How to REMOVE the LMIA to work in all of Canada?

Achieve the required level of French with us:

This migration plan, which I bring you today 🔥, is going to allow people from ALL over the WORLD, regardless of their nationality, to travel to #canada with a facilitated work permit, REGARDLESS of the province (except Quebec) they choose and the job they get (except agriculture). Under this option called: Mobilité Francophone, they will enjoy the same benefit that countries like Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Panama enjoy today, thanks to the free trade agreements (FTA) that exist between these countries and #canada.

So study FRENCH 🚨 judiciously by the hand of Immiland and Planeta Immiland, because we have released a course with a very affordable price to achieve that level of French CLB5 that is required to apply for the visa.

Link to the law:

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be today I am

too happy because Les

I bring a migration plan that is going to

allow the character everyone

regardless of your nationality if you

of Venezuela Argentina Uruguay Paraguay

to travel to Canada on a Canadian visa.

work facilitated regardless of the

province whichever province you go to in Canada except

Quebec and the job you get

except agriculture means that

this law Applies to the entire country all

the provinces of Canada except the

province of Quebec and in addition also

applies to any profession except

of farmers under this option that will

to apply to you today, you are going to enjoy

of the same benefit enjoyed by individuals

from Peru, Colombia, Panama, Chile and Mexico

you always say But why those

countries have agreements that make it the

life easier and me as Argentina

Venezuela Uruguay El Salvador Guatemala

I don't have that benefit Well today you

has it and that's why I'm so happy

what this is called movilite francofont

since about 20 days ago on June 15

No yes, on June 15, 2023, the

Canadian government indicated that individuals

demonstrating a level of French clb

five and who gets an offer of

employment I.e. you have to get the

job offer anywhere in the world

Canada in any line of work as follows

be in English but demonstrate that you have

a level of French lb5 may apply

to a work permit with a lma

exemption means that you do not

need your Canadian employer to provide you with

say Canada Canada I am looking for the

foreign employer foreign employee

because I can't find anyone in Canada who

this requirement does not exist

for you people all over the world

but they have to demonstrate that at the level of

French do not panic French

lb5 conversational i.e. listened to and

spoken is not the something of the other world is

possible to achieve if one makes an effort

I digress here we investigate with

the plant teachers and Milano

education who give French classes and

we ask someone who does not know how to speak

French How much time do you need to

to achieve a level of French lb5

we did the math and determined that they are

12.5 weeks with three hours of class per week.

day from Monday to Thursday then and Milan

and Milan has taken out a

French course at a super super super price

accessible are the links below in the

side to take classes monday tuesday tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday three hours a day

to achieve a level of French clb 5

This level of French is required for

that you apply for the visa How to

it works this way you get an offer

employment I repeat in any field is

important to put on a thing has

to meet the educational requirements

and blond labor you get

for example, of course, I am Venezuelan and

I live in Venezuela and have a studio in


and I got a Canada plan offer

as an architect and the offer of employment

it is given in Toronto as I am Venezuelan.

i need an already positive lm But if i

my evidence that the

french lb5 will not require the lma

positive in addition to taking out the clb-5

I need to prove that I am educated

architect and that I have the experience

as an architect for the

since I will be working in Canada if

I have never worked as an architect and

I am not an architect I cannot

apply the same Applies to graphic

designers carpenters


who drives buses people who leave in

butchers butchers bakers

cooks business informatics

engineering all apply Then how

this works I am looking for a job offer

anywhere in Canada I demonstrate

level of French

apart from the fact that I have the

experience that my noc or the tear asks of me

and apply under exception c16 the

exception c16 which your employer has

to demonstrate when validating the offer of

employment here important points to take

in account my partner wife cohabitant

concubine even if he does not speak French

you can apply for a work permit

open with me my children if they have

between 0 and 5 years visa permit of

tourism and five and over in age

school children under 22 years of age can apply to

a study permit Then I can

travel to Canada with my entire family

points to consider first apply

people from all over the world second in

all of Canada third

is going to cover any type of

profession professional technical career u

trade except

farmers and in all of Canada except

Quebec I need a job offer in

a North linked to what I studied and what I

I have experience and fifth must have

demonstrate a level of French How to

I demonstrate the level of French a lot

be careful with this you can show it with the

tef exam is an official exam of

recognized by Canada Second if I

study at a college university in

French evidence my studies or third

a course that you have taken that will help you

delivers a certificate showing that

you have the clb5 level which is

certificate is the one to be delivered

silver and Milan if you get the level

clb 5 now parentheses I know I don't

we are all of us but some of us are going to

think about turning the system upside down

when at the border The officer from

immigration receives a person with this

work permit under morite

francofont the officer is going to interview

the candidate in French and if the official

you realize that you do not speak French

to a clb 5 level and that the papers that

sent They are false will arrive the entry

to Canada and can then deport you Ni

lie because they are going to be given

account that you do not throw important point

remember the job offer can be

in English no matter the language even

may even work in Spanish

as long as you demonstrate a

famous five you except al lmia es

as for example with the Colombians

Peruvians, Chileans, Mexicans and Panamanians

what makes them exempt from the lmi is the

nationality or permanent residence

and the experience in a noc that

is covered in the treaty with your country

that is what makes them exempt

but here we are going to be

exempted is French 5

in my eyes this changes everything because

remember if you travel to Canada with

a job offer with an lmi

accention and get your experience of

job AND you can apply to the

residence by nomination prioritized by

Express Centre apart from your family

your children your wife your husband with

combining partner you are

living in Canada and is the way

simpler than the rest of the world

Then take advantage of this option because I

I think that since this option is not going to

others do not put the French language as a

but rather that they think that if they

take classes three hours a day for three

months can achieve their dream

when approaching the Canadian

Canadian employers need to know

very well the law I leave the link to the law

below in this video for you to read and

are able to explain to their

Canadian employer that if you have

a level of French clb 5 the employer

does not have to have an already positive lm, and

the process of achieving

the work permit is much more

simple than if it were an already positive lm

always ask, "And when will the

Argentines For when will Venezuelans

I send you a kiss

all the best and best wishes to all of you

I hope you like this news so much

like me bye bye

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