Work permit facilitated for Canada to these countries: Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Here are the links to the FTAs:

Colombia and Peru (same professions)

Chile and Mexico (same professions)



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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez to help you to

to Canada I am a consultant

regulating the government in Canada Thus

that I am able to serve you in

you throughout your migration process

to Canada as well as the consultants of

Milano Canada we are here to serve you

from a to Z to get them to Canada

by legal means as it should be

we are going to talk about a very important

interesting that they are the famous tlc that

trade treaties fall within the scope of the

free agreemens competing to five

Latin countries which are Mexico Chile

Colombia Peru and Panama these five

countries have an agreement with Canada that

because it allows certain people to

apply for the work visa or the

work permit facilitated because the

lma does not exist instead of the boss

Canada to ask for permission for the

let him work in Canada the boss will

informs Canada that you are going to

work here but that's not going to be this

video because I have a lot of videos at

In this video I am going to clarify

myths or misconceptions about this

program many people think that because of the

the simple fact of being a citizen of these

five countries already the TL is applied for

you The answer is not the tlc.

has certain criteria or certain

requirements we will begin to evaluate

each of them with concrete examples

for you to understand if you

apply one first is related to

your immigration status if you are

five countries know that chile and Mexico

require you to be citizens, i.e.

with a Mexican or Chilean passport

Mexican or Chilean citizens if you

permanent resident is no good

now you can be a citizen

Mexican Chilean because you were born there

or because you became a citizen

because he lived in the country.

naturalized to enter but with Peru

Colombia and Panama you can be

permanent resident or citizen So

if you are living temporarily

permanently in the country but not as a

Citizen but as a permanent resident

the tlc Applies to you right off the bat

first element ready

second requirement is that you have a

a trade, that is to say, you have already studied or

work in an occupation that is in the

list of tlc trades is not that

because I am a Colombian physician and I am

colombian cry to tlc not doctors

Colombians are excluded we will see

the lists I am going to leave them in the

links below but I want you to

listen to this

Colombia's FTA with Peru are a copy

So the Colombia-Peru FTA reads as follows

that they are only excluded from the ftaa.

the following persons excluded

any person working in health care

Education and social sciences and

social services then any

person of medical art is excluded

all professions related to

culture with cultural industries such as

le for example people working in

bookstores in book publishing

broadcasting and performing creation

fitness recreation the sports part

manufacturing communications manager

in profits

in construction and all that are lawyers

judges and notaries have then excluded

you are on this list know that the tlc

does not apply to you if you

professional and is not on this list

if you enter Mexico and Mexico's tlc

Colombia or Peru

Colombia is different in the case of the

giant technical list that I'm going to leave

here in Colombia and Peru if you

and has one of these

work experiences know that you

will be protected in Mexico and Chile.

the list through Mexico's nafta and

chile's tlc is a little bit smaller

because nothing else accepts professional

below, and the transpacific of

Mexico accepts technicians in Panama

professionals are also accepted, nothing more

then the second requirement is

that you have the profession or the

technical career that is within that

list of professions or technicians and the

third element is that you have the

experience or the studies required for that

technical load, i.e.

if you want to travel to Canada because

You are looking for a job offer as

systems engineer or engineer in

computer scientist or computer scientist

he has to know that you as

tlc western engineer first element

but tls is also linked to

what is called the noc or the

each profession has a North let's say

that I am a computer scientist because I learned

alone but I got an offer of

employment in Canada as a computer scientist I

I am Colombian and I am on the list of

tlc I would think that I would go in and see the

noc the computer nocta says that for

i need to be a computer scientist to be able to have

gone to college

So if I am a computer scientist, why am I

I learned at home alone because sadly

I am not qualifying with the third

element which is to comply with the noc

or tir Then I get an offer

of employment in Canada in one of these

positions I need to demonstrate the

Canada than to the immigration officer who

I am Colombian and I am on that list.

of professions And that apart from that I

I qualify under the noc or the tear for

work under the jobs of the

professional that led Canada to

work if, for example, I am a doctor in

Colombia or Peru

y I want to travel to work as a doctor

but I don't go in because the tlc takes me out

excludes me as you know doctor does not

can be for the fta as well as

lawyers for example and I say Hey Yo

I got a job offer as


pure channel to work as a carpenter my

question is going to be do you have studies

of carpentry you have experience

carpenter's previous if the answer is

not sadly Even if you are

Colombian and have a job offer

as a carpenter entering into the tlc

you cannot apply Why Because the

knock or carpenter's pull requests

that you have an academic background or

who has work experience have

to check the north always for

to corroborate that you comply with this

experience or those requirements that the

system requests I will share them here

on this screen show you what they look like

them and how you can search for it

basically they go to Google place by

example Carpenter nox to enter the

link of the noc and they will download the part that

says employment requirements and here they go

to see the employability requirements

that asks that Enoch or the tear and they go to

realize that some ask for studies others

previous work experience required others

Pines University studies masters or

phds or studies of the school or

baccalaureate or college and others

one, two, three years of experience is required

if you don't have what it takes to get a job if you don't have what it takes to

employed him

Unfortunately, even if it is

Colombian citizenship or between citizenship to the country

you are looking for by tlc and

have the Canadian job offer that

is included in the list of professions or

technicians if you do not qualify with the

Tears your visa is going to be denied because

you are not eligible

I hope this video does not confuse you

but helps them to understand more about the

process and avoid visa refusals or

confusion that you may reach the

to give them to Canada in a form that is not the

Switzerland has finally become a

denied And you lose your money

I send a kiss to everyone I hope you are

very well until next time And if you have

questions info arro Milano

for an immigrant consultant to become an

take care of evaluating your profiles bye bye


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