What to expect from life in Canada, is it the same as in our countries?

It is important to be clear that things will be very different at least for the first few years. I am making this video so that we can be clear about how things will be when they arrive in Canada.

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Edith Ramirez and we all help them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be today I want to

that we talk about a question that came up one

conversation I had yesterday with a woman

person who was telling me she is a

Canadian traveling to Latin America

all the time because he is a digital nomad

and works everywhere but here in

Canada and then she travels to Puerto

Latin America and he lives there, he told me

because I told him that my job was this

and she tells me that I don't understand why the

people will leave Latin America if they are

lives too and people have such a good

quality of life because she sees that the

people there many people are chauffeured

have in-house service that will

help people live well then I would

I started thinking about it and I also thought

as well as to remember many

customers who tell me or people I see

messages that tell me my country looks very

well what am I going to Canada for and so

I want to talk about it

when you decide to travel to Canada you have

to know

that the standard of living that one had in

one's country of origin here in Canada

is not going to have it And what do I mean by

standard of living is that if you are

hoping to get to Canada and get

the week who cleans his house who

washes the cars who takes the dog out of it

who will do to you what you are

used to do in your country and the

hairdressing salon every day

nails always have the locks in place

the tabs done and all that here at

Canada does not exist And why good for

many reasons, the first being that

culturally in Canada, people in the

used to at any time, listen to me.

very well to having people in the house who

make trade then that one in the house

have someone who lives 24/7 and sleeps

there and cook all day long and clean the

that in Canada, it is rare for it to happen very

very rare culturally people do not make

that on the other hand everything they have to

see with personal care

eyelashes eyebrows hair nails that here at

Canada is very expensive for the first few years

then it doesn't get to Canada to think about it in

pay for a hairdresser who can

cost $500 per dry cut

coloring strands and all that stuff, no.

there is no way one can believe that it will be able to

to pass and also to get your nails done

weekly as the country of origin No

because nails can cost 120

dollars in my hands and feet then

then you who ask me why

I am going to Canada or I am going to Canada

I expect that in six months I will have the

life that my country has know that when

one travels to Canada is not to have that

life but a different life a different life

a life without fear a life without fear a life

without high fences without the street Looking out for

on top of the fact that we are going to be robbed with the video

downstairs in peace is the life one seeks in

Canada to see their children on the street

happy running but if one is looking for

in Canada that plus the luxury or

superficiality that countries do not have

of one's origin do not come to Canada

because here in Canada they're not going to have that

and if they are going to have it Maybe yes but

in a few good years and it may be

that the shock of not having that to the

principle So you make them feel

less or unhappy, and in the end end up

returning to its country of origin then

see or wait in Canada has a life

completely different from the one you

had in your country Colombia Mexico chile

Ecuador Peru whatever but it is a life

with a great deal more responsibility if

you here have five children here do not have five children here do not have five children here do not have five children here do not have five children here do not

there are five days That good five children nor

five neighbors here are you, your husband and

you who will take care of the five children

here there are no friends and cousins and neighbors

to help us with our children Here we are

we may be assisted by

a babysitter for a few hours a day but when

one realizes that the babysitter charges the

hour 25 or 30 dollars for those are that

is money and when you have to pay 60

dollars per day for a nanny for two

hours So that's what it costs then remember

that if one travels to Canada, it's not just a matter of

to expect to have the same life as

we had our countries without a life

life is going to be different yes

that life is going to be tougher Yes but

when one can in the balance that

the hardness of having to clean the house

washing the dishes and cooking and gluing the

children with the peace of mind to put the

with the children and know that they will never

nothing is going to happen to them or that our house

is not going to be assaulted or we are going to make

kidnapped or raped or something in the

I think that the balance will be

and what one loses from that luxury.

our countries are compensated by

the stability that Canada provides wanted

tell them that so that we can be with the

feet on the ground and know to whom we are

we come here and how life is around here are

well bye bye

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