11,000 residences to Colombians, Venezuelans and Haitians. With direct family in Canada





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The Canadian government has just announced

that will receive 11,000 people in Canada

who are Venezuelan Colombians or Colombian

Haitians and who have a direct family member

in Canada and the link to apply is

open for half an hour So

I recommend that you apply now because

quotas are going to run out very, very quickly

and there are only 11,000 places I'm going to go

straight to the point, I will tell you what

have to do to make sure that you

apply today or tomorrow because I know that the

quotas are going to run out I am too

shocked because it is honestly a plan

This is not going to happen all at once.

new and it's impressive we started

who can apply, i.e. who

being outside Canada you can apply

in order to apply you need to be

Venezuelan-Colombian Venezuelan-Colombian citizen u

Haitian and be located living in

Mexico Central America South America or the

Caribbean, i.e. if you live in that

moment in the United States

unfortunately you will not be able to apply

next to be a domestic partner spouse

regardless of age, do not have a child of any age.

age grandchild grandparent grandparent grandparent

sibling of a Canadian citizen or

permanent resident who is willing to

to support your application and meets the

requirements is called a support person

plan to live outside of the

province of Quebec if you want to

living in the province of Quebec is no good

and if your Canadian family member or resident

lives in the province of

Quebec unfortunately cannot apply

i.e. i live in the province of

Quebec I am a Canadian citizen but my mother

cannot apply under this program yet

being Venezuelan because I live in

Quebec sadly must you person

that it is outside of Canada to have a

valid passport or travel document

or an identity document

legible we now follow the person who

is in Canada what does it have to have

you must be a Canadian citizen or

permanent resident must be 18 years of age

age and must live within Canada if

You live outside of Canada and are a citizen

resident does not qualify and apart from this

must live outside the province of

Quebec i.e. if I am a resident

permanent or citizen but live in

Quebec I don't qualify to bring my mom here.

in addition, the person must not be

object of an expulsion order not to be

in any penitentiary center

not having been convicted in Canada for a

crime of murder, i.e. to be at the

day with the law and with immigration all

the requirements are here walking and

you can see them below in the link of the

description because in order for you to

I place the link

below is the person the support person

must have responsibilities Which

are the Canadian or resident has to

to help you in the first few months of

first year to settle in Canada

who will be responsible to you for the

first year and has to cover the first year and has to cover the first year and has to cover the first year and has to cover the

basic needs reception when

the applicant and his family if it is

the case you will be responsible for

pick them up at the airports and take them to the

where they will be staying should help them to

finding a home must also

to help them to have access to the

food, clothing and other basic necessities

you are responsible you have to

help you access services

important as a family physician.

get enough dentists and dentists

anything that includes the person

to settle in Canada the person

remember someone asked me in

instagram edie me to be able to work

answer is yes if you are

Colombian or Venezuelan ian and apply

This program AND you benefit

you don't have to worry about

work or study you are going to get to

Canada as a permanent resident This is

her home, i.e. my husband in Canada is

permanent resident took 10 years

you are going to arrive and you are already going to be

permanent resident that's how crazy it's been

and the link to apply is a

ircc online portal this portal at

line because they are going to get it

in the link below you have to get

the link and apply through that

portal not for another site the link is

in the description of this video and well

nothing I am too happy eh I am

too shocked because I thought

that this plan was going to be for people

who were as refugees in other countries

countries and impressively has no

refugees and their families in

Canada nor ust abroad is

Simply to be Venezuelan Colombian

or Haitian and have a family member in Canada

directly on the list that I just gave you

and apply in a timely manner as they are

certain quotas are 11,000 quotas and therefore I

I'm sure that between now and Monday today is

Friday by Monday most likely

is that the quotas will run out, they have to

complete the forms of the form

there are many suitable lean forms

well use Google Translate fill out

information as it should be uploaded.

documents to the portal do things

well done step by step so that your

application is valid apply and does not

waste time because that opportunity is

unique and it is impressive that it is

I'm a little bit sad because

my mom can't apply but well no

is already a personal position since I am in

Quebec But I hope that if you are

outside Quebec or you outside Canada

and has family in Canada who can

I wish you all the best to help you in this process.

world's luck apply immediately

kisses to all of you be well and

best of luck to whoever applies bye bye


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