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Have you ever heard of BOXING DAY?

If you are from a Latin country you are probably familiar with "Black Friday" and it has become a very famous day in the United States because of the low prices that things can have. On this day, Americans take the opportunity to buy technology, clothing and Christmas gifts. This tradition takes place on the fourth Friday of November, that is, at the end of the month.

It is very important to mention that one day before Black Friday, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States. This is the dinner where traditionally turkey is eaten, the whole family gathers and says what they are thankful for.

Because of the proximity of Canada and the United States, one would think that the traditions are very similar, but the reality is different.

So what are the customs in Canada?

Let's start with "Thanksgiving Day" in Canada is the second Monday in October, and if you're wondering if there are discounts the following day, the answer is NO.

The long-awaited Boxing Day in Canada is December 26th and this tradition originates from the United Kingdom.

The date is getting closer, do you already have your shopping list?

Not in Canada yet, but want to spend next Christmas here?

The first thing you should do is to schedule an immigration consultation to know your options, you can schedule it in this link.

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