What is an affidavit?

What is an affidavit?What is an affidavit?

The word affidavit means affidavit and is defined as a sworn legal document that serves as testimony and is made voluntarily and in writing before an authorized person, which may be judicial or administrative.

What are the requirements for an affidavit to be valid?

  • To be presented by a person of legal age.
  • Be a written document.
  • Contain accurate identification, location and contact information of the declarant(s).
  • Declare and swear before an authorized person (physically or virtually) that the text is true.
  • Include documents supporting the identification and declaration.
  • Include the signatures of the parties involved, i.e. the declarant and the authority.

What are the advantages of affidavit?

The institution of the affidavit has been established by various legal systems worldwide, including Canada, and its advantages include the following:

  • It assures the veracity of the document by a person, judicial or administrative authority, which means that its content is taken as true until proven otherwise. However, it must be taken into account that the affidavit also generates a legal liability for the declarant in case it turns out to be contrary to the truth.
  • It gives speed to certain legal procedures. 

What advantages does the affidavit offer when performing an immigration procedure?

In terms of immigration procedures, submitting an affidavit or affidavit along with the documents required by the IRCC will give more weight to the application, as it generates more confidence to the officers who analyze the applications against the documents submitted and favors the sealing of your application with the coveted phrase: Approved - Welcome to Canada!

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