320 job offers in CANADA for Latinos. l JOBS IN CANADA

Working in Canada is no longer an impossible dream!

Links to job offers:

Industrial Mechanic: https://www.immilandcanada.com/bolsa-de-empleo/industrial-mechanic

Welder: https://www.immilandcanada.com/bolsa-de-empleo/welder

Diesel Mechanic: https://www.immilandcanada.com/bolsa-de-empleo/diesel-mechanic

Immiland's job center:https://www.immilandcanada.com/reclutamiento/ofertas

Learn French and English with us: English: https://www.planeta-immiland-education.com/store

French CLB5: https://www.planeta-immiland-education.com/store-mobilite-francophone

Important videos:


Do-It-Yourself CV Workshop: https://www.immilandinstitute.com/encontrar-trabajo-en-canada

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it should be and today I am

too happy because I want to count

news that will undoubtedly change hundreds of

of lives and it is that and Milan Canada has just

of concluding a contract with a company of

Industrial management in the province

Quebec with operations in Quebec and in

finland Labrador in which we were given

a contract to obtain

320 people to travel to Canada

with an offer of employment and a permit to

work I.e. to work

this company

we spent months months talking to them

negotiating by passing on the information from

all the employers we have helped

to bring employees to Canada was quite

let's say it's difficult to create a

confidence until we succeeded but

to our surprise when they sent the

contract or the offer they wanted

was not for days employed or 20 was for

320 and we are in shock because we have never

we had had a number of

workers so large to bring to

Canada and the objectives is to bring the

people but to take them out of your

talent before moving on AND explaining the

function positions requirements I know that

many will ask Eddy I don't show up

in these posts I can send you my

curriculum The answer is yes

we have a website called immilan

Here I put them

on this web site there are CD pools at

which you can always send your

curriculum because when we

we get an interested employer who

We do is that we share that basis of

data with the employer AND if the employer

want to contact them contact them this

There is no charge for this service.

have to apply do not have to pay

the inilantra that Milan shares its

children with the employer is simply

an employment exchange you place your

CV there Y similan get an employer

looking for a profile like yours

we share and semblador wants it

but you have to pay them to

we for the service of

recruitment - that's important to know

Now let's get down to business

know that you are these jobs

we get are four areas but

for now we have three, the other one is missing

you are looking for 80 employees per employee

please before sending your resume

listen to me very well

number one need to be sure that

your level of English is good because the

job interview is obviously the most important

in English So you need to know

English for the job interview but

English is spoken in Canada French is not

is required but if you speak it is a Bono

Because remember that if you are not a

ftaa country

your employer or that employer needs a

lm already positive and the employer is more

willing to hire people who

can travel to Canada without an lmia

positive let's say you are a country

such as Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela, which did not

have tlc if you know french to a

french intermediate level of english va

it will be easier for him to bring it

because it does not need an already positive lm if

you are from a country with an ftaa Colombia

Mexico Peru and these enter these of these

professions do not need to worry about

French since its agreement with Canada

you benefit from the already positive lm Thus

that if you are a country without an FTA and you have

this profession and you have

experience in this roller and want to

apply know that you have more

chance to get the job offer


as Aplica with a Frenchman is seen

five So you put to study French

and if you wish to study French in full and

Milan the next classes start in

september below is the link to

registration to the course the CD must be

very well done the Canadian CV is a CD

different from that of your countries.

have to make a maximum of two sheets

to be able to send your resume if we

send a poorly prepared resume we are not going to

share it with the employer we will

share excellent resumes of

people who have worked on your CV

first watch my videos where I explain

How to make well done second do your

résumé without photo maximum two pages your

first name last name e-mail and

link to linkedin profile after start

to explain their work experience

company name years in which

worked in the workplace and the

functions they performed in their company

if you do not place the functions

unfortunately we will not be contacting them

because we don't know if you qualify or not.

no In addition to this then the experience

below are these posts

the employer requests to have

studies in the fields So it is

important to have worked and last but not least

your skills with e.g. your level of

English levels French levels handling of some

type of machinery, etc.

poorly developed curricula we will not evaluate

so please before applying go

in a well-done curriculum this contract

is not so that tomorrow we will hire the

320 is a contract that is to be made by

periods in the year are quarterly each year.

three months you have to send them employees and

the employer will be contacting

then it is a long term plan so it is a long term plan so

that you have time to make a

good resume learn french for

to get the lm out of the way now and

prepare with English for the

interview So now let's go

before you tell me you talk a lot of blah blah blah

blah I tell the important information to the

beginning because I know you are leaving

nothing more to the former and not to listen to the

end And then the other way around so that I

listen important

we begin as the three charges are the

first position is Industrial mechanic

people who have a diploma of

industrial mechanic for at least three years

years and apart from this have Pardon a

two-year or two-year industrial mechanic's diploma

three years old and apart from that have at least three

years of experience as a mechanic

Industrial can apply for this position

I'm going to leave the link below so that

send your résumé must have

working experience


inspecting equipment and changing

parts and that are damaged I will

Translating from English to Spanish

I'm going to cut a little bit give

maintenance and repairs to contagions

minds in repair and hydraulics and

Pippen Tire Tires


replacement of bearings of all types

because I don't have the vocabulary for this

replane replacement of Gear boxes


Live replacement of bayers Rollers

shotdowns mineins and repeat of Heat

Motors instalation off

Motors reloading of Style plates

replacements of liners etc. and

construction made to Mature metal work


and Battle streets then if you

has experience of what I have just

mention I'm going to place them here big

to see it, please send your resume to

link below this video

second job title I will read it

in English because I cannot translate to


is welders first mechanic

Industrial second welders for this

require at least two or three years of

experience as welders and have

had studies of after

baccalaureate or academic preparation

College for at least two or three years

which can be a technical career

Colombian companies, such as sena, must

have experience working throughout the

Industrial welding system very

and the third position is mechanical

Diesel Mechanics says the required

have at least three years of experience

and a two- or three-year technical diploma

and need to have experience in

general performing

System High droglic an electrical

systems and Earth systems perform

mechanical inspections and checks on


so here is the information

the links to apply to these

positions are in the

description of this video below

are all the links AND I'm also going to

leave the link to the website of

recruitment in general I repeat all three

areas for which we have positions

are Diesel mechanics

welders and industrial mechanics

each position requires 80 employees

at this time there are

240 jobs available and we have

we have yet to receive the post that

is needed because there is another area of

work that will require 80 workers

more Then we have 320 but for now

is available 240 charges if you

has experience and studies in this field

and be prepared and have

a good level of English do not hesitate to

send us your curriculum vitae

well prepared I leave you the links

below so that they can be prepared to apply

to these jobs Recalls a


are jobs that have

categories that allow you to

future applying for permanent residency

first benefit if you work

these charges depending on the province the

that then if it is Quebec ofiland Labrador

the number of years requested by the province

you can make the application in the

permanent residence because the

experience counts and second they can

travel to Canada with your family if you

is married in concubinage with someone

your partner travels earned with a permit from

open job and if your children are

children under 22 years of age may travel to

Canada with you with a permit from

study and study for free this

opportunity is one in a million I know

but it can be life-changing for you and your

family so be prepared

and I wish you all the best of luck

world and I hope that

in my Landa let's make things right that

the employer is satisfied with the

people that we are going to bring to them and that

person spread the word to other companies

and those other companies to use their

services for us to provide them with

opportunities for people like you

to work in Canada I beg you and here

I will make an important if you

get the opportunity to travel to

Canada to work for these employers

give the best of yourselves from the

most perfect image you have

because you are going to be Los Pioneros

that are going to show Canada how strong

good and hardworking people that we are

and if we make a good impression on

more and more employers in the future are going to

fall in love with our experience

the experience of these employers and

are going to say I also want to give the

opportunity for a Latino to work

with us so good luck I'm still

happy celebrating I send a kiss to

everyone and be well bye bye

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