Xenophobia of Venezuelans everywhere EVEN IN CANADA?

Do not let our current situation define our future! clear goals and precise objectives.

We will achieve everything!

With love,



Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel My name is Eddy Ramírez and I am

I am a government regulatory consultant

Canadian to help you to

achieve their goals of traveling to Canada from

hand in immigration consultants

and Milan Canada we are here to

to serve you in any process

today I'm going to do one thing that I'm going to do

as I usually do not do myself in these

years of experience working in networks

socially responsible has learned to ignore many of the

comments delete block people

but last week it went up on Sunday

I actually uploaded a video in which I

Venezuelans were told about the options for

travel to Canada if you do not know

Well, I am Venezuelan, I am a gocha in

San Cristobal and immigrates to Canada 10 years ago

years and so this video focused on my

people like Venezuelans can reach out to

Canada and actually because it serves to

anyone but well I did it

focused on Venezuelans and I received

many beautiful messages but also

I received many messages many messages

which I'm used to but I'm not.

a message that grabbed my attention and that

message is here and says stop

to encourage the arrival of more than more of your

countrymen here we already have overpopulation

so this person lives in Canada there is no

work visa to Rapids Olympia



I was obviously shocked because

the message has many elements

So the first is that the person

says it does not encourage immigration from

my Venezuelans to Canada as if Canada

reserved for other companies.

nationality and not for Venezuelans

second she is here in Canada because

says here Then you are already in Canada

then a Latino in Canada

believing himself superior and insulting others

Venezuelans who want to travel to Canada

and the third point is from that comment

is that Canada does not give visas for

Rapids Olimpia windshields

I was shocked by this comment

Because the person over understands

that if a Venezuelan wishes to travel to another country, he or she should

country has to do so in order to work in

fast or windshield wipers look at me me me

I am making this video to tell you

Venezuelans who may be in the

situation cleaning to open

windshield wipers or rappi or any other

work that is not to their liking for

tell you my story a little bit about me already

I will answer this person as follows

next Mrs. venezolanas

that you see wiping windshields or

working for rappi i can bet you

that a great many of them are people

extremely well prepared and studied

that not of their own free will but by a

government, they had to leave the country

Venezuela then They are there and they are

obtained the title of lawyer-engineer

medical architects and put on the

title of rapid hover its For the love of its

family and to be able to provide for their

family and I believe that there is no

professional more impressive than

he who is capable of forgetting his title

to seek the welfare of their families and

of his family and whether to work as a rappi

is the solution to be able to provide your

that work is more important than

honest than anyone else and does not have

why be an element of mockery as a

you have done it or perhaps like many

other people do it because I am

sure that this mentality Although it is very

sad is shared by more people

So this message is for you

working fast or cleaning

windshields or cleaning toilets or washing

dishes I came to Canada 10 years ago

I'm almost 10 years old in October, and I'm

vi black Although I arrived in Canada in

another era

old Canada as a student and to possible

that one will exchange one's money in bolivares

to dollars and one could make use of its

own money abroad because the

economy was not like it is today because

I arrived in Canada and as of today for tomorrow

I stayed on the street then arrived at

Canada with a visa but I stayed in the

street and I was able to stay legal

obviously first of all it was legal the

legality For me it was very important in

the point of this is that I worked on the

I started cleaning toilets in

a restaurant and in nightclubs I

cleaned toilets with a brush cleaning

bathrooms that vomited all over my

I washed dishes I washed dishes

and this part of the

my hands hurt so much that I couldn't close my

because there was a lot of pain in the hands.

my fingers and toes were breaking

skin were hands like crocodile hands


I cooked like never before in my life I remember

as the boss I had forced me to cut

onions by hand because I did not like

how the onions were cut into

the food grinder and I was cutting up

onions and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried

cutting onions for days and look

sometimes the work did not take anything away from me and I

at that time as a lawyer I had already

created in Venezuela as a lawyer and I did it

I did and 10 years later I am the owner of

a company that has almost 60


have almost 60 workers wants it

to say that I pay 60 monthly salaries

The immigrant we have families that

depend on their radios we have workers

in Canada and in many parts of the world and

we have succeeded I would like to say to

you who do not care about the

circumstance in which you are

today it doesn't matter if they are cleaning

floors cleaning windshields washing toilets

cooks Uber rapis if it's the job

you want to do for the rest of your

life do it because you are happy

but if your goal is different, my advice is

is to set clear goals and objectives

defined and have in mind what they

you want to do in the long term and

work for it and don't forget about the

goal they have set for themselves, they believe

clear strategies And I remember one thing

our sad and melancholic past and

nostalgic I have left Venezuela our

present, perhaps not the one we want, but not the one we want.

should define and decide our business and our

our future is our future and

comments like this or many others

comments in which they hate the

Venezuelans do not have to dial

our future we are honest people and

honest hard worker

all the people who have all the

hands creativity passion

intelligence is going to

to get ahead wherever we go and

it is normal that when there is immigration

so massive that very good people leave

not so good but I am sure that

there are more of us good guys and don't worry

because look I see it today because by

example, my family looked from Colombia

years to Venezuela and Venezuela also

we were hateful to Venezuelans with the

Colombians were hated because at the

people like what is not one's own is

normal but with work and sacrifice

humility and a lot of effort we are going to

to be able to show those people

that today humiliate us that we are

able to change everything Ok obviously

Venezuelans are everywhere because of

example the orchestra conductor

Montreal symphony Rafael pallaré es

Venezuelan and I went to see him on stage in

the Montreal theater and he directed the

Monica Orchestra and I thought it was magical.

magic what made her and I was my

my heart was going to burst with pride

to see a Venezuelan in such a position and

there are hundreds like him making history

changing the future Then do not allow

never that derogatory comments such as

I'm not affected by this.

I put on my seal suit and all I had to do was to

I am not interested but I know that

many of you When one of you is

insulting in such a way on the head will be

mete that perhaps the future of a nothing

more that they say but they have to

know that this is not the case and that you are going to

to be able to go further than they ever did before.

I send you a kiss

great to all and so this video will reach

a person to reach that person, so that he or she

and fill their souls and tell them if they are

that person could do it if I could do it if I could do it if I could do it if I could do it if I could do it

I was left on the street in Canada and

I started from scratch Today I can

to build something so big I know that

you can also make it for me Kisses

to all of you be well bye bye

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