Particularities of the Canadian visa application:

The application is 100% online (this is the most recommended way).

CIC has a special portal for clients and another one for consultants. All forms and documents supporting the application are uploaded to this portal.

All the messages of the application arrive on the same portal. It is very important that you do not forget the access and that you are always attentive to the portal, the system is in English or French.

The documents supporting the application must all be sent with their translations into French or English (official translator).

Response times differ from one application to another.

You can make your own application without hiring a consultant to carry it out. This is a personal decision.

When you apply for a Canadian visa there is no interview with anyone at the embassy. The only means of communication between you and the officer who approves or denies the visa is the letter of motivation.

For more information or if you would like Immiland to process your visa please send an email to

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel I hope you are doing great

my name is Ramirez and I am a consultant

Canadian government regulator

invited to take you to

to Canada new year new life new life and

all people have new expectations

new year's resolutions and I want to

that in this video you start your

process than to travel to Canada and define

how they are going to do it step by step to

Canada this year or when

and I want to tell you about

from start to finish many of the elements

important that you want to take into account

to define which way is the

Canada so that you can

to self-analyze and to know how to achieve

to Canada by the route of your choice

or the one that suits them best start to

to point out one important thing

is that every plan to travel to Canada

requires an element that makes it

For example, if you say today

I want to go to Canada to work is not

like you say Ah I'm going to a

restaurant orders a pizza not for

you come to Canada to work

you have to comply with certain

requirements are like ingredients

to make that Pizza the same if you

is good for Canada studying is not like

who woke up one day and said Ay macana va

to study and I didn't do anything and I arrived at

Canada to study has to comply with

certain ingredients and so on, and so on with all the

migration plans So today I'm going to

to give you as a kind of

summary of them and help you

decide because it is in my best interest to take the step

a step one identify the plan

that best suits your profile

know that not all people have

some profiles and not all others

social financial capabilities of

past travels elaborated educational

to make the same choices for

to come to Canada and that's why it's very

important to have an X-ray

basically for you to take the

migration plan that is going to bring it to canal

which is the first step

I can say there are many plans but

basically the three main plans

are always the same study, work or

Express entry you need to be able to

to have an X-ray to understand

by which of these three ways have we attracted

for you to travel obviously the way of

work is opened in certain

branches and the expressway as well.

there are many options but let's take a look at the

main ones that exist Ok Unless

you marry a Canadian and you

take out for answering chip or what applies

A shelter that is different but the

three main ones are work study

So how are we going to identify which

is the one that is good

you have a tool that is

free of charge with Milan which is called

free profile evaluation is a free

free evaluation is a guide and is

Honestly, it is an evaluation that is

makes a system that views your profile and

Define what options to tell me and you

of these three options, which one applies to you?

it costs nothing I'm going to try it I leave the

link below in the description so that

you use it as a guide AND you

say Ok and look he told me he couldn't.

Canada by Expressway then I can

go with the life of studies or work or

that only by studies I have been able to

focus on studies Ok is a life

free of charge for a free evaluation

is obviously subject to possible

errors because the information

exchanges is very basic, it may be that

there are errors but what I want is

that you have a guide to

start and there it is free of charge take it in addition

of this let's say you made a

free evaluation here or anywhere else and

you saw coming up is the way of study

expressentry work please

you can also see the different

videos that are on my channel so that

you can define which pathways the one that

you think best suits you

by the important requirements now being

defined that it is by way of study

Express work you defined What is

or even all three

need to start looking at what is the pillar

fundamental of this plan that you

chose step number one choose plan

migratory now step number 2 to get

the requirements of such a migration plan

Let's start if it is by way of studies.

you get a letter of acceptance

of a college university must achieve

apart from that, the economic solvency that

the government is too embarrassed to be able to

keep yourself and pay for the first year

College's study group is going to ask you

evidence that you are rooted in your

country of origin will ask you to have

traveled in the past if you apply

in the province of Quebec a c aq.

and then these documents also trading

history likes cats those documents and

will be applying for a study visa the visa

study you are going to be online you are going to be online you are going to be online you are going to be online you are going to be online

will be applied on your computer will upload the

documents and will apply online this

process can be done 100% on your own

o Alone or if you assimilate the

for you with pleasure in this

link below in the video description

is going to get the links so that we can

hire in case you do, but you

can do it alone or only once

apply for a study visa you must

expect to be tested then you have to

but the visa of

studies and also has to have the

biometrics prior to the approval of the

biometric studies are fingerprint studies

your fingerprints and your photos and your

family in case of your family and that is

biometrics are important for the

visa process are valid for 10 years.

years ago two biometrics and I am waiting for the

response if you let him know approved and you

is not Mexican Chilean has to command

your passport stamping you on the visa

if you are from Mexico of chile you do not have

than to send his passport to hit him

no visa but that you already apply for a visa

arrives in Canada with suet and in port

you are given your entry permit and

study but you still have to apply the

visa from your country of origin

applies travels to Canada and begins to

study That's the step-by-step for

study in Canada OK now let's say that

that first evaluation You said No my

plan is the way to work andubacarona by

the step-by-step work path through the

work visa main step e

important is to get the offer of

employment the supply of jobs generated by the

employment relationship between you and the

employer gets the job offer and

that offer of employment must be

backed by an lma the lmia can be

positive or may be exemption when

you get positive mma exception

will automatically apply for the visa

of work then

offer of employment supported by an lm Ya

positive or exception if they do not know the

about it go to my videos in the topics

these in addition to this requires demonstrating

custodial experience

Canada to work has to review its

noc and see if noc asks you for experience

if so, you must apply for the Visa

demonstration of work experience

How we see the paper-based experience

which you show that you have been

employee of another company that has

experience in this company, which in addition to

of this

If as a freelancer or as an owner

company that you have a company

registered taxpayer who has

customers And also if your noc asks you to

studies need to demonstrate that you in

the past, he has studied the career for

Canada to work then

you must send a job offer

Canadian has to send an offer in

Canadian block has to send the

lma evidence of previous experience in the

same category

and also has to send evidence of the

studies on the same roller that are going to

work you apply online send your

online paperwork

and waits for the work visa just like the

I said with the study visa there are

biometrics to do and if you let him know

approved you have to send your passport

to have your visa stamped on your

passport and then you will be able to travel to Canada

if you are from Mexico or chile no

And you have stopped by the

naphtha through the transpacific cusma or the

ftaa with chile mexicans and chileans no

need to apply for the Visa online but

which holds the papers that you indicate in

a folder all translated into English and

go in a lifetime to Canada and in port

entry visas apply to your work visa

Mexicans and Chileans eye

what you indicate for the visa of

student who was more requirements

also all these documents have to be

be translated into English documents in

Spanish do not qualify for a visa.

recommends 100% translated into English

by official translator in limited

we provide an official translator service

if you wish to hire them, they are in the

description of this video now we have already seen

step-by-step for step-by-step studies

for the work we are already going to see step by step

passing by the expressentreet you saw my

video or read the

Canada today the free evaluation and

leaves you expressing your choice between your option

main or good what you have to do

here now is to start collecting the

important elements of Express

centric Which are first evidence

of your English level the English level the English level the

expresiden is shown with two types of

selpip exams OR iOS what to score

You have to take out a famous 9

which is the highest score in the bands

of the iOS English test

o iOS of general type

second important element for

expressentir is French You have

to demonstrate that it has a good management

which French language score a b2

In addition, it must demonstrate

studies How to demonstrate studies for the

Express and tricoin famous eca


These elements are the basis for the eca lo

can be ordered with different

institutions in Canada is not a

equivalence basically nothing more

understand Show Canada that your

study in Canada are a bachelor's degree or a

university or Master's degree among higher

educational level for the express between

the more points you will have there are five

institutions that make theca which

I recommend two

West and Toronto university

in addition to this, it has to demonstrate that

has work experience in his or her country of origin

origin of the work experience as a

employee And finally your age and your

citizenship when you get all

these documents there if you are going to create

your express entry profile To wait

you receive an invitation to apply to

permanent residence then and

then when you receive him there is apart from that

Forgive the economic solvency for the

present evidence that you have in your

Bank account the funds that the government

ask for it when you apply with

these documents and esperation is going to

to receive permanent residency on the

difference between one, two and three is that

work-study and work visas are temporary visas

visas running out and the expresses between

a permanent residence visa which is

a visa that will allow you to have something

Canada is Canada to live a lifetime and already

then do what you want to take out

citizenship at once while

You arrive with a visa

that expires AND then you have to get

ways to obtain residency

permanent while with the

expressenger you already land in Canada

and is your home

This is the very general step-by-step

obviously a basic guide for people

who are unaware of the immigration plan or the

path they have to take or follow

but that I want you to use it

to really guide and position themselves in the

space and what they have to do and how

it looks all set expectations

about the process involved in imitating

for Canada I hope you are doing well

I send you a hug if you wish

information or have milant take care of

your migratory process with pleasure send us

an email to this address

down here and we are here to serve you in

all your process kisses bye bye bye

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