Permanent residence without work experience in Quebec. Changes in immigration law.

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It is official the province of Quebec is

pronounced about changes that are going to

impact the future of many, many people

students and workers in the

province of Quebec I want to

and explain to them what I know about the

understand what will be the changes that will

will take effect as of December 23, 2009.

November as there are many people

asking about it in confusion

on the subject the main change is that

the positive news in this story is

that people from the province of Quebec

bachelor's or bachelor's degree students

who are pursuing studies in

French i.e. your university of

French classes and you studying

in French will be able to graduate and

automatically from November 23, 2009 to November 23, 2009

2023 apply for permanent residence

by the pec student plan with so

only show your college diploma is

say to study at a college or university

in Quebec in French will generate

automatically permanent residency

no work experience required

downstairs very good news all perfect

all happy and the important question is to

edy And if I'm studying in Quebec or

I will study in English in the future at

Quebec in English What do I do How can I

to obtain permanent residency and

Here I would like to explain about it.

that I'm going to split this video in two

parts if you are not in Quebec or if

you are already in Quebec if you are not

in Quebec And you will get to the

province of Quebec to study

obviously try to study in Fran

at a college or university in the

province of Quebec because the advantage

The main thing is that graduates of the province

from Quebec studying in French are going to

to be able to apply for permanent residency

immediately after graduation with

just to show the diploma So

focus on the French language if you are not

in Quebec and wish to study in English

wait for the next part to be explained

now you are already in the province of

Quebec studying is here living and

you are already studying in English

already graduated OR about to graduate

pending with that information if you

is already here in Quebec and is studying

in English or graduated from a program in English.

English is important if

you before next November

2024 has already graduated and is now capable of

get 12 months of experience if

studied a bachelor or a dec if you get

its 12 months of qualified experience and

English will be able to apply the

residence by the Quebec plan

students if you have graduated from a

a dep is going to have to get 18 months

after graduation and can do so if

study in English as long as that

experience you have gained

before November

2024 What happens if you graduate now?

or you are not able to get this

experience before november

2024 and you are a graduate of a program in

in English means that you no longer

will be able to apply for residency by the

plan that sees which student but which is going to

through other channels

the most normal one is going to be you

finish your dp DC or bachelor classes

in English not in French in French already

knows that it applies immediately upon graduation

in English and after graduation if not

experience before the end of the year.

November 2024 will have to apply the

residence by other means in Quebec there are

three ways the first is the pilot plan

that in Quebec there are many pilot plans

for example technology, there are several

options for this so please look for

that information the second is for the pec

of worker Must get 24

months of professional experience or

and a b2 level French or the

another option is the Quebec skill worker

which is kind of like a canid plan, which is like a canid

experience class which is a plan of

Express entry but what is the future in which its

profile will be taken into account in

their age, their level of French, their

previous studies and in addition to this the

experience you have in Quebec or

the validated job offer that you

if you are outside the island of

montral will have more points so

this option may be a way for you

to obtain permanent residency now if

these three routes do not like it because they do not

wants to work 24 months has to

thinking about leaving the province of Quebec

if you leave Quebec you can move to

a province other than Quebec with

your post graduation work permit and take out

residence by provincial nomination

out of Quebec moves to Ontario to

manitoba Prince Edward Island works

there and obtains residency by

provincial nomination another option than

can play is to graduate in Quebec

get after graduation 12 months

of experience in a professional position or

technical an advanced level of English

good French and apply for residency

by the Federal plan called canadian

experience Class of the Express entry I know

which sounds confusing because it is so much so much

but basically it is to take into account the

account that if you are in Quebec and do not

achieves the experience of 12

o 18 months before November 2024

must be included in the workers' plan

or another plan since it will not be able to

apply for the pec student plan

because this pec student plan is going to

be reserved for students who are

have graduated in the province of Quebec

of a program that is in French if

you are studying an a me van a

I'm sure I can ask the

The company has not been a part of the

pec student but of pec worker

So ace students already have

to get 24 months of experience and

a French b2 basically estu in Quebec

in English a DC a dp or a bachelor is going to

be the same as if you were studying a

The company has to graduate and get

24 4 months of experience after

graduated if your studies are in English

I hope that this video instead of

confuse explain and help you

to understand it better that it is very well and

November 23 if there is any change

I will gladly leave them with you

know bye bye bye

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