Advantages of our Vocational Counseling

Advantages of our Vocational CounselingAdvantages of our Vocational Counseling

Our vocational or educational counseling is provided by consultants registered with CCEA (Canada Course for Education Agents), where they will be able to answer your questions if you come to Canada to study.

If you have any of these doubts, we advise you to schedule a vocational counseling:

  • Which program is best for you to study in Canada?
  • Do you want to know about educational options in Canada?
  • Learn about the Canadian study system.
  • Know the dates when applications open or close to study in Canada. And the timeline to make your entire application successful.
  • What requirements do you need to enroll in a college or university?
  • What are the costs and extra fees that you have to pay to the institution when studying in Canada?
  • What is the meaning of Co-op and PGWP , their differences.
  • What is the pathway and how does it work?

At Immiland Canada all of our programs make you eligible for the post-graduation permit. Our educational advisors will help you to clarify all the educational terms that are often very confusing, clarify your doubts and you will have 8 emails to follow up on your doubts prior to your application which we will help you 100% until you get your acceptance letter. They will be able to guide you through the entire admission process until you start your classes in Canada. Additionally, if you come with your children between 5 to 17 years old, we can help you to find out if they can study for free in Canada.

Here you will be able to know the details of what our educational consulting services include:

  • Explore the Canadian education system.
  • Determine whether your best option is a post secondary or post graduate program.
  • Evaluate different colleges in the province(s) of your interest (It is recommended that you already have a clear idea of the province in which you wish to study and know the migration plan to follow for that province).
  • Evaluate academic options that respect the logical and progressive thread of their studies.
  • Determine program cost and application requirements.
  • Send by email different options of evaluated programs.
  • Register you to the program of your choice with no administrative fee other than the registration fee charged by the college. As long as the registration is with one of the colleges immiland works with.

You can schedule vocational counseling.

For more information related to the costs of studying in Canada, we invite you to watch the following video.

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Immiland Education.

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