In the Gay Villagebesides bars, restaurants and stores there are also exhibitions, this season there is an outdoor gallery called Village Motel en plein air. The artists participating in this exhibition are inspired by the drag culture of Hollywood and LGBTQ stars.

4. On Mont Royal Avenue, the heart of Plateau-Mont-Royal (a well-known sector of Montreal), a large part of the road is closed to pedestrians only. This season there is an installation called L'Aire, a project of experimentation and reflection on public space. On this avenue you can find several restaurant terraces, these are available when the weather permits, during the winter, for example they are dismantled. There are also tables available as the one below if you wish to eat outside.

In addition to the spaces mentioned above, there are many more in and around Montreal. The city government strives to provide its inhabitants with pleasant spaces, activities for all ages and artistic shows in the streets. During the four seasons you can always find plans for you and your family. We hope that soon we can overcome this pandemic to be able to enjoy all of them and if you have not come to this city, we invite you to visit this wonderful city.

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