How to obtain residency in Ontario?

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to achieve your goals of reaching

Canada and obtain residency

to serve in this country of the

hand of the migration consultants of

Milan Canada we are all regulated

to serve you from a to Z in

their process of arriving in this country to

more info check the information below

down now we are going to give the day of a

very important issue, which is residency

permanent when you study at the

province of Ontario, I don't know if you

follow on instagram go check out the

this week's video stories

because this week I focus on

to obtain residency in the province

Ontario starting Ontario because

I don't know if you are aware of the

province attracting the most students

international markets across Canada then

the province as the largest and most

attractive to students and today what

I want to explain in this video is How

to obtain permanent residency if

you study in Ontario Remember a

important thing when you do not travel to

Canada to study there are two ways to

to obtain residency one as

Temporary student and then the

goal is to obtain residency

permanent to do someday

citizen then in order to achieve that

permanent residence exist as two

roads imagine two roads two roads two roads

one that is the Federal plan that

is to obtain residency with the

Canadian government directly in the

that 12 months of experience is required in

a noxero ao BS people what they do is

who travels to Canada studies and graduates

applies the Edition Word permit and

get a job offer

professional or technical works 12 months and

requests residency through the Federal plan

but this plan is sometimes very

competitive And so many people

have the points to achieve the

residence for that plan and they are left with the

plan two which is the nomination plan

provincial which Very few people

take into account and the one I want

tell you today in the province

Ontario is basically two plans of

provincial nomination for students

Well actually there are three for

to obtain permanent residency

after graduation

I'm going to pause for a moment.

comment on one thing in emaland we have

Department of Education In which

we can check you at any time.

College in Canada as we work with

90% of the cabbages in this country if you

want Emiliano to register College

you can send an e-mail to education

Milan Creek or input

link below in the description of

this video for now in the province

Ontario we can register them to these

cabbages that are here or to these

university that are here So if

you here in the information you have

in front of you you see a college university

you are looking for send us a

mail and watching it register without any

extra cost and many of our

agreements give us full registration

free and you can save 150 or 200

process dollars

now back to the vibration plan if

you Ontario province to study

know that there are several ways to get

permanent residence, let's say more

expressenche What are

we start with a pathway called

occupations in demand under this option

if the student of the couple while

the student is studying or even

the couple after graduation but the

student after graduation gets

experience in these areas can draw on

permanent residency What are the

are for them to take into account a

idea are the don't know or d i.e. careers

that do not require previous studies but

is to work on anything without

in the province of Ontario to work

on anything is regulated i.e.

It's not just any job in any

thing but what work that the Ontario

Search And what are you looking for that are

defendants for example in the part of

construction as an inspector of

construction or as an assistant to

construction work cutting meats or

working as a painter caregiver

industrial and many other occupations

that I place here in this well

large for them to see if you

get a job in the province of

Ontario because he comes to study and then

graduate get a job here or

comes with her student partner and the

partner gets a job here or you

is out of Canada and gets a job

in Canada know that if you get a job

in these c o d not these are the only ones

noxious that they give residence for

provincial nomination of the notary if

you get a job offer at

an oxeo of a different style that is not in

sadly, this experience is ready

will not give you permanent residency

then what does the government ask for?

get a job offer in these

jobs the offer has to be

permanent i.e. not For a certain period of time

but indefinite

it has to be to get you

experience for at least nine months in

that work the same as the offer of

employment, i.e. start working

nine months has the offer in hand and

in addition to a higher level of English

four what is an English level

and the backrest of the

employer if you get these

elements know that you the student

after graduation your partner While

you are studying OR you are traveling

to Canada to work in these areas

you can apply for permanent residency

in Canada when you get 9 months of

experience Now there is another plan to

permanent residence in the province

Ontario which is called

International student with other and

playment or Job offer this option is very

good because it allows students

graduates of any College in Canada

or any university in Canada that is

move to Ontario or who live in Ontario

while they are studying.

can graduate as a notary or outside If

you get a job offer at

an employer of necessary that has

a job offer in a nox position

0av which is a professional position or

and apart from that employer of

Ontario meets certain requirements

I am going to leave the links below so that

read the specific elements of the

The attractiveness of this job offer is the attractiveness of this

The plan is that the job offer plus the

graduation diploma from Canada

allows you to apply for residency

permanent difference the previous one is a

I don't know or d i.e. works in any

that you do not ask for studies for that

option You have to get nine months

of experience for the option I have just

of giving that is International student si

you get a job offer at

a nox-0 a or b

that job offer alone plus

intention to live in Ontario and the

diploma will enable you to

you apply for permanent residence

no need to get the 12 months

of experience required for Express entry

is much faster Then this option

is very very good and also serves to

student the partner or a worker who

arrives in Canada and in option 3 that

Ontario's option is to apply to

residency when you graduate from

a master's degree in the province of Ontario

a master's degree or a phd the fact of

have graduated from college

master's degree or phd and have the intention to

living in the province of Ontario and a level

of English clb7 you can now apply to

direct permanent residence


we summarize the three options because we know

that are going to confuse the option number

one is the one the student has if not

get a job offer

professional or technical

get a job offer at a nox c o

d but is in demand in the

province of Ontario in the box that

shown above if you get an offer on

that item has to work there nine

months permanent offer and support to the

employer option 2 if you

get an offer after graduation

of employment in a noxero a or b then

here the job offer plus the diploma

of studies allows you to apply to

permanent residence in the form of

and option number 3, which is the direct option, and option number 3, which is the

the better the VIP is the better you will be

Duel master's degree or university that diploma

alone allows you to apply the

permanent residence this in a manner

general the three residency plans

that offer provincial nomination of

Ontario I leave you here the link below for

that you read about these plans

of the province of Ontario directly

Canada page and if you have questions and

do not know how to adapt this plan and

put it in context for you

you can send an email to info at info at y to serve you on your

process or if they wish to intimidate you

College Registry in which

we show in the province Ontario

we have more in many parts of Canada

I'll tell you later Which one to send

an email to

education@milan that it is very

well bye bye

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