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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Dairy Ramirez and my objective is that

you arrive in Canada by way of the

legal as it should be I am a consultant

regular government immigration

Canadian and sends you the consultants and

look we are here to serve you

you throughout your process

today I study exactly 9 days to attend

Look at this baby Look at this belly I've got

So if you see me in the video without air and

because obviously things are already going well.

which is quite busy

I am making this video today because you

ya but why are you making videos

if you're about to have a baby Yes, but you don't want it

I do this because something very important is happening to me.

interesting in my house and I started to make

a search and I really stayed

impressed with what you are going to

listen today and I want to share it

with you at my home in my dishwasher Se

here in Canada, it is very common to have

dishwashers in homes

The electric power grid in Venezuela is not seen in the

the rest of the world, but not in Venezuela.

is not very typical to have it and

it turns out that it was damaged because the connection

of the hose that connects to the chainplate

normal breaks down and a plumber has to be brought in.

to fix it

And yesterday I made a phone call to

plumbers to fix it and I was left with

impressed because I started to do the math

and I said Wow, today I'm going to tell them


How much money a plumber can look at

working in Canada, i.e. the salary

what does a plumber charge a company

plumbing by the hour for one hour of work of a

plumber in this country began by

tell them something that I really like this

country I boast of Venezuela ok I don't know the

the rest of the world but in my country the

parents are always you have to go to the

college you have to study study study

study at the university graduated from

lawyer lawyer architect engineer

make a lot of money you have to make

master's degrees is a crazy thing to do.

pressure to go to college and

study invest time five years of

Master's degree two years and one year goes by

life studying because

obviously does a better job

that exist, but here in the United States, we

Canada, things are different here in

Canada a plumber listen to me very well a

plumber can do

per hour between 120

180 and up to $500 per hour of

depending on the complexity of the

work you do say a plumber can

make an annual salary of

100,000 to 150,180 to 200,200 thousand dollars

yearly these ladies and gentlemen what they

makes a lawyer in Canada in salary

Even a physician who is just starting his or her

race does this then

here in Canada, pay equity is

impressive and in works such as

plumbers who are supremely skilled

difficult and that I love that they are

These are paid in these ways in Canada.

So I sat down today and I recognized the

would like some pages on the internet and then

to seek salaries for the main salaries

Cities in Canada search Montreal

Toronto and Vancouver and then me as

you as immigrants can Search

job offers in Canada as

plumbers or they can come to Canada to

working as plumbers or getting in the

plumber labor market So

Let's start immediately with this video

I started by searching for

the salary in Toronto, which is where

many people are going to live not in the

province of Ontario Then

the average cost per hour of labor

ranges from $200 to $300 and the

It's simple, they can charge you for

hour of work and each additional hour

may be a little more economical, but the

main hour the first hour of 200 to

300 an hour and then I said okay let's go to

see how much it would cost what I am

my house, which is to accommodate a

dishwasher and it turns out that

the dish washer claims to install a test

Washer or fix it can cost in

any amount between $500 and $800

changed this Washer can cost between

300 and 550 dollars a change, that is to say one

comes against a this Washer a Washer

of dishes calls the plumber and asks him to

come to install it you can charge one

up to $550 installed in a bathroom

How much does it cost to encelado a bath can

cost between US$180 and US$350 of

install a bathroom How much does it cost

replacing a broken toilet can

cost up to $480 Replacement

then there are those who charge by the hour for

work then charge for the project

And if I delay changing a bathroom for a

I'm going to the toilet for an hour because I'm going to

charge 480 for the work I did

in the city of Vancouver by the


establish plumber

142 dollars minimum one point five hours

of service

each additional hour at work 45

every additional half hour 47.5 if you are

above one point five or the hour

additional cost can be 285 per hour and if

emergency work can cost up to

up to $500, i.e. for example

I phoned and explained to the plumber

that I needed you to do it because

as soon as he told me that in emergency I told him

Well he didn't tell me Okay then I'll go to you

to be agreed depends on the work between 120

and 180 the time but if I had

fact that it is an emergency and that it has

to come to my house today he can

to hang up on me at $500 an hour and here it is

the craziest thing in the world is coming

no problem everyone who calls is

available for there I had to

wait until the end of this coming week and

the most ball I got was for the

next Monday today is Wednesday and I have

to wait until Monday because the most

soon is next Monday then I

I drew up a very simple account then

Well, let's imagine that

between all this that we have just seen, the

numbers in Toronto and Vancouver and the

that I compared it to Montreal we are going to

imagine how good emergencies are

repair or dishwasher washbasin vamos

to say that the hour is 120 the hour of


120 dollars per hour Ok

multiplied by five working hours

let's say eight hours a day

he works five to five hours a

day five jobs are 600 a day 600

for 5 is 3000 per week

for four weeks per month is 12,000 per month.

twelve months of the year is 144,000 if I am

I'm focusing on the lowest I can get.

agreed that there were 120.

salary can be much higher than it is

what an hour charges an hour of

company for repairing a plumbing in

Canada then

144 thousand dollars can be made by a plumber

working in Canada now the question

of the million Well I am in my country I

I am the super Master pilot was going to Canada to

work the plumber How do I do

like everything else in life in Canada you have

that you have to know different things first than

you want a country that has provinces and

each province establishes its own

ways of working requirements for the

permanent residence immigration and

also regulates

occupations then there are provinces in

Canada in which the plumber's profession

is regulated, i.e. for you to

can practice as a plumber or you can be

a house and works as a problem solver.

yourself certified plumber you

100% need to be certified by

other provinces in the province that do not have

need that So if you by

example plumbers

and you are looking for a job in Canada

I recommend Search for the job offer in

provinces where it is not regulated

by an order certifying plumbers

if on the other hand you are traveling to Canada

with your let's say you are married to

a student who travels to Canada to

study I remember when you study

in Canada your partner will have a visa

open-ended work let's say that you the

plumber is the partner is a student

have your partner choose the student

a college career in

a province in which their profession does not

is regulated so that you can reach the

province with your offer with your visa

work your open work permit and

there Search for a lack of work as

plumber and begins to grow

Obviously, salary-wise, it may be that

you are not going to make 144,000

years but will earn a very good salary

starting as an employee now to the point

Which are the provinces in which they do

is regulated and mandatory for

plumber is certified

we start with new Scotland Prince

Eduard Island New Brunswick Quebec


saskatchewan and Alberta in these

new provinces Scotland princess

Quebec Ontario saskatchewan and Alberta si

you want to work as a plumber you must

pass the plumbers order

if you do not want to pass the

plumbers because you want to earn

work at once, look for the offer and

most recommended is obviously to look for the

job offers in provinces such as

Labrador or that your partner studies there

manitoba which is a geniata province

thing that permanent residency

British Columbia where Cooper

you with and the northern territories more

then if you are in your country and

I want to search for a job offer

look for it in the provinces that do not have

require you to have the credential

now I started searching here on the internet

look at all that I really up to

today I didn't know about it I mean I didn't know about it I mean I didn't know about it I didn't know about it

was not steeped in the reality of the

I work as a plumber and I am very happy

of commenting this to you in

internet is all I got into

the Internet and placed

Quebec building commission

construction commission

and searched for What are the tests for

pass that one on is called information shit on

the qualification examination plumber

examination and here explains if in case of

you are in Quebecqui want to do

plumber what you need to know about a plumber

class has to have a university or college or

have studied or demonstrated experience


and has to pass exams and there is the

The exam has three sections, the first one

section is about installation

plumbing system modifications

this is equivalent to 65% of the exam and here

talk about interpreting blueprints and

specifications take action take action take action take action

measures for passing system pipes

sanitary, storm, ventilation and

drinking water distribution

installation of brackets put in place and

connect but

my Spanish I am translating from French

a Spanish

production services arrangements

installation of rainwater pipes and

then the second one does some sessions

performance performing pumping finance

maintenance of plumbing systems

and the third is system repairs

plumbing maintenance repair and


the three categories of the exam and each

one has a percentage so if

you wish to exercise complement in the

province of Quebec whether you have to

do this

look I have always said that when you

me Grenada has a very strategic approach to

good and this to really look for in what

province your profession may be

exercised easier less complicated

to enter the labor market in the form of

direct is the best way for you to

can travel to Canada because you

are organizing their migration for that reason

is that I always tell my videos

evaluate your profiles Why Why not

is nothing more than the wife deciding where

I am going to study with my partner Las Pozas the

who is the one I'm going to work with if I

I need to know that what I know how to do in

the province is well appreciated both

economically and financially, as well as in terms of

that I can work it and go to that

province where I can do it

because imagine that I this case I I I

I am a student and I am married to a

plumber and I'm going to Toronto and I've already seen that

in Toronto is a regulated profession my

husband may not be able to work as a

will immediately have to make a few

exams a few courses and it's going to get complicated

life Because I'd better not choose one

province in which I know my husband

will get a job that job in the

that he knows how to do that job give you

permanent residence AND on top of that

on top of that we will be able to live as

Reyes Because look, when I arrived at

Canada I earned 10 dollars

the 10th hour

y That was my hourly wage for

a very long time why Because I

I cleaned houses I cleaned offices

I cleaned that I didn't do that I cleaned everything

I the cleanliness of the whole world I

cleaned restaurants, discotheques and pay

the time

ten and on top of that they also tipped for

example Then I went upstairs and I

I remember when I came to a job that

pay the hour 15 I said my God the

hour 15 I made it then to 18 Wow and so on.

I went up but I started to win the

hour at $10.00 and that's in addition to the

the tips they were giving me and I was

growing and I started with my salary at the

hour to ten if you do things

well-informed and seek How to

to enter the labor market by reaching

canadian hourly rate at 30 40 50 and

to aspire to win in the return of one or two

years an hour 120 180 as a plumber OK

So that's why I always my

videos I place so much emphasis on choosing the

the right way for the company to

you accommodate your migration plan and

make sure that when you get to

Canada get to live well as Kings

I hope you find this video useful.

download the links of interest below

written And you are a quote

or they said to make them their civil or

any service we can provide

to guide you through this process

employment in Canada here we are for

all the information you need is below

in the description of this video Thank you

to you for all your love


I'm going to have a baby obviously I don't know

worry That I left a lot of material already

recorded for the following week.

I'm going to disappear I'm still going to be here

information but the video and I don't

I'll let you know how I'm doing and I will

How much do you charge me for the

repair of my plumbing system

dishwasher in my house Kisses to all of you that

be well until next time

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